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My Deviantart page : http://karbo.deviantart.com/
My Tumblr : http://karbofelarya.tumblr.com/
My Shop : http://www.e-junkie.com/karbo

If you feel generous and you want to support me and my work, you can check my Patreon page : https://www.patreon.com/Karbo?ty=h
Any contribution, even small is very appreciated ! it helps me a LOT to bring you guys more pictures more often. in return you get to see my pictures way before they hit the internet, work in progress including comic pages, participate in art raffles or make suggestions on what I should draw next and other cool stuff :)

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Posted by Adder4118 5 months ago Report

I really would love tl see Neptune from neprunia in ur art style whether its vore or not id just love to see how u drew her but i know your a busy hungry girl but if u ever have nothing to do and would love to make a fan happy here u go x3


Posted by ResistantMerc 10 months ago Report

I do love the art you post :P Even discovered my favourite type of tailmaw from one of your lamia works.

Memetic Hazard

Posted by Memetic Hazard 1 year ago Report

Are there any more pages of the Meralimexia comic, after the first 6? It was implied that they were on Patreon, but after joining, those posts appear to have been removed.


Posted by Kitsouille 1 year ago Report

The patreon incident is a terrible mess. Do you think they will see your stuff as acceptable/consensual if you make the prey smile and say "yes please!" ? ^^ anyway good luck sorting things out, you're a great artist and happy holidays too :3


Posted by FinniganFairyPants 1 year ago Report

I simply adore your art style. You've earned a watch! <3


Posted by Death_Trance 1 year ago Report

Hey Karbo! I wanted to send you a message on Patreon, but I thought it would be best to say it here in public. I think you're arguable the best vore content creator out there on the web. I'm hoping you can get your account back on Patreon, soon! Thank care and I wish you the best of luck. <3


Posted by SukiiK 1 year ago Report

Thank you so much for the favourite!

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Posted by SomeoneVored 2 years ago Report

You are amazing! Your art gives me more love for vore! When I see you posting, I instantly throw away everything and just rush to see your art! You are really amazing! Sorry for English, by the way.


Posted by Bud947 2 years ago Report

Hey Karbo! Your work is absolutely unparalleled in every amazing sense, but I have a question that's been bugging me for ages; When Crisis, Vivian , Subeta, Plum and Melany aren't busy chomping down humans, what else in Felarya do they eat?


Posted by klonoa723 2 years ago Report

Your art is amazing :D


Posted by Sopix 2 years ago Report

I'm so glad i found you, you were actually the first person to get me into vore. Saw some of your work on Danbooru and thus it sparked. Thanks, keep up the good work.

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Posted by vorefanatic314 2 years ago Report

I love what you're doing :) Keep it up, I can't wait to support you soon!

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