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donutwish's Blog - Thank you! Posted 6 years ago

It’s been a few days since we finished uploading the preview sample pages from our book, “The Anatomy and Physiology of Unbirthing”. Officially available for sale on and Amazon for almost two weeks now, Groblek and I were both very hopeful that at least a few people would consider buying the book. Although Groblek had published several books in the past, this was my first time dipping my toes into these waters so I was feeling a bit anxious.

I can happily say that the response to our book has exceeded our expectations! When Groblek showed me the sales figures for the first few days, I was genuinely surprised by the numbers. There were people other than my mom who bought the book! Seriously though, I felt a bit...
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Posted by RinTohsaka 3 years ago Report

If anyone cares I've been informed by donutwish on his pixiv that he was not doing an "All Japanese All the Time".

I had also inquired on pixiv if he had gotten married, but his responses were inconclusive with regards to that specific I don't know.


Posted by RinTohsaka 4 years ago Report

If anybody is wondering, Donutwish is not dead - he's just hiding out on Pixiv.

...though the old Donutwish may in fact be dead in a metaphorical sense seeing as every artwork he submitted on Pixiv since he went MIA on Eka's Portal is as if it was from a completely different person (the text is completely Japanese rather than completely English, the art style is much more manga, and the subject matter is pretty much completely vanilla and largely SFW).

To be honest, it looks to me like he may have done an "All Japanese All the Time" starting in 2017 which would explain his absence on DA and Eka's Portal, and it's possible that he's intentionally doing art that is completely unrelated to his past in order to remain immersed in the AJATT.


Posted by Gutlover 4 years ago Report

Hey just wanted to ask if you are still around. You are like one of my favorite artists. By the way what happened to the Unbirth Anatomy comic? The Amazon link no longer works.


Posted by Slimshod 5 years ago Report

Just wanted to say I'm super happy I've finally found you. I've had your "Girl and Her Dragon" sequence (among others) for a long time and they helped get me into vore. Love your art!

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Posted by kramooo 5 years ago Report

Happy Vore Day


Posted by zachx88 7 years ago Report

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


Posted by naraku1201 7 years ago Report

<< Reply To donutwish

That's ok. Thank you

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Posted by naraku1201 7 years ago Report

Do you accept requests?

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Posted by zachx88 8 years ago Report

Have a Awesome Christmas.

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