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Hello! I'm relatively new to the vore scene. Been into it in just a little bit over a year now. I would like to just love to make new friends here. I know a vore website to make friends sounds odd; but why not give it a shot? I love vore anyways. I'd love to get private messages or messages in general, and I love to read them. I've role played for a few years now and decided to finally make an account here. Hope to meet you soon! Have a wonderful day.

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A Panda and an Elf

“Okay Carissa darling. Your dad and I are headed out for our ‘business trip!’ Now be a good girl and make sure you don’t mess around with Mommy’s Spell book. There’s some spells in that, that I absolutely know you cannot handle on your own yet.” Carissa’s mom said as she and her dad began to head off toward whatever interesting things they were going to do all by themselves at a resort! Meanwhile, Carissa

Cookies and MMMPH!?!?

After months, even years of pain staking work in the lab, working on this one special project all those late nights in the labs have finally payed off after making a magnificent break through! After mixing together a very specific amount of chemicals and placing them in an incubator, the final product has been reached! At first, the chemicals formed some sort of gooey substance, but after being slowly heated up over the span of a few days, the goo s

Dogsitting Troubles

It was a rather cool day late in the fall. Trace was just a young boy, perhaps the age of 10? His parents asked him to watch his aunt's dog for the week. As payment, she'd give the boy $100!! How could a


reject such an offer? Watch a husky during a really cold fall? What could possibly go wrong?

(To add context, this was just out of character talk that turned into a rather fun roleplay.)

“…Nothing wrong with being in love with fantasy. You're so smol!” Pokes the tiny one

Trace had giggled and purred. "I-I'm ticklish!!"

Zanna pokes him more. "Your size intrigues me, Trace. How did you get so small?"

Trace giggled more. "I

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Alrighty everyone. Well, just figuring I'm gonna post some stuff if anyone desires to send me any friend requests or anything on Discord. Please, send a friend request if you're interested in a 1 on 1 conversation as I'm there literally daily. I love to voice chat, normal chat, rp, etc. Figuring I'll just post it here! My Discord friend code is "D-Fish#8903" (Long, long fucking story about the name)

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Posted by lockycloud 7 days ago

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nothing your skectes are very good like your stories is still threacetheneko !!


Posted by Magnificent 8 days ago

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There's nothing like getting shoved down the gullet of some random animal or mythical creature!


Posted by Eclipseneko51 2 months ago

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That's alright


Posted by MaxwellFitzgarry 2 months ago

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Oh woahGH! Nice to meet you!


Posted by MaxwellFitzgarry 2 months ago

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How could I resist that? He looked so adorable! I like your stuff dude!


Posted by Twinkle 2 months ago

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Of course <3


Posted by joeburp22181 2 months ago

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A pleasure!


Posted by Nixy 2 months ago

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Posted by Fyrelyon 2 months ago



Posted by Ramzitv1 4 months ago

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NP I apologize for late reply


Posted by SerenaBlaze 5 months ago

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Hahahaha XD Yea... complete and total stranger. o3o

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Posted by SerenaBlaze 5 months ago

Thanks for the watch you cute neko boy~ Say hi to the nagaling friend for me as well. <3

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