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This is FidchellVore from FA. I'll be submitting a bunch of vore art soon. Obviously, I'm not going to dedicate time to uploading absolutely everything (over 500 submissions, yikes), but I will try to throw in a large amount. If you are curious to see other pieces of art I haven't submitted, you can visit my FA account here:

Here are my preferences:

Styles and Aspects of Vore:
Loves: Oral and Same-size, Digestion
Will do: Tail, Soul, Macro, Unbirth
Won't do: Cock, Anal, Hard

Anything unlisted will most likely fall under "Won't Do."

Likes: Slim, pudgy, built.
Would rather not draw characters who are morbidly obese. Has a navel fetish and will usually draw them. Tell me if you would prefer I not if I am working on a character for you. Also won't draw navels on non-anthro birds or reptiles.

Favorite species: Canids, Dragons
Species I won't draw in pred role: Equine, Ungulate, Bovine, Humans/Monkeys, Plant, Insect

Sex in Vore:
I'm still not comfortable with drawing actual intercourse during vore, but perhaps I can do implied sex or sex behind a cover. I can draw genitalia itself in a vore sequence. Still not sure about masturbation/ejaculation.

I will draw pretty much any species in the prey role. Both willing and unwilling prey are fine with me.

Vore RP:
I no longer RP and do not have a fursona.

- Please keep RP in comments to a minimum.
- I am fine with reposts of my art as long as it is made clear that I created it.

Thanks for reading. :)

I have a discord server! If you want a link, PM me.

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Tomorrow to celebrate the best fetish in the world, I will be hosting a stream longer than normal in which I try to fit a single picture with all of my characters. Could they all be pred... or will some wind up in a belly anyway? That's if you guys can give me some interesting ideas~ Be sure to look out for the stream tomorrow. It'll be hype.

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Posted by Novapyro 11 days ago

Do you take commissions for animations too, or just for comic pages.


Posted by TheWolfInator3456 3 weeks ago

I would die to have my character be requested and colored here. ^^ That's how badly I like your art!

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Posted by nebuladragon2 3 weeks ago

hi, can you please add last look tags to all your pictures of prey looking outside the predator's mouth?


Posted by klonoa723 1 month ago

Love your art and the way you make them bulges. :)


Posted by GregTheGrimm 1 month ago

<< Reply To FidchellVore

Thanks :)


Posted by GregTheGrimm 1 month ago

Hi there!
I just wanted to complement you on your art, and also would it be okay if I drew some fan art?
I don't intend to post it anywhere, but I don't know the rules and your characters are your property after all :D


Posted by CalinBeast 4 months ago

<< Reply To FidchellVore

Thanks so much! You're one of my favorite artists here on this website! ^.^


Posted by SlitheringSnake 4 months ago

I love your work!

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