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Hello, I finally came up with something to post here, please have a look at it and see if you find anything that suit your taste...

I both write and make pictures, quite recently I bought a digital drawing tablet and are currently figuring out how to use it and try out new styles.

I have a few one shot stories that I hope you will read, it is F/M and M/F with both
humans and none humans.

For the fantasy series I am writing, called "Xantos," I am also starting to get quite a collection of digital pictures that you can find in my folder for vore pictures.
I usually stick to fantasy creature/animal vore where the prey tend to be a human female, but I also have human/human same size and macro/micro in my folder. Other than that I sometimes illustrate PrinnyDood's and DrakentheBlack's stories, so if you like those pictures make sure to go and read the stories that inspired me^^

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When I started posting stories and art on Eka’s Portal almost four years ago, I was both thrilled and scared at the thought of it. I felt excited that for the first time, I could show other people what I could draw and write in regards to vore, and that I would give the opportunity for others with the same interest to comment on it. But I also felt scared for the very same reasons.
Now I have reached one million viewers, I don’t feel nervous for posting anymore, the people I have met here has been uttermost kind, understanding and fun, and I have also gained hundreds of followers, which I find mind-boggling.

It started with pictures I had made with pen and paper and two commissioned pieces of art. Not long after, I started to write stories and invested in digital...
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Posted by zxcfrtyuiop 3 weeks ago Report

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You're welcome, keep on being happy with whatever you do best on here


Posted by Saintsalley 1 month ago Report

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no problem, love your stories!


Posted by alockwood1 1 month ago Report

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You're welcome.


Posted by KyleTummyResident 3 months ago Report

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Of course! Your content is wonderful! <3


Posted by Lum_the_mad 3 months ago Report

Since you've done some Inuyasha vore, I thought I'd share this post I just made.


Posted by johnnyd1988 4 months ago Report

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Posted by ProudVWriter 4 months ago Report

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It's not a problem.


Posted by cedricc666 5 months ago Report

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You're welcome ^^


Posted by von-de-rush 6 months ago Report

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Oh thats a same :( but also im glad threre Is artist who aré willing to do male prey. We aré alway the victims damsels in distress. Im a willing prey but i prefer se myself get eaten instead other women.
I like both f and m but my favorite Is f/m so far, i love women be in a power posision as much i love see sexy guys getting swallowed ^_^. One last question those arts you mentíoned aré explicit? I mean we can see these women eating those boys? I really love the eating process and internals <3

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Posted by von-de-rush 6 months ago Report

Un your porfiles description say yo do f/m stuff but all i find Is female prey. Aside the recent with Ariel and her Prince you have other male prey hiding there? I Just can't find It?

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Posted by BlueSnek420 6 months ago Report

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np ^^


Posted by johaku99 7 months ago Report

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