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Hey! I'm Starcrossing, often referred to as just Star.

I occasionally draw oral vore and unbirth, but the main thing you're going to find on my page is a lot of ANAL VORE ( often featuring my OC Starcross). If those are things you're into (and I imagine that they are considering the site you're on), then I highly recommend browsing through my gallery sometime!

And, if you *really* like what you see, regular updates are made possible by the generous support of the people over on my Patreon pages:
-To help support the comic projects you can find in my gallery you can pledge on a per-page basis here:
-If you'd rather support monthly (as little as $1) you can find sketches, pin-ups, and content polls here:

You can also follow me on Twitter for the latest updates, sketches, and teasers:

Thanks for checking out my page, and I hope to see you back here soon!

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Been awhile since I've updated this blog, so I figured I'd get things back up to speed.

As of writing this Starcross Chapter 2 is completely finished! Eventually it will be posted publicly, but if you'd ever like to stay up to date with my comics right as each new page gets completed (or just get access to chapters before they're fully released publicly) I encourage you to support my work on Patreon. The only reason I can dedicate any time to comics is because of the generous people over there!
- -

If you feel like I'm not as active as I used to be then you're probably not following me on Twitter! After Tumblr's exodus of NSFW artists years ago Twitter has been my go-to place to post little sketches, thoughts, comics,...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Andyshade 2 weeks ago Report

Hai! ^-^ love your comics! I understand your probably a very busy person but i'd love to get in touch/chat sometime! Hope to hear from you although i understand if i dont. Thanks for taking the time to read this anyway!


Posted by XiaoRenzhe 3 months ago Report

Just realized I wasn’t watching you since making an account here and that’s a pretty egregious oversight! I’ve corrected the problem. Lol. Love all your work and have for years!


Posted by testuser 4 months ago Report

Hey Star how're things going?

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Posted by Ohgra 5 months ago Report

<< Reply To Starcrossing



Posted by Ohgra 5 months ago Report

Hey thanks for the watch!


Posted by Nitebreaki 7 months ago Report

I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but thanks for the watch! I love your art btw!


Posted by ProudVWriter 9 months ago Report

Happy holidays, Star!


Posted by StygianRook 9 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by NiceGuy18 10 months ago Report

I still miss the beautiful sketches I used to get from your Patreon. However, I am still supporting you from the sides. You are an amazing artist.


Posted by von-de-rush 11 months ago Report

I saw male prey on your tags, where are they?
I need male vore.

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Posted by AkiraTR 1 year ago Report

Heya! I hope you're doing well!


Posted by Dogedude 1 year ago Report

Happy vore day!

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