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Hello there, and welcome to Momma Coldie's gallery.

Im Coldbrush, but Im also known as Coldie. Im a artic fox who mostly tries the soft side of vore and similar stuff. So expect my gallery to be mostly endo vore and some nice tight bulges ^^.

I can sometimes maybe once every blue moon be ok with a digestion or so, but I dont wanna go into details and such and involve gore. Not really fond of that. But if I find a scenario that fits, I can go along with it.

Speaking of which, I love to add a little background and lore to my images if possible. And this is mostly due to I love the build up and pre vore. I love to know a reason to why it's happening. Especially when dealing with a willing scenario that might go just one way trip.

One writer that I can recommend is Icey, who has often helped me out with stories for these scenarios.


Ive also been known in the past to work on alot of Warcraft related stuff. Still do, but Ive started to branch out some more.

I also love to sometimes work on settings like:

-Armor pieces

Do I do commisions? Yes and No. I have a messy time schedule in RL, so I do commisions when it can work for me. But I'll keep updated on that.

And of course:

I do NOT take requests! If you wont bother reading this and ask anyways, then dont expect me to give a fair answer either. But I am open to new ideas and scenarios when it comes to commisions, but things I wont support in any way are:


Have a good day ^^

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Heya guys.

So during the last month's, Ive had the chance to be part of Freimgul's community, and I would love to help a member of this community who could need some help right now.

Our friend Hellebore is going through some rough times with his cat, which has been taken to the vet. In Hellbore's own word's:

"My cat was taken to the vet with severe nonstop vomiting, they found a quarter-sized lesion on his stomach during exploratory surgery
Vet bill almost $4000"

Being a cat owner myself, I understand the distress Hellebore feels right now. So I figured to maybe provide a bit support, so Im providing this shout out for his sake and even a donation link if anyone feels like they wanna aid him.

[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Copperhead09 3 months ago Report

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You’re welcome *hugs more*


Posted by Copperhead09 3 months ago Report

Sorry if I’m late, but happy birthday *Hug* <3


Posted by bfreema4 3 months ago Report

Good work


Posted by Badfurson 1 year ago Report

Glad you like her! Thanks for the fav!


Posted by ZombieLord 1 year ago Report

Happy Birthday!


Posted by ElUsuario 1 year ago Report

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Posted by ElUsuario 1 year ago Report

Can I see the source of your avatar please?


Posted by Copperhead09 1 year ago Report

Nice to meet you


Posted by Copperhead09 1 year ago Report

Hello there


Posted by CaptainSarahFortune 1 year ago Report

I just realized that your folders are in alphabetical order... I've been watching you for -years- and it took this long for me to notice. I'm curious though, do you accept commissions at all? I'm fond of a lot of your endosoma works, so I figured I'd ask.

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Posted by Yumkim 2 years ago Report

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You're welcome, Even though I don't know what I did, but cool :3

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