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"What makes me any different from all the other girls you've eaten?"

"Honestly, babe? Not much. I've only eaten a few blondes, but they all tasted so succulent-"

She scoffed, and turned to go. He reached out, grabbing her wrist gently.

"I remember all of them. Beth liked jazz music and spanking, Lucile loved full moons and fucking under them. I don’t eat just ant old wom

“Don’t worry, sweetie pie.” I looked up at the blonde, naked cheerleader, who was currently on the bed in my apartment, my fiancé’s mouth around her ankles, “You’re going to a much, much better place.”

“Oh, hell. Oh, fuck. This is really happening, isn’t it?” She looked at me, and reached out, her sl

mé’s New Fetish.

“Master Skywalker! Master Skywalker! You’ve got to eat me! I’ve been following your exploits, and you’re so kriffing hot! Use my body to fuel those chiseled abs!”

The blue-skinned

“Chester, I’m home! Oh, what’s this? You didn’t tell me you were eating dinner early?”

“He, uh, um, I kind of encouraged him.” Chester’s meal, a naked, buxom blonde Mrs. Blackwood had never seen before, said. “He was hungry, and wanted a snack, and I was here.” The blonde dinner gave a squeak as her thighs were swallowed do

She jumped when she felt the snake’s tongue flitter over her feet. She looked down at it, and then returned to her work. Her train of thought was interrupted, as her feet were surrounded by warm, moist reptile skin.

Her fingers paused over the keyboard as she gathered her thoughts.


WARNING: This story contains incest, dismembering, and cannibalism. It’s gross. Don’t actually think about doing anything remotely like this in real life. Ever.

From Woman to Christmas Dinner

Kay had to admit, it was kind

“Mom, do I
to be dinner?” The twenty-year-old redhead whined as she lay on the table, covered in olive oil and spices.

“Now, now, sweetie.” Mrs. Chio said, “Millie’s girlfriend is a Lamia. We just want to make her feel comfortable in our home, considering she’s likely to become a part of the fa

Pregnancy Craving

“Hey, excuse me. This is going to sound really sudden.”

“Trust me,” The 19-year-old goth cashier girl said, as she stared across the cash register at the redheaded, heavily pregnant woman, “I’ve heard just about every weird thing

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