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Pitchfork By Leshana -- Report

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John gets what he deserves, downed by a farm animal! Her slow digestive system meant for grass will take uncountably long to digest John layer by layer.
Jit's screaming face gives ample evidence of what John's fate will be.

The real question is: What happens next? Comments decide.


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Posted by HiroAlato 9 years ago Report

I sneak up behind you and push you into the cow?


Posted by miranda_dragon 9 years ago Report

What happens next? That should be obvious.


Posted by luvboobies 9 years ago Report

Is that you being swallow right now leshana?


Posted by Leshana 9 years ago Report

That is John being swallowed! I am watching and laughing at him disappearing


Posted by luvboobies 9 years ago Report

Laugh it up now leshana , someone will try to make you squirm inside there belly


Posted by Link13112 9 years ago Report

A two man sized fertilizer mound for the crops :3


Posted by marader4 9 years ago Report

Crop fertilizing


Posted by Nightspy 9 years ago Report

This seems like a logical progression to me.


Posted by Sable 9 years ago Report

Leshana, I think people want you to be cowchow :P


Posted by Jag 9 years ago Report

I will eat Leshana!


Posted by Lithalya 9 years ago Report

Next? Obviously fertilizer time. Or someone comes along and noms the farmer fox!


Posted by wiseguy288 9 years ago Report

Fertalizer time, then a gratuitous milking scene, maybe bottles with his face on them?


Posted by Servothehusky 9 years ago Report

Best way to get the freshest milk!


Posted by fredhailton42 9 years ago Report

After a long, possibly taunt-filled digestion, fertilizer. And possibly milk. Aaaand, maybe a Leshana desert. ^^


Posted by Terrafox 9 years ago Report

the real question is what did john do?


Posted by DragonPrey3200 6 years ago Report

John is kill


Posted by Royal_Starlord 9 years ago Report

I wanna nuzzle that udder! X3~♥


Posted by Jeschke 9 years ago Report

Cow gets hungrier and snacks on farmhand too. Milk for everyone! :B


Posted by Kaoru 9 years ago Report

Clearly cow needs to pin farmhand down first though. Hmmm...


Posted by Kitts 9 years ago Report

Clearly, time to eat the cow.


Posted by Amnael 9 years ago Report

A cow has 4 stomachs but 2 will be occupied ~ The cow will of course eat you and then search for someone filling the last stomach x3


Posted by FlaxenSoftcloth 9 years ago Report

Excuse me my spirit animal is no mere farm animal. Sexist.


Posted by Kaoru 9 years ago Report

Your spirit a cow? ...I can dig it.


Posted by FlaxenSoftcloth 9 years ago Report

My spirit animal is a cow that eats people. Goshh


Posted by CGR-7 9 years ago Report

Time for some cow tippin', perhaps? Shake things up on the inside a little for John and Jit. XD


Posted by Kaoru 9 years ago Report

Obvs Leshana goes to scoop some hay, putting that pitchfork to use, but the well-fed cow sits down while Leshana is stooped behind her. And then, Lesh gets pushed up, possibly through what's left of Jit. :D


Posted by maleperduis 9 years ago Report

I think Leshana eats the cow next. Because unexpectedness. Also because sexy.


Posted by testuser 9 years ago Report

Leshana swollows the cow ^^


Posted by Kaheiyattsu 9 years ago Report

A massive boned filled pile of crapshould happen next o3o <3


Posted by Achilles 9 years ago Report

Leshana will meet this same fate as John and Jit. :D


Posted by Gloom 9 years ago Report

Ohh yes, so happy about feeding scenes like this.. someone's making a very great farmer <3

What will happen next? What happens to all grass >:3


Posted by Thanatos2k 9 years ago Report

There's two stomachs still open. You should fill them up.


Posted by KrasnyiKoiot 9 years ago Report

He'll be fiiiine. Or coarse. Really, it depends how long the post-jackal processing takes.


Posted by FurFreak 9 years ago Report

John grabs you with his free arm and pulls you into the cow as well? Seems fitting enough.


Posted by GreenEyesDarkHeart 8 years ago Report

Love the cows face


Posted by Leshana 8 years ago Report

She's well fed and didn't even have to do the work of catching 'em!


Posted by thatonedude236 8 years ago Report

Leshana has cow for dinner.


Posted by StormyRange 7 years ago Report

Oh boy try not to milk their situation too much -u-\


Posted by CandiTheWildPig 4 years ago Report

With a moo moo here, and a nom nom there! :P