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Lily Enstomach By Karbo -- Report

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Here is Lily Enstomach, a giantess of One piece also called “the glutton” because of her enormous appetite.
With a name like that.... yeah XD
Plus in the anime she really don't like Neo marines who kidnapped her father ^^

I have started to watch again the series after a few years long hiatus so I might do some more fanarts of it ^^ For example a picture with Boa Hancock comes to mind.

If you like my work and you feel generous, you can support me on my Patreon page :

Any contribution, even small is very appreciated ! it helps me a LOT to bring you guys more pictures more often, and you can get some cool stuff in return ;)

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Posted by Realmwars 4 years ago Report

If only I jumped on that ship. Perhaps that's my incentive to become a marine and sail on the ocean.


Posted by Karbo 4 years ago Report

haha X3


Posted by Wolfwood 4 years ago Report

Here she really seems to like them ^^
And I would never rule out these events when it comes to One Piece :p


Posted by Karbo 4 years ago Report

I know right XP


Posted by crypto456 4 years ago Report



Posted by Karbo 4 years ago Report

Thank you :)


Posted by walkingbyself 4 years ago Report

Surprisingly there was a moment in the anime where Lily was eaten by Luffy and then became giant sized inside of him. So I wouldn't doubt this could happen at some point in time. She looks so happy. ^^


Posted by Liz 4 years ago Report

Indeed well said ^^


Posted by Liz 4 years ago Report

Such a lovely face ♡♡
You keep on improving Karbo :)


Posted by Karbo 4 years ago Report

Thank you :D


Posted by DerangedAvenger 4 years ago Report

Lily's not the the first cannibal in One Piece. There's a tribe of cannibals called the Kumate tribe that showed up in Buggy's cover story (though they'e more up Canime's alley than yours), Charlotte Linlin of the Four Emperors eats her minions, and some of the transvestites from Newkama Island have been seen eating people in the background of a fight scene. And they're all CANON.

There's also Bartolomeo, who has the epithet "Cannibal". But he doesn't eat people, his epithet is a pun, where "Eating People" means to mock them in Japanese.


Posted by Karbo 4 years ago Report

Oh yes and at this point I'm pretty sure Oda is a macrophile ^^


Posted by RavenXeo 4 years ago Report

She is beautiful and glorious, like everything you draw~


Posted by Karbo 4 years ago Report

Thank you ! ^_^


Posted by Notthisagain 4 years ago Report

I wish more happened with this character, but I guess filler is enough...


Posted by Karbo 4 years ago Report

Me too ^^;


Posted by Darkarri 4 years ago Report

Yes! I love this! And a possible promise of a Boa picture? YES


Posted by Maexam2 4 years ago Report

Nice pic! Oh! One of Boa Hancock? Sir, you have my full attention!


Posted by Kreeyz 4 years ago Report

Soooo cute :3 (c'est malin je vais devoir rattraper mon retard dans les épisodes maintenant :D)


Posted by Karbo 4 years ago Report

hahaha merci XP


Posted by vorefanatic314 4 years ago Report

Yes! The world needs more One Piece vore :) excellent picture inspired by an excellent series, Karbo.


Posted by Unknown07 4 years ago Report

Can you do a cutaway version?


Posted by MrNobody 4 years ago Report

Jewelry Bonny already has the title "The Glutton", due to her insatiable appetite. Where she puts it all is a mystery, because she manages to maintain an hourglass figure despite regularly clearing out buffets.


Posted by Karbo 4 years ago Report

Hehe yes if this one was a giant... XP


Posted by rexstars35 4 years ago Report

Yes ive always wanted to see her in vore


Posted by Flareblood 3 years ago Report

Profile picture checks out.


Posted by rexstars35 3 years ago Report

Yes yes it does


Posted by Stunlocked 4 years ago Report

I just watched that arc. It(kind of) had vore in it.

One Piece has so much potential to vore, there are giants, a rubber person, a slippery woman, mermaids, a Devil Fruit that allows the user to eat anything, dragons, other colossal creatures... And hot women of course