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Hello there!
I mostly do vore artwork on my FA, but I just discovered this website and am checking it out. c:

Also, all my vore is completely soft vore. I don't do death, digestion, gore or mutilation.

I also do not do Pornography. Everything I do is SFW and clean!

**Please understand I do not allow adult art of my female sonas. Thankyou. c:

They are also preds! So please nothing of them being prey, I'd appreciate it!**

I'm much more active at these following places!


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If you have been accepted, send me an email to tartiitastic[at]

You MAY submit more than one idea. All I ask is you please clarify if you can afford multiple, or just one.

Tartiidrake is officially retired. Requests involving her are immediately denied.

Keep in mind this is not first come, first served.

Commissions that do not require work in progress's have a higher chance of being chosen. Also please do not ask me to hold off on posting your commission/keep it private ect. Your name can be private, the art may not.

What I like to draw!
♥ Throat Bulges
♥ Pokemon
♥ Disney
♥ The Lion King
♥ Head first
♥ Tail slurping
♥ Things with my characters! ...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Hughoftheskies 7 months ago

Gurgly lewd works. Neat.


Posted by Dango 1 year ago

Thanks for the watch! Always happy to see a new watch from an artist I enjoy :) Truly fantastic art ^v^

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Posted by timid-wolf 1 year ago

Great to see you on here. Always loved your art style and non-fatal vore


Posted by SpiderMilkshake 1 year ago

<< Reply To Nummynumz

:( Aw, that sucks...

Wish the tagging system on here was better. I keep having to contend with similar types of stuff too. XP

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Posted by SpiderMilkshake 1 year ago

O_o Somebody is absolutely screwing with a big bunch of your works' tags right now...

Thought you should know, in case it's something that's not okay with you... (but it just really didn't seem like you, seemed like someone trying to troll you with tags removing all the non-fatals and adding the opposite)

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Posted by novek 1 year ago

Really awosome art!


Posted by FlutterDash69 2 years ago

Your art is wonderful! <3


Posted by FoolyFox 2 years ago

If there was a competition... for best Maw shots and you didn't win... I would be severely angry.

I wish I had noticed your artwork sooner. You're very skilled at what you do.


Posted by greyfeather 2 years ago

Congratulations. You now have another watcher.


Posted by Blace 2 years ago

Your art is really amazing :o

The Fennec Fox

Posted by The Fennec Fox 2 years ago

Holy cow! I'm still picking up the pieces after you blew my mind! Awesome stuff! Keep up the good work!


Posted by Vorishsuicune 2 years ago

ohmygosh THANK YOU for watching me! (*´∀`*)

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