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Hello there!
I mostly do vore artwork on my FA, but I just discovered this website and am checking it out. c:

Also, all my vore is completely soft vore. I don't do death, digestion, gore or mutilation.

I also do not do Pornography. Everything I do is SFW and clean!

**Please understand I do not allow adult art of my female sonas. Thankyou. c:

They are also preds! So please nothing of them being prey, I'd appreciate it!**

I'm much more active at these following places!


***Interested in Commissioning me? You can apply here!***


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Nummynumz's Blog - Commissions OPEN Posted 3 years ago

I am having to move yet again, but hopefully I found a place that I think will work out very well that I can get into sometime in late July or August!

I will be accept commissions until I feel settled enough. Also, I do still have work on my queue, but it's very few, please take a look at my trello if you are curious! ... -nummynumz
I am working on the final page of a comic, and have one more full comic commission to work on as well. Keep this in mind if you are wanting comics. Comics are worked on between regular commissions, and the other two I have now come before other/newer comic commissions.

[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by CaptainSarahFortune 2 years ago Report

I too much prefer safe vore, I'll have to save up money for a commission at some point.

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Posted by MoonHoek 2 years ago Report

Nice gallery, like your art

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Posted by JamKat 3 years ago Report

Happy New Years!

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Posted by JamKat 3 years ago Report

Merry Christmas!

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Posted by Akugarou 3 years ago Report

Your artwork is breathtaking. It took less than a heartbeat for me to become a watcher. Also, love the comics!


Posted by JamKat 3 years ago Report

Happy Vore Day! :3

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Posted by Hughoftheskies 5 years ago Report

Gurgly lewd works. Neat.


Posted by Dango 5 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch! Always happy to see a new watch from an artist I enjoy :) Truly fantastic art ^v^

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Posted by timid-wolf 5 years ago Report

Great to see you on here. Always loved your art style and non-fatal vore


Posted by SpiderMilkshake 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To Nummynumz

:( Aw, that sucks...

Wish the tagging system on here was better. I keep having to contend with similar types of stuff too. XP


Posted by SpiderMilkshake 5 years ago Report

O_o Somebody is absolutely screwing with a big bunch of your works' tags right now...

Thought you should know, in case it's something that's not okay with you... (but it just really didn't seem like you, seemed like someone trying to troll you with tags removing all the non-fatals and adding the opposite)


Posted by CoolKaios 5 years ago Report

Really awosome art!

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