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Hello internet, I'm Silent_E. D-list cartoonist, looking for excuses to put the stylus to tablet every day. As of this moment I'm unemployed and seeking commissions to supplement my income until I can find (or make) work that puts the proverbial food on the table. If you need something drawn, I've got my prices listed in my commission status, just send me a PM and we can work something out!

I'm planning on streaming every evening, at least 4 hours a day, but preferably 6.

I'm currently in the central standard time zone, so you'll have to adjust your time accordingly, and let me know if my times are inconvenient for you. If a majority of patrons find my times inconvenient, I'll gladly change them!

I plan on starting at 6:00 PM (CST) every evening except Wednesday, and running until about midnight.

Wednesdays I'll be starting around Midnight (CST) and running until about 4 AM.

Sketch request streams will be on Saturdays!

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Hey guys, first just let me say I'm blown away by the turnout from tonight. We managed to keep the stream running well past midnight, and got a massive 18 sketches to show for it. I'll be splitting the compilation into two parts so I don't wind up uploading one absolutely massive file. That being said I'm probably going to wait until tomorrow to start distributing the images. While I know most of the people who dropped by and got sketches on stream, if you leave me a comment below with your username it'd help me get everyone's pictures out there quickly and with fewer mistakes. :)

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Posted by Houyo 2 days ago

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No problem. I like your M/F stuff the most.


Posted by Dukinu 6 days ago

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np ^_^


Posted by heath 10 days ago

<< Reply To Silent_E

No problem ;)


Posted by Pandyno 11 days ago

<< Reply To Silent_E

I see your streams, it's a pleasure to follow you here too c:


Posted by JunoTheFox6 2 weeks ago

<< Reply To Silent_E

Your welcome! :3


Posted by knux 2 weeks ago

<< Reply To Silent_E

yw XD


Posted by ShadowtheKitsune 2 weeks ago

<< Reply To Silent_E

No prob fam


Posted by Triumph101 3 weeks ago

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Posted by Kila 3 weeks ago

<< Reply To Silent_E

No problem :3


Posted by xblurp 3 weeks ago

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Mhm. If you are open to commissions I may pm ya on it.Could use some more OCs drawn up.


Posted by UltimaSlash 1 month ago

<< Reply To Silent_E

You're welcome!


Posted by darc22005 1 month ago

If you want to put my commission as an example on your listings that's alright :3

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