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Heavy metal sloth demon on a highway to to bed. I write vore smut and don't RP.

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Gustav's first real adventure wasn't going as well as he'd hoped. He'd graduated with honors from Saint Willimund's School for the Musically Gifted a fully certified bard; ready to bring song and merriment and perhaps even pleasure to the fair maidens of The Empire. But now that he was out in the world it was starting to look more and more like an impossible dream. To start, every inn and tavern in The Capitol already had bards, forcing him out of the city down dirt footpaths to the various smal

"We have to talk about Shelly."Karli groaned, she'd been dreading this conversation for some time, now they'd ambushed her while she was going to get a snack from the fridge. She scratched her belly hanging out of her now too-small Dragula t-shirt, turning to face her roommates.Laurie and Bella were sitting on the couch looking serious in their pastel pajamas."Have a seat." Laurie gestured to the armchair across the cluttered coffee table."Do we have to do this now or-""Yeah Karli, this is impor

"Christ, Jacqui. You can't just roofie someone as a prank!""It's not roofie-ing someone if it's just shrooms. Chill out, she'll be fine. It's funny!"Michelle glared at her friend as she opened the door to the apartment complex. Jacqui had always had a twisted sense of humor, but this seemed a little out of line. The victim of her "prank" was Mollie; a caring, naive, and kind-hearted soul in her second year at the college. She'd put out an ad for a roommate and Jacqui had taken advantage, making

It had been too long since Tiff's last orgy.She'd started her college career in a liquor-soaked blur of debauchery; nearly failing out as she eschewed her studies for all the ass, dick, tiddies, and blow she could get her hands on.Then she shrank.No one knew why, it just sort of happened one day. Out of the blue a small percentage of the population was reduced to a few inches in height. Tiff woke up that fateful morning shrunken down from a fairly tall 5'8 to a diminutive 3 inches.Her parents ha

Kevin swore as he fruitlessly tried to tilt his car's passenger air vent closer toward the driver's side. It was barely June and the temperature had already hit a hundred degrees. Add in the extreme, swampy humidity of the Michigan summer and this heatwave was absolutely unbearable.Kevin had been planning on getting his AC fixed for a while, but he hated going to the mechanic near his school. Any interactions with people outside of his hometown, with anyone unfamiliar with his "peculiarity", was

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i have to say, i wasn't anticipating Jen's Story taking and maintaining such a lead immediately! im interested to know what about that one stuck such a cord with y'all, to be honest id filed it along side Following in their Footsteps as ultimately pretty similar, setting aside, yet it seems yo have gottenote than twice the votes.

i will eventually finish and publish all three of these, the most likely order of release is FITF -> DC -> JS just based on how complete they are currently. DC is actually the closest but i still need to get the accompanying vhs cover art for it before i publish and i havent had a chance to look into artists to find a good style-match for what im envisioning.

the plan for Jen is one or two longer pieces establishing her and Tammy...
[ Continued ... ]

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I like cruel stuff


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I really like your vore story


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