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What have I been up to? Posted 4 months ago
Hey folks, just figured I'd drop in with a quick update.

You've probably noticed I'm not as active here as I once was, I promise that's not because there's no art to be shown, honestly the biggest factor that has slowed me down from posting here is that there's just so much that still needs to go up here. There's literally dozens of Poll Pics and Pin-Ups from Patreon that I've yet to post here, and (at this point) probably well over 50 sketches that need to go up. Someday I just need to sit down and spend an afternoon getting this gallery caught up; it's just hard to convince myself to sit down and commit to a days worth of what is essentially data entry, lol.

The thing that I've been cramming most of my time into recently is the next chapter of my Starcross comic...
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'Starcross' Chapter 2 "The Ins and Outs of Sarah" Posted 10 months ago
Throughout 2018 and 2019 I publicly released the first chapter in my comic series "Starcross." It covered the beginnings of Sarah and Danica's relationship, and their first experience with Sarah's new anal vore abilities. Now, in 2020, I've officially started work on "Starcross" Chapter 2, titled "The Ins and Outs of Sarah." This chapter will cover the early experimentation the two went through as they tried to figure out what all Sarah is capable of.

As of March 13th, the first page (of many) has been released over on Patreon. If you'd like to follow along with the series as each new page comes out you can do so over there.

The pages will be released publicly at some point, but I'd like...
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Want to see how big Star's belly can get? (YCH Event 8/8 - 8/15) Posted 1 year ago
To help me save up for a new drawing tablet I’ve decided to run this YCH Event! It doesn’t work quite like a normal one though. Rather than bidding on limited slots, I’ve decided to simply allow people to buy into the picture for a fixed price ($100 ). The more people that participate the bigger Star's belly will be in the final picture. The goal is to get her as big as possible. If you're interested in participating please go check it out!

The final image will be a fully colored picture with an internal view showing all the participants as well as an external view showing Star's big belly! Should be fun!
Chapter 1 Complete! Want to see more? Posted 1 year ago
And thus, the final page of my comic "Sarah & Danica" is up on Eka's Portal for your enjoyment!

If you liked this chapter and want to see more comics made by yours truly I encourage you to help support their production. Either by contributing to my comic Patreon page, OR if you're not big into recurring payments, you can simply buy Starcross Chapter 1 in high-res from my Gumroad page.

As always, thanks for sticking with me and supporting my work. Very happy that so many people enjoyed the comic.
Update! - Art, Comics - When do things return? Posted 1 year ago
Hey everyone, I was meaning to make this post a bit sooner but Eka's wen't down right around the time I wanted to make it, so I've been holding off until the site's return. Now that it's back up I figure it's time to let you all know why my content has stopped coming out for the past month or so and when things will get back on track.

To keep things brief, toward the end of February I ran into a small health issue. Nothing dangerous, more just an annoyance that needed to be taken care of. Since then I've been in and out of the doctor's office a few times, and have begun treating the issue. It's still something I'm working to get passed, but currently there's no reason to believe that I won't be able to put all of this behind me relatively soon. That being said, other factors...
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The Tumblr Debacle Posted 2 years ago
So, as many of you are probably aware, this Tumblr debacle has had a lot of artists scrambling around, myself included (hence my inactivity the past couple weeks). Tumblr was one of the primary places I posted, and whether anyone wants to admit it or not, there really isn't another website that fills the exact same roll as tumblr did, so it's been tricky.

Currently I've landed on three websites (aside from Eka's) where you can follow my work now:
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Comics? Comics! They're finally happening! Posted 2 years ago
Hey everyone, just here to announce that I’ve finally gotten to a point where I can start releasing comics publicly! Admittedly it took longer to get to this point than I would’ve liked, but hey, better late than never.

The first series I’ll be posting will be the ‘Starcross origin story,’ the first chapter of which is titled “Sarah & Danica.” It chronicles the early days of Sarah and Danica’s relationship, and the initial circumstances under which Sarah discovered her “powers.”

The plan is to release a new page every Friday until this chapter is completely posted. Incidentally, since the chapter isn’t actually done yet, two NEW pages of it will be posted every month over on my comic Patreon located here: ...
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100 Pin-Ups Celebration! (Switching to Weekly Posts!) Posted 3 years ago
Just a quick update guys, as of May 15th I've officially posted the 100th pin-up over on my Patreon page! While it's going to be awhile before that's posted here, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm officially switching to weekly uploads of pin-ups rather than bi-weekly. At this point the content buffer has gotten incredibly large, and rather than keep it growing by only posting once every two weeks, I figured I'd just let it sit where it's at and start posting a new pin-up every week.

If your curious about the 100th pin-up, I encourage you to check it out over on my Patreon! Your support is what has allowed me to start posting things so regularly.

Thanks to everyone for all the support, and I look...
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New Comics Patreon + Starcross Origin Story Posted 3 years ago
I’ve begun a new project! A secondary Patreon focused exclusively on comic production, and the comic I’m launching it with is: Sarah & Danica (the Starcross “origin story”)!

I’m excited to finally be starting this project, and I hope you take the time to go check it out. The first page is out now, and the second page will go up Friday Feb. 24th 2017! I hope you guys enjoy! If you have any questions feel free to ask below!
The Coming Year Posted 4 years ago
I always feel strangely motivated around the end of December/beginning of January as was evident in my previous New Years post. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m finally recovering from the long string of holidays in the final quarter of each year, or if its some other force, but regardless, early in the year seems to be when I’m most motivated to start new things.

As such, I have been considering some options that would allow me to more regularly produce comics. I know that a lot of you are here because of the comics I made, and a lot of you would love to see more of those, and believe me it is something I want to do. I’ve just been down the road of regular comic production before,...
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