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"Also, buy some eggs. We are running low on them." Jennifer said to the phone as she walked around the kitchen. The sauce of the butter chicken she was making for the night bubbled calmly on the stove and the rice cooker hummed calmly. It was a Friday night and that alone deserved some celebration after a long work week. And for the past ten years, her butter chicken had been one of the favorite foods of the family. Even Emily, who often was a bit pickier with her foods, didn't think twice befor

"Dad! I'm going to be late soon!" Ella complained."Sorry. Just a moment." I said looking at the girl. Ella had her long dark hair that she had inherited from her mother flowing free over her shoulders. It was combed straight and it shined prettily as the girl moved. The hair framed her pale oval-shaped face, making her blue eyes stand out. She had a layer of makeup on her face emphasizing her features and the red lipstick drawing any man's attention. She looked quite like my wife had looked when

Linda breathed deep to calm herself. She was the next after Susie, her classmate. Graduation, the final day of high school and the beginning of the new life after that. She looked at herself. Her turquoise graduation dress glistered even in the dim light. The braiding of her hair for the occasion had taken over an hour and she had spent the whole last weekend finding the perfect dress. She wanted to shine when she got her diploma. She wanted to look at the pictures taken 50 years in the future w

"Oh no, not again!" Lilly heard her mother's voice from the living room. Not much got through the girl's headphones, but her mother's curses somehow managed to sneak through. "Lilly! Come here!" the mother shouted. The girl sighed and put her headphones down. She pulled the door of her room open with typical teenager anger, leaving behind the room with walls covered by posters of her favorite bands and her bed filled with plushies."What is it mom?" Lilly asked as she got to the living room. She

The sun shined on the terrace of the coffee shop as Rainbow Dash sipped on her iced tea. The spring was finally over and the summer warmth felt nice on the anthro pony's blue fur. However the pony seemed restless. She tapped her foot to the ground impatient as she looked around. Fluttershy had told her to meet there at noon. However it was already five minutes past the time! The clopping of her foot against the bricks of the terrace sped up and slowed down as the pony tried to peek over corners

"Do you have anything to say?" Mrs. Cherlou asked. The teacher with straight blonde hair that was tied to a ponytail had a serious face and her arms were crossed in front of her.Alex knew what it was, it couldn't be anything else. The teacher knew that she had cheated in the poem analysis. She had to know. Why else she would had asked for her and Amy to stay? Amy was the one she had copied the poem analysis from just before the class... But getting caught of cheating in Mrs. Cherlou's class? The

"You look stressed today. Is everything okay?" Ethan asked, looking at his dad."What, me?" the father asked. He gave a short peek to his son, his grey wolf eyes darting to him, before returning to the road ahead. Even after twenty years, the sharp dart made Ethan shiver. "Nothing for you to worry about." Robert said and gave his son a grin, revealing the row of sharp teeth. When he had been young, it had been hard for Ethan to look at his father while he smiled. Only in his teens he had grown co

Not again, Johanna thought. Ring ring ring, there goes the alarm. Another morning, another day, another day of school. She opened his eyes, looking to her room. A bit of light managed to push its way from under the curtains covering the windows, but otherwise it was pretty dark. It wasn't hard to recognize a young woman's room. Posters of bands that Johanna had been fan of younger still covered the walls. It wasn't that she didn't like most of them anymore, but it felt bit... cringy to have a wa

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I'm going to close to taking new commissions for now. The ones I've already agreed upon will be done as promised. If you still have interest for a commission, you can send me a message and I'll contact you if I open the commissions again.

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Posted by Werewolf-Hero 11 months ago Report

Hey umm idea if you like.
How about a hard vore story that takes place in an alternate Earth where Cheetahs have been domesticated? They are pretty much large house cats allready.

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Posted by EllaMiller 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by Werewolf-Hero 1 year ago Report

Nice new Avatar.

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Posted by LucifersChef 4 years ago Report

thanks for the watch


Posted by splyf 4 years ago Report

Hey DarkSideOfTheSun
This is Splyf, author of the Trine and Christina snuff stories. Not sure if you are aware of my works?
I was thrilled to read your stories yesterday. They are spot on my kind of universe, in particular the semi-consensual girls, and even willing ones.
Story idea: two families, each with their own daughters, are on vacation together in Spain. The two mothers are quite competitive with each other and have always been. When they read about a big family cooking contest at the resort they immediately sign up. Only thing is: the mom's need to find their own meat to cook. They quickly agree to cook one of their own daughters each and see who can make the most delicious meal from her own girl(s).
Happy writing if you decide to go for it!


Posted by Shoelace 4 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch ;3

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