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Naga/ Lamia lover and fan. Enjoys just about everything and anything having to do with aforementioned creatures. Also enjoys most aspects of vore such as unbirth, oral vore, breast vore. Roleplays a lot within the chat room common areas, with their main character Salafeta and their many other alternative characters. Has a fondness for combining love and vore, so that when such acts of vore are done it's more loving then cruel. Leaving a very special dislike for cruelty and unnecessary violence.

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First I want to apologize for lack of updates for 'Of Family and Scales'. You see, when I first started writing. I had made zero actual plans on world building. And now that I am four chapters in I am at a point where world building is kind of important. Especially since the main character will be dipping into the more seedy underbelly of the setting.

I have taken steps to address this lack of world building. And will be continuing the story shortly. As soon as I figure out exactly how I want to start off the next chapter. Which funnily enough is harder than it should be. Since I know how I want the chapter and following chapters to flow. Writing a story has proven to be a much challenging of a task then I had originally imagined it to be and I am glad to...
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