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This is FidchellVore from FA. There's no human vore here.

You can visit my FA account here:

I am NOT open for requests ever.
I only do trades if I like your art.
I only do collabs if I'm interested in the project.
Commissions open on a monthly basis, at the start of the month.


Check out my WIKI that contains all of my characters and their lore! This is the MOST up to date source of info for most of my characters.

Also take a gander at my TRELLO to see what I'm currently working on and planning.


Here are my preferences:

Styles and Aspects of Vore:
Loves: Oral and Same-size, Digestion
Will do: Tail, Soul, Macro, Unbirth
Won't do: Cock, Anal, Hard

Anything unlisted will most likely fall under "Won't Do."

Likes: Slim, pudgy, built.
Would rather not draw characters who are morbidly obese. Has a navel fetish and will usually draw them. Tell me if you would prefer I not if I am working on a character for you. Also won't draw navels on non-anthro birds or reptiles.

Favorite species: Canids, Dragons
Species I won't draw in pred role: Pigs, Bulls/Cows, Equines, Humans/Monkeys, Plant, Insect (there can be rare exceptions)

Sex in Vore:
I'm still not comfortable with drawing actual intercourse during vore, but perhaps I can do implied sex or sex behind a cover. I can draw genitalia itself in a vore sequence. Still not sure about masturbation/ejaculation.

I will draw pretty much any species in the prey role except for humans. Both willing and unwilling prey are fine with me.

Vore RP:
I do not RP with randoms. Don't ask me to RP.

- Please keep RP in comments to a minimum.
- I am fine with reposts of my art as long as it is made clear that I created it.

Thanks for reading. :)

Check out my Patreon:
You could be getting: WIPs, Early Access, Hi-Res art, Exclusive Sketches, and Exclusive Colored Works!

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With the next month approaching and people still asking me about prices, I thought I'd make it even easier for people to get a glimpse at all prices and additional fees in one place. You can find it all here in this guide I just made: Take note that there have been some changes you can find at the bottom.

If you are interested in getting a commission in the future, I would recommend bookmarking this. I've also provided this link on the Price Guide submission.

Thanks for reading!

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Posted by wolfSnack 1 month ago Report

I've never seen a user set up a wiki for their characters and plots. Maybe I should do the same, god knows that my universe has a kudzu plot at this point...

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Posted by 47492 3 months ago Report

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What if the character looked something like this?

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Posted by 47492 3 months ago Report

how much do you charge for reference sheets?

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Posted by voidrunner 6 months ago Report

Merry Christmas ^^


Posted by JamKat 1 year ago Report

Happy New Years!

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Posted by JamKat 1 year ago Report

Merry Christmas!

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Posted by notesco 1 year ago Report

Yo, just wanted you to know this little freak is making money from tracing your old art


Posted by yveltalfan717 1 year ago Report

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Posted by yveltalfan717 1 year ago Report

Where else do you post art?


Posted by DeviantArtist101 1 year ago Report

Really love all of the artworks you make, Fidchell. Love your characters to deepest of my heart.

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