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I am a gamer, but mainly the internet is a place I could go to to see other people's art.
(It's my excuse, whatever.)
Frankly, in real life I am more of a calm and quiet person, but I would still be able to surprise my friends given the chance. Surprising people is my biggest yet random quality I have.

On the internet however, I would be able to act out of my rather reserved state, and become the exuberant crazy guy that everyone will come to love.(Or should. :O )

To all the guys, show your awesomeness by saying "Greetings supreme ruler, Royal Starlord!"

To all the girls, show me your love by hugging me!
(Damn I love boobs.) :P

Anyway feel free to see my favorites, or my submissions, or make a comment. I love comments! Anyone is welcome!

Cleavage that is bouncy, fits my fancy nicely♪
So big that I can hide inside♫
Oh so snuggly, with boobs so bubbly♪
I feel like going for a ride♪♫

(You know what? I think I might make it so that whenever I don't have a valid command input from you guys to work with, I might either take that day off or summon up a command by myself to develop the plot. I mean, I try to choose the command that is submitted the most, or I pick a random person. It's just a method I use. Remember! Use colon, plus and the less-than signs! With brackets that defines the socialize skill's interpreted conversation.)

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I am sad to say that my new computer has up and quitted on me. Sorry for the late reply, but I am using a friends computer to access this site.

Until I can fix my computer, Bretissy and her adventures will have to be put on hold for the moment. A temporary hiatus, if you will.

But as of now, I'll be logging off and deleting my history. See all of you again in the future some other time! 'w'/

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