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This is FidchellVore from FA. I'll be submitting a bunch of vore art soon. Obviously, I'm not going to dedicate time to uploading absolutely everything (over 500 submissions, yikes), but I will try to throw in a large amount. If you are curious to see other pieces of art I haven't submitted, you can visit my FA account here:

Here are my preferences:

Styles and Aspects of Vore:
Loves: Oral and Same-size, Digestion
Will do: Tail, Soul, Macro, Unbirth
Won't do: Cock, Anal, Hard

Anything unlisted will most likely fall under "Won't Do."

Likes: Slim, pudgy, built.
Would rather not draw characters who are morbidly obese. Has a navel fetish and will usually draw them. Tell me if you would prefer I not if I am working on a character for you. Also won't draw navels on non-anthro birds or reptiles.

Favorite species: Canids, Dragons
Species I won't draw in pred role: Equine, Ungulate, Bovine, Humans/Monkeys, Plant, Insect

Sex in Vore:
I'm still not comfortable with drawing actual intercourse during vore, but perhaps I can do implied sex or sex behind a cover. I can draw genitalia itself in a vore sequence. Still not sure about masturbation/ejaculation.

I will draw pretty much any species in the prey role. Both willing and unwilling prey are fine with me.

Vore RP:
I no longer RP and do not have a fursona.

- Please keep RP in comments to a minimum.
- I am fine with reposts of my art as long as it is made clear that I created it.

Thanks for reading. :)

I have a discord server! If you want a link, PM me.

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Commissions are currently closed.

If you'd like a link to my Discord Server, please note me.

Commission Information


Check out the guidelines below if you haven't already before getting to the prices:

1) The acceptance phase for commissions will last for a week, so get your requests in quickly!
2) You can request up to three pages of comics in one session, but it will cost you extra. More detail in the prices section.
3) I will pick and choose which commissions I want to work on for the month.
4) The amount I choose for a month depends on the amount of pages/panels chosen requests have as well as how much money...
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Posted by CalinBeast 2 months ago

<< Reply To FidchellVore

Thanks so much! You're one of my favorite artists here on this website! ^.^


Posted by SlitheringSnake 2 months ago

I love your work!


Posted by Hatsworthington 3 months ago

I think it's awesome that you do art with escaping prey. Even better when the prey gets to eat the pred after!


Posted by animehero64 6 months ago

Happy New Years!


Posted by UnforsakenFantasy 6 months ago

I've always been curious, how come you dislike/won't do cockvore? I just wanted to ask~


Posted by UnforsakenFantasy 7 months ago

I think you're a magnificent artist, ive always been a fan!

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