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"Hello! Congratulations on your employment at Econocorp, the number one economy corporation in the corporation economy. This is the first in a series of mandatory orientation videos about the unique culture we have here at Econocorp. My name is Ari Division, and I'll be your guide!"
The hyena, wearing a business suit, smiled at the camera. "Keep in mind that your participation in these programs is entirely voluntary, but your acceptance and tolerance of them is m

"We've really got the campsite to ourselves, practically! So why not just strip down and go around nude!"
April's friends looked at her oddly. "Because there's still the camp rangers, insects, and who knows what else out here?"
"Oh, live a little bit," said April, the tabby cat already stripping down. These were close friends - she wasn't putting on display anything they hadn't already seen. "There we go - naked camping time!&qu

> Please take note of the following schedule adjustment, effective immediately:
> MTWThF, 12:00 - 13:00: Room 307b, subject matter to be determined
> Schedule change effective for the next 31 days
> ATTENTION: Missing any class session without a signed doctor's note will result in automatic weekend detention.
Trev read through the very brief notice on his phone again. Sudden class schedule changes weren't out of the ordinary - teachers being out sick, or guest le

<Transcript provided by Phoenix's Light General Hospital.>
Good afternoon. I see once again my talk has drawn a standing-room-only crowd this year. Welcome to Medical Breeding 101.
I'd like to think that is because this is a multidisciplinary field with the science and practices behind it being new and fresh - the cutting edge, if you will. I'd like to think that, but I know for a certainty why a lot of you are here... so while there are a lot of things to

"I'm sorry, my first what now?"
This had supposed to have been a routine checkup. Raph had turned 18 last month, had applied for and had gotten an internship position at a scanning outpost, with a report-in date coming up soon. This was supposed to just be a physical for the fox, some last tests, and that was it.
He'd gotten an appointment with his regular physician, Dr. Torres, at the Phoenix's Light general hospital - most of which was taken up by the

"... And right through here, there's the animal pens," said the coyote, as he opened the door and let me in. "I'd give you the tour - but, given you're the hotshot new intern, how about you give *me* the tour? Show me you know your stuff."
"I'm not a hotshot, I keep telling you, just because I grew up on another ranch... but alright, this looks pretty standard?" I said, as I looked around. This looked like a standard 'barn' setup - branching corrid

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This is an experiment. I'm wanting to expand my writing range, and see how well I'd do with commission work.

Send me story requests via private message (not comments, and I'm going to disable comments just to make sure people read). I'm aiming to have these be under 2000 words, meaning that you shouldn't expect more than 'a scene, maybe two' of story. I'll toss whatever I write your way for approval, as if this was an actual commission, but I also reserve the right to post things regardless.

Preferred topics:
* Furries (anthro, taur, intelligent feral all fine)
* Sex
* Sci-fi
* Fantasy
* Vore (hard/soft/cooking) (oral)
* Power dynamics (sub/dom, petplay, dubcon, others)

This is open for as long as this journal is on...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by ElyBlanche 1 year ago Report

Thank you so much for the watch! I recognize your name but I can't recall what from. Regardless, I greatly appreciate the support!

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Thanks for the +watch :)


Posted by MagicianXV 1 year ago Report

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I'll do what I can! Do you have any favorites?


Posted by MagicianXV 1 year ago Report

Thank you very much for the watch.


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Thanks a lot for the fave!


Posted by ChoiceCuts 2 years ago Report

Many thanks for the fave. ;3 Hope you enjoy the stories!

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Posted by redsquallff8 2 years ago Report

Love your stuff. Id not mind being on the menu

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Posted by wolfSnack 3 years ago Report

Loving the stuff here, definitely using some of your cooking commissions/works as inspiration for my own writing :3

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Posted by Shou_Lung 4 years ago Report

You have some great stuff here. Love the topics and sytle


Posted by Greyfox 4 years ago Report

I really liked your art and gallery!
Keep it up :3


Posted by KrasnyiKoiot 4 years ago Report

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Hyeee, cheers to it~! Ya' had me at a.) Cuuuute characters and b.) Taur!

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