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------------------------------Hello, and Welcome to my Gallery.
--------------------------------------Thank you for visiting!

------------------------------------Regular Work Hours:
--Usually 2 PM - 10 PM OR 4 PM - 12 AM Pacific Time, 4 Days per Week.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------Weekday Schedule Varies, Holiday Hours Vary.
---------------------------------------------------------------Usually I check my PMs several times each business day during these hours.
----------------------------------------------------------(If contacting me off hours or on a day off I'll get back to you as soon as I can!)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------{ My FurAffinity Gallery }

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My Twin Sibling, who I live with in RL:
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------===----------- Lovespell


-----------------------------------------------------------------=------------And...just some extra useless info about me XD :

--------------------------------------------------------------------Hi. You can call me Memento or Mori, or just MM. I'm a voraphile.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Zodiac: Aries ♈ | Personality: INFP
-------------------------------------------------------------------------I'm a woman who dresses in a Visual Kei/Gothic Kodona style.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My favorite animal is a crow.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------=------------My favorite food is cannoli.
-----------------I can like almost every type of music, but my favorites are gothic rock, chorales/arias, dark or experimental classical/opera, and industrial rock.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------My favorite classical composer is Camille Saint-Saëns.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------=-------{ My Digital Tip Jar }

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I'm currently taking commissions monthly, this 1 batch will be all I'll take for the whole month. If they fill up, one will have to wait until next month to order, and so on.
If you'd like to order a picture, please be sure to first read my Commission Status tab for rules and base prices. To reserve your slot, either PM me or post a comment to this blog. Then we can discuss through PM what your idea is, so I can give you a proper quote on the exact price. :)

December Slots:
1. Lcg75545
2. blazingyoshi
3. darkness4991
4. HeatedTrophy
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by porlay 2 weeks ago

Just wanted to quickly take a moment to say that I love your art! It's absolutely amazing. Keep up the brilliant work!


Posted by JamCat 4 months ago

Happy Vore Day! :3


Posted by MangoMonkey 6 months ago

As busy as ever I see! Haha, I would expect no less for someone with such beautiful talent~ The way you draw maws is always pleasing to my eyes. Looking forward to whatever comes next~


Posted by chaso07 6 months ago

thanx for the fave. i feel honored that you liked it


Posted by chaso07 7 months ago

thank you so much for the fave


Posted by ThefoxMask 7 months ago

<< Reply To MementoMori

Thats somthing new,thanks for the help.

Oh i alredy got help and finally manege to post what i wantet,dont now if ill stay
for long,again thanks for the help.


Posted by ThefoxMask 7 months ago

<< Reply To MementoMori

well im not planing to be a big deal here but i draw and
some of the things are vore rilated so i want to now how can i post some of the thing i make.


Posted by ThefoxMask 7 months ago

can i ask for a lite bit of help?
im kainda of a new comer here.


Posted by YoukaiChan 8 months ago

I hope you had a wonderful birthday! :)

[ Reply ]


Posted by dodoman_1er 8 months ago

<< Reply To MementoMori

Hope you are having a good zombie jesus fools cake day!

[ Reply ]


Posted by dodoman_1er 8 months ago

HAPPY CAKE DAY AND EASTER! I hope you got your eggs matching you and your sis' outfits! Have a wonderful day both of yous!

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Posted by Kreeyz 10 months ago

Hoooo a fave from you, thanks a lot !!! :3

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