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Alice sighed deep as she turned her side. It was soft, it was warm, and a gentle shimmer filled her dreamy eyes. A distant happy chatter found its way to her, but she let it be as she slowly woke up. She thought about opening her eyes, but she decided not to. She was in no hurry anywhere. Finally, after the whole busy exam week, she was free. No classes, no tests, no places to be. She could just relax, take her time. World could wait, and she would let it wait. There was no better place to be be

Gabriel sighed and looked out of the window. Fields, fields and a bit more of fields, nothing to see as far as he could see. He still couldn’t understand why his parents had decided to move here. Here, in the middle of nowhere, of all the possible places. Far away were his friends, favorite game shops and restaurants now. There were just two small restaurants and a grocery store in his new home town, if you could even count the bar-restaurant as a restaurant. He didn’t even know where the cl

“Are you nervous?”“What? Me? Of course not!” Leo shouted defensively. “Why would I be nervous? I will be a man soon.” he replied to his father.“Just guessing. You keep fidgeting and you don’t seem to find a good way to sit.” the man replied with a spark of tease in his voice. Leo quickly pulled his hands to his sides. How had he noticed? “You should be watching the road anyways! It is nothing, I’m fine” the boy said defiantly.It was a lie, and a big one at that, but Leo w

John couldn’t believe his eyes. It was right there, in the middle of their backyard: a bear! A big, brown bear! “Mom!” he shouted while looking at the beast through their living room window. “Moooom!” he repeated his shout, this time more impatient.“What is it honey?” his mom replied from the kitchen.“Come see! There is a bear here.” the boy said impatiently, not wanting his mom to miss it.It was his first time seeing one in real life. Even though the animal was at the other si

“Is it recording?”“There is a red light.”“Where? Oh?”The camera zoomed all around, making everything a blurry green, white and blue mess. “I think it is recording.” a woman’s voice said, the camera pointing to a few nondescript bushes besides a white fence.The camera turned around, this time revealing a woman’s face. The girl didn’t seem too old, around her early twenties. A wide excited grin was painted on her face, that was surrounded from both sides by her long and a bit

That hair, that free flowing brown hair shining in the sunlight reflected through the class’ window… Luca’s eyes kept wandering back to it. Not that anything else about the mouse sitting a few desks ahead of him would have been any less mesmerizing. Isabella was just gorgeous. A bit shorter than him, always using those skirts that made Luca imagine more, her shining clear brown eyes and the irresistible smile… it was no wonder that he had had a crush on his classmate for the whole high s

"Hey, stop right there!"Julia knew the drill. It was time to run. The small plastic bag in her hand started to swing all around as she ran out of the grocery store doors. The stolen candies wouldn't mind some rough handling, but the beers would get pretty fizzy when opened. Those had to be good enough for Mark and Linda, she thought. Those coward fuckers had asked her to be the one to steal today's picnic stuff, so they couldn't complain. And if they did, it just meant no beer for them..."Guards

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The day prophesized in the ancient texts has come. For over one thousand years (under one) I haven't been doing commissions, but now I have awoken. The world shall face the degeneracy once again!

Not sure how long I'll keep the commissions open this time. Maybe 5 to 10 commissions, depending on their lengths? I've had motivation problems getting into writing mood, and nothing is as efficient in getting it back than external pressure to get shit done in timely fashion. So if you have been interested in getting a commission from me, now is your time to exploit the situation! The price rate and the general rules are the same as before (found under the "commission status" page), and if you have some questions, don't be afraid to send me a message.

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Posted by MisterBad 10 days ago Report

How do you come up with so many of the best themes? I'm power-watching!


Posted by Nalzindar 2 months ago Report

Thank you for watching me^^


Posted by cheerfulchef 9 months ago Report

Thanks for watching! I'm flattered that you are enjoying my stories--I have loved your stories for a long time. :)


Posted by Fallenfox 1 year ago Report

Thanks for watching!


Posted by Werewolf-Hero 2 years ago Report

Hey umm idea if you like.
How about a hard vore story that takes place in an alternate Earth where Cheetahs have been domesticated? They are pretty much large house cats allready.

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Posted by EllaMiller 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by Werewolf-Hero 2 years ago Report

Nice new Avatar.

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Posted by LucifersChef 5 years ago Report

thanks for the watch


Posted by splyf 5 years ago Report

Hey DarkSideOfTheSun
This is Splyf, author of the Trine and Christina snuff stories. Not sure if you are aware of my works?
I was thrilled to read your stories yesterday. They are spot on my kind of universe, in particular the semi-consensual girls, and even willing ones.
Story idea: two families, each with their own daughters, are on vacation together in Spain. The two mothers are quite competitive with each other and have always been. When they read about a big family cooking contest at the resort they immediately sign up. Only thing is: the mom's need to find their own meat to cook. They quickly agree to cook one of their own daughters each and see who can make the most delicious meal from her own girl(s).
Happy writing if you decide to go for it!


Posted by Shoelace 5 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch ;3

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