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Hi, I write vore stories. It's hard to put any rules on what I write so you'll have to check the keywords, but expect a lot of furry, oral vore, fatal (ie non-reformation), and leaning towards heterosexual and lesbian content. There are lots of exceptions to that though and I tend to be a generalist. I try to write a good story more than anything, and like getting into other people's heads to see how vore works for them so my writing is fairly 'loose' in regards to content.

Please feel free to PM me if you'd like to chat! I like to talk about vore and other weird stuff if you have the stomach for it : D

I am not currently taking commissions so I can focus more on my own writing. Please don't bug me about them, thanks.

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Rodent and
the Shaman of the Swamp
by Scratch
hut was made of leaves and sticks, and Rodent nearly missed it as he
walked by. Only the scent of cooking caught his attention and
halted his seemingly endless treck through the vast swamp, a trek
which had started many miles and many days before when he had first
penetrated the darkness of the enfolding mangroves and razor grass.
The rat, standing only 3 feet tall and covered in scuffed and dirty
brown fur, shifted his pack onto another

by Scratch
the winds blew, he lowered his body to the ground. When the rain
came down in sheets he found a hollowed out tree to stay dry. When
the river flooded and submerged his newfound home, he swam for the
nearest thing he could find and scrabbled up onto it. In the windy,
rainy darkness of the night he couldn't tell what it was, but it was
above the swirling waters of the river and somehow he managed to keep
on top of it even if his orange fur was a sopping mess, the plus

A Pity…
by Scratch T.
gate squeaked against Christopher's cautious push. No one had
responded to his calls, so he let himself in, the young man braving
the great forbidding house before him. It stood before him, an
ancient redwood house in the older style that dominated the
neighborhood in these parts, its peaked roof pointing solemnly to the
sky, beneath which two large, cross framed windows extended with
their own slanted tops, looking down on a giant hedge that obscured
the rest o

Peter and
the Wolfess
by Scratch
watched the shades to Eleanor's office swing shut, and muttered under
his breath, 'Not Again…'
The black and white striped mustelid
had been working at his desk the entire day, shuffling graphs and
spreadsheets between furtive games of solitaire and minesweeper, but
because his desk sat right in front of the executive office he'd had
trouble keeping more than a cursory focus on his projects. She had
just sat there in that chair, rubbing and holdin

by Scratch
midtown street bisects the hot dusty suburban business center.
Vis two interests soon to join, only separated by four lanes, two by
two themselves run through with the solid and dashed yellow borders
of a turning lane. On one side, the tall figure of a grey dragoness
standing at a bus stop, her head of two horns and tail as plump as
her stomach, wearing only a slip to keep her decent. On the other,
two Jackasses walking along the sidewalk with nothing in partic

A Different Kind of Love
by Scratch T. L.
Very few coastal vacation spots on Terra could accommodate a dragonfox like Ryuusin. The purple drake's large stature prevented him from fitting into most hotels, and frankly very few beaches would put up with someone of his size moving around densely packed furs soaking up the sun, or hogging the waves and getting in the way of surfer or boogie boarder alike.
Fortunately Calamity Island was one of those places, a specially built resort for the larger

Rodent and the Magic Pipe
by Scratch T.L.
Every night, just as the sun had set and the blue sky closed its purple wings and fell away into darkness, a small rat would make his way over winding crevices and hollows in the face of the craggy mountainside to watch the spectacle of a dragon's evening smoke.
As bright swirls of purple, pink and sizzling red vapors plumed and wisped into the night sky, a sense of peace would overwhelmed the rodent, who's name it turned out was in fact Rodent -- at l

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1 - Lack of a solid block of time where I'm both fully awake and can't be interrupted. It makes it impossible to be consistent or come back to something. I can't get anything done unless I happen to find myself with nothing to do and don't get interrupted by some emergency or sudden task. My life is very inconsistently busy.
2 - I need to dissociate myself completely from the characters I write. I've gotten too paranoid about what people will attempt to glean from both my character choices and what they do. I can just flatly say I'm a fiction writer, I don't endorse anything I write about nor do I engage in virtually any of it other than the rather dull moments of intercourse. In all honesty if I was with a woman who was into it I'd probably be more into light bdsm, mostly snuggling,...
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