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.x.The resident novelist and mistress of vore-erotica.
Writer and biter with an unrepentant love for M/F
I like it dark

Through the eyes of a vibrant cast of characters, we can witness what happens when a man has mastered the art of vore -- and has made the world his playground.
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Please note, some graphics in my gallery were made specifically for my stories. Please do not use or redistribute without permission, thank you.

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Whatever happened to miss Nephilim?
What could have possibly occupied her for such a long time?

... law school, my dears. Law school.

Yo' girl is working very hard at becoming a doctor of law 8)
Now that the first year intensive has lapsed, I have time for other pursuits - yet again.

(in addition to a full-time corporate job [s]for national security, no less, no biggie[/s] ... and other mundane trappings... )

But, as they say. If you value it, you will make time for it.
Do I plan to write further? I already am.

Do I plan to submit to the gallery? I do. You'll know it when you see it.

Thank you for [s]putting up[/s] [s]tolerating[/s] indulging my capricious nature.

Hey, if certain...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by PocketHero 8 months ago

Goodness, it's been awhile, hasn't it? Glad to see you're still writing - you have a great talent, after all. The way you weave your sentences, they have an amazing pull on the eyes, giving such rich imagery of your dark and erotic tales. I do hope you will continue to share more with us~


Posted by TheGuyWhoKnows 1 year ago

<< Reply To nephilim

A www, sorry, didn't see that. But yes I am. I've been trying to focus on more serious literature, with an eye to breaking into publication someday. That's the dream, anyway. But I'm not intending to forget about the delicious, delightful things which got me started on wriuting, and made me so many friends into the bargain. < 3


Posted by hungrydawg 1 year ago

I saw you like Iron Man vore! Awesome dude!


Posted by HowManyMoreTimes 1 year ago

<< Reply To nephilim

No problem! You're my favorite author on this website. :)


Posted by minakotomoka14 1 year ago

<< Reply To nephilim

You`re very welcome! I love your work!


Posted by Conn 2 years ago

<< Reply To nephilim

le gasp : O

[ Reply ]


Posted by Conn 2 years ago

Hope we'll see you back here again soon!

[ Reply ]


Posted by Darius1972 2 years ago

<< Reply To nephilim

So are you. I missed you a lot. It's great to see you here again.

[ Reply ]


Posted by MicroNekoGirlPur 2 years ago

<< Reply To nephilim

you're welcome.


Posted by mojo-2131285 2 years ago

<< Reply To nephilim

A veteran of vore? Thanks for feeding my delusions of grandeur.

I've always liked your stuff but I'm lazy about favoriting and have to be in a certain mood for m/f.

Anyways, stay tasty, honey.


Posted by PitchBlue89 2 years ago

<< Reply To nephilim

It feckin is :) that face looks soft now but there is a beautiful hardness just under the skin. Your words, Darius' Renders... I've missed this awesome little world. Welcome back dearest Nephi. I'm glad everything has started to settle back down for you. I look forward to hearing your tales of jet setting adventure and glory (among ... Other things).


Posted by heath 2 years ago

<< Reply To nephilim

you are most Welcome :)

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