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Wonder Woman’s BBW Meal

“It’s a duty of some human woman, Diana.” Etta Candy said, crossing her thick, meaty legs and watching as Diana paced back and forwards across the room.

“It’s barbaric.” Diana said. “The men of your world are taking advantage of-“

On-Bus MILF Snack

The elegant blonde MILF

didn't realize what was happening until she heard the slurping noise.

She looked up from her phone. A blonde woman

, one barely over eighteen,

had swallowed her shins and grabbed her knees.

***WARNING: This story contains bondage and extreme submission. Only read if you’re over 18 and okay with that. Remember to treat people like actual human beings and not sex objects in real life-this is just a work of fiction and fantasy. Consent is a must.***

It was the ideal job.


***ALL STUDNETS ARE OVER 18. This story takes place in college.****

“Sierra! You know the dress code. All shirts must cover the entirety of the students torso.”

“But-“ Sierra’s slender cheeks colored as Mrs. Bulluck walked up to her desk. Sierra’s eyes landed stra

It had been

Ariel and Jasmine had hit the entirety of Downtown Disney, the shopping district. The pair had stuffed themselves during every meal. Even though Jasmine walked out of the restaurant with her belly bulging with food and her stomach blossoming over the waistband of her pants, she was still hungry

Lazy Afternoon

“We could go out to get sushi.”

“Nah, I’d rather not go out.”

“Well, then we could order out for some pizza.”

The Cheerleader and the Nerd

From the moment I saw her, I knew she would be easy, delicious prey.

The shy ones blush beet red, and she was no exception, her face lighting up under the thick, dark glasses and the straight, black bangs. She looked away from me as her friends

Bayonetta’s Supper

“Mmhm…my, darling, you look like you’d make an
spot of supper. You’ve got precisely the right sort of body to make an excellent meal.”

“Bayonetta-“ Lucina’s words were stolen from h

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