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Hello, and welcome to my gallery.

Im Coldbrush. And i am artist that focus mostly on vore and warcraft fan art. I prefer to mostly work with these topics but I have a tendency to work on other stuff aswell.

My preferences when it comes to vore is often safe and endo like scenarios. So its doubtful you will ever see any scenarios that involves digestion and similar when it comes to my stuff. This comes to show even when it comes down to violence or gore. I dont really like that kind of stuff.

But as said, the vore fantasy aint my only focus these days. And I tend to experiment on other area's. Like for say pinups, pregnancy, armor and so on.

So thanks for stopping by. And feel free to visit some of my artist buddies that has inspired me over the years.

 Svartvinge  Naubol  Wolfy  Donutwish

And not to forget those who help me writing stories to the pictures.


Take care ^^


I do NOT take requests! But I am open to new ideas and scenarios but things I wont support in any way are:


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Heya guys.

So, yeah. :(

December used to be a month that I really enjoyed. It was magical to me and something And even the build up towards it. It *was* my favorite holiday of the year.

But...things changed. And what was it? Well, I dont really wanna go into much details. But lets just say that some people I know in rl seems to have taken this holiday for granted and well, done some quite BS moves basicly around this time period.

So, it kinda killed off my christmas mood for a couple of years now. Fortunatly my close friends wanna help me turn that around, so we'll see where things go.
But for now, I rather leave christmas themed images to those who can enjoy the holiday properly.

Nevertheless, this...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Copperhead09 1 month ago

Nice to meet you


Posted by Copperhead09 1 month ago

Hello there


Posted by CaptainSarahFortune 4 months ago

I just realized that your folders are in alphabetical order... I've been watching you for -years- and it took this long for me to notice. I'm curious though, do you accept commissions at all? I'm fond of a lot of your endosoma works, so I figured I'd ask.

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Posted by Yumkim 8 months ago

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You're welcome, Even though I don't know what I did, but cool :3

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Posted by darkgucon 9 months ago

Happy Birthday Coldbrush


Posted by Sharktooth 9 months ago


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Posted by Yumkim 9 months ago

Happy birthday! <3

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Posted by leoze 9 months ago

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Thank you(sorry for take so long to answer,is because i don't have a pc again.)


Posted by leoze 1 year ago

Did you have a bigger version of you profile icon gif?


Posted by Jamaris 1 year ago

oh gosh that icon. ♥


Posted by SaphleTheWaffle 1 year ago

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O-oh, um, hello there! ^^'


Posted by javitinkfizz 1 year ago

Nice stuff yo

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