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Developer. The current gallery software is called g4, named after the previous iteration, g3.

Hello and thanks for using this gallery. I am the lead developer for Eka's Portal, if you have any problems with or ideas for the gallery please let me know.

This theme is a test of using semi-transparent backgrounds. Support for this has been added to the theme editor.

For Favorites and Latest Updates I'm unsure which style to use. I tend to like the Latest Updates style, but the layout FA is using now, which is sort of a mix of the two looks quite good. May consider that.

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I have just recently begun a new job at which I need to do quite a lot of organization to get everyone setup on the same page. It has been very busy and I've not responded to people very much. This is going to continue for at least a few more weeks before I have everything setup to be back to normal.

If I have commissioned you for something, and you're waiting for me to do something, please remind me! I probably forgot.

If you want me to commission you, please feel free to send ideas, I will still look at them, but remember I may be slow to respond for now.

If you want to be in a picture, you can still feel free to submit an idea & artist, but I'll be slow at responding to those too.

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Posted by emikochan 6 months ago

Thankyou for all your hard work making this the best vore site ^^

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Posted by silentzorah 7 months ago

Not enough manure sinking :P

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Posted by 3deeznutz 8 months ago

Heys! My pm's aren't sending for some odd reason. My I request a Gallery?


Posted by wildthingzp 9 months ago

i just made a new account and i mess up my username and i don't how change it or if i can. if can help me delete or change my user name from withingzp to wildthingzp and if want to email me my email is wildthingzbp@hotmail.com the help would be great thank you


Posted by Tombartle 9 months ago

i need to know why i can't use the PM thing


Posted by Tombartle 9 months ago

can i have a gallery??
i'll use non-vore folders


Posted by LinkHelios 9 months ago

How to upload pictures


Posted by GobblesTheGoat 9 months ago

Hello~ I'm having a bit of an issue with getting a hold of someone in order to make a gallery, I've sent an email to the admin, but it seems that i am unable to PM anyone about the issue either.


Posted by CalinBeast 10 months ago

Many thanks for the watch! It's quite an honor. (:


Posted by Shoelace 10 months ago

Thank you so much for the watch! *purr*

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