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Gonna move homes for a bit Posted 1 year ago
Update: I'll be leaving my home for a bit, so updates on this website will be sparse or nonexistent. Stay safe y'all! 'w'/
AoaBS Update 21 Posted 4 years ago
I am sad to say that my new computer has up and quitted on me. Sorry for the late reply, but I am using a friends computer to access this site.

Until I can fix my computer, Bretissy and her adventures will have to be put on hold for the moment. A temporary hiatus, if you will.

But as of now, I'll be logging off and deleting my history. See all of you again in the future some other time! 'w'/
Lazy AoaBS update Posted 4 years ago
Can I uh... Can I go back to playing Final Fantasy 15?

I swear, it's more fun that drawing this interactive RPG comic about a snake with boobs.

... Ardyn is my least favorite character.
AoaBS Update 20 Posted 4 years ago
Rain check on today, because I need to give my mummers a Mothers Day celebration.
AoaBS Update 19 Posted 4 years ago
There will/may be a delay due to IRL events. Practice patience please.
AoaBS update 18 Posted 4 years ago
Im celebrating my birthday by playing lots of video games, so no boobsnakes for this week.
AoaBS update 17 Posted 4 years ago
Bluuuuuuh. I'm gonna take a break for this week. Just not feeling it. I'll get around to it, don't worry, but... BLUUUUUUUH!
AoaBS update 16 Posted 4 years ago
I’ll be going away for the holidays, so don’t expect a boobsnake update for the next week or so.
AoaBS update 15 Posted 5 years ago
... I'll uh... I'll be skipping this week and post a new AoaBS next week.

I promise that the webcomic is not stopping! I'm just giving it a brief break!




*plays modded Starbound*
AoaBS update 14 Posted 5 years ago
Might as well try to post a new AoaBS entry every once or twice a week. Starting... now.