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Heavy metal sloth demon on a highway to to bed. I write vore smut and don't RP.

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"So to wrap things up, follow all the rules and we can be cool. I've got no problem being friends with everyone as long as you respect me and the rules it's my job to enforce. The college is really cracking down on us this semester so I'm gonna have to play hardass if you guys make me!" Tina gave the group of students a serious look, pointing at them for emphasis. Suddenly breaking the tough act, she cracked a smile and slapped her fat belly."Remember, if you cause trouble I'll eat you!"Cassie w

"You see, your baron-ness, we slayed the dragon for you but it sort of fell in a hole as it died."Vera resisted the urge to facepalm. Why on earth did they let Lily helm the meeting? She shot a glance at Bull, the big orc meeting her gaze with a slight shrug.The baron looked less than impressed. His gray eyes narrowed and he steepled his fingers as he studied the elf."So, you tell me you've successfully tracked the beast, a red drake, to its lair in the mountains and slain it. But you were unabl

"Alright, let's take a quick break." Bull groaned with relief as she dropped herself down on a boulder. Vera had been driving them like slaves since they left Ramsgate. She ripped off her barbute helm to mop at her sweaty brow, and worked her shoulders where the straps of her heavy pack rested, her armor squeaking. She wasn't used to plate armor, but it was supposed to have a fireproof enchantment and they needed that if they were fighting a dragon. It was a dangerous job, but there was a lot of

Margot steeled herself to walk through the party.It wasn't that she was shy or nervous, it was a pretty small get-together. She just knew how her roommates' parties tended to turn out and that was awkward for any non-participant to experience. She'd joined them at the start and had a few drinks, got a little buzzed, but when Tori's top came off she knew it was time to split. Now she was realizing her phone charger was still in the kitchen, meaning she'd have to go right through the debauchery to

"So what's this thing supposed to do?" Lia, Erica, and Molly looked down at the vial of pale blue liquid on the table between them. The three girls, all 18 in their senior year in highschool, sat in a circle around their treasure.Erica was tall, pale, and a little awkward. She'd had braces for 3 years and was immensely jealous of her more popular older sister. Molly was right on the line between thick and chubby, her love of comics and blue hair kept her firmly out of the spotlight at school. Li

Aliya was pretty sure it was a cult.Her new employees had pitched their organization as a church, and a "spiritual collective that preaches unity", but after only a couple months of employment, she'd recorded a lot more ceremonies with hooded robes and strange chanting than she was expecting and their "Temple of Unity" was more a compound than a church.She'd been hired in as the AV Tech for the church right off of campus by pure luck. She was walking back from class to her dorm when she was appr

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Ohgra's Blog - Oof Posted 9 days ago

Dang y'all I'm in a creative rut, I haven't had the energy to write or do anything creative at all. Hopefully it passes sooner rather than later but irl has been a whirlwind of garbo lately.

What's y'all's favorite vore stuff? Link in the comments and tell me what about it made it special for you.

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Posted by herosterious 5 days ago Report

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my pleasure! your stuff is great

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Posted by Vampyro363 2 weeks ago Report

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You're welcome! Love your work ^^


Posted by Starcrossing 2 weeks ago Report

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No prob! I like your writing style. Also the design for your character Bull reminds me a bit of my half-orc character as well, lol. Great minds think alike!


Posted by Hurb 3 weeks ago Report

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Posted by Hurb 3 weeks ago Report

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God i love accidental vore and i adore your works! I cant wait for more content <3


Posted by HeartfeltIgnorance 1 month ago Report

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And thank you for the great work! Keep it up!


Posted by dansonhanson 1 month ago Report

Thank you for the watch!


Posted by javitinkfizz 1 month ago Report

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Greenies gotta stick together


Posted by LemonBarb 1 month ago Report

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No problem. Your stories have on/off been interesting enough for me to keep an eye on. ;)


Posted by ShamefulInterest 2 months ago Report

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Your welcome! o7

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Posted by Thimthee 3 months ago Report

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You're very welcome sir or madam, thank you for the great content


Posted by VORPHIL 3 months ago Report

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your welcome

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