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Long-time lurker who's dabbling in writing porn. We'll see how this goes.

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Hannah picked up a half-empty cup of long-abandoned coffee and took a swig. She wasn't positive it was hers or even what day it was from, but it was a walk to the kitchen and she didn't have the motivation.Sam was hunched over on the couch beside her playing something on the Xbox. Her hair was a mess of tangled brown curls and she was still in her pajamas from last night. Hannah was pretty sure she hadn't slept based on the dark circles under her eyes, Sam always had a laser-focus when gaming. S

Lauren took a deep breath of fresh country air as she got off the bus. She'd never been to Arkansas, but she had a mission. Ever since the death of her grandmother, she realized she really didn't know much about her extended family. She had heard stories about great aunt Nellie who'd acted in westerns, and her grandmother's sister who'd married a man so tall he'd been unable to drive a car, but they were just stories. She wanted to meet everyone she could in her family tree and write all about i

The Challenge: EpilogueBy OhgraLife had never been particularly challenging for Deacon Latimer. He was born into a wealthy family and his powerful father had given him his position in the church, he'd never considered doing a thing in his life that might have required any effort. Despite this, he was immensely proud of his achievements: He had a nice office, an important title, and lots of administrative work to keep himself busy. The old man scratched his whispy white beard as he hunched over t

The ChallengeBy OhgraThe quest had been a huge success. After saving the town from the clutches of an insidious goblin incursion, the citizens of Bywood had showered the adventurers with rewards. Being it was only a small farming community, the rewards were a wagon full of food and drink, but the trio were more than happy to accept their prize.They were a motley crew; a group brought together by a mutual love of exploring, treasure, and new experiences. Vera was a halfling cleric, a hair over 3

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Ohgra's Blog - What should I work on? Posted 3 weeks ago

Hey gang I've got a couple different story ideas I'm kicking around, which would you like to see first? Please note this is in no way promising I'll go along with the results or even finish anything in a timely manner, but at the very least I'd like to gauge interest:

1. The Quest - a sequel to The Challenge, after our heroes blew all their gold on resurrecting Vera, they need to make some money. The Baron needs someone to hunt a dragon and if possible, rescue his daughter from the beast.

2. Untitled Stuffing/Vore story - think of this as being a darker parallel universe to Marloweny's Filthy Clean series I've commissioned. A gainer and her sadist gf get in trouble when she's eaten too many indigestible objects and her sister, a med student, shrinks down and goes...
[ Continued ... ]

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Thanks for writing that awesome story


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Any time, your stories are great. Will there be anymore?


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I really liked the concepts you'd got Marloweny to do as patreon rewards, and you've got a good writing style too, so I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with :D


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