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Naga/ Lamia lover and fan. Enjoys just about everything and anything having to do with aforementioned creatures. Also enjoys most aspects of vore such as unbirth, oral vore, breast vore. Roleplays a lot within the chat room common areas, with their main character Salafeta and their many other alternative characters. Has a fondness for combining love and vore, so that when such acts of vore are done it's more loving then cruel. Leaving a very special dislike for cruelty and unnecessary violence.

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So I have had several story ideas over the last couple years. Many of them possibly good or bad ideas. Some I have started and never continued. But the cause is not for lack of an idea. I have a general idea of how I want the stories to play out. It is just when I start writing, my head starts to go "Okay, lets describe her tits and how they bounced about so boobily." Which sounds good and fun. But then I start to pause and go. "Wait, that is boring. Lets get more in detail about this. And why exactly her boobs bounce so boobily. And while we're at it. The exact weight of her boobs and how the gravity of the planet affects just how her boobs bounce so boobily!" And you get the idea I hope.

At what point should a vore writer stop and say enough detail is...
[ Continued ... ]

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