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You think changing things up can work out in your favor. You run up the next flight of the stairs and then exit on the sixth floor. This is a less than logical route to take, but the one that's tricky enough to work. If anyone's going to search for you they'll likely go to the seventh floor first or much lower floors. Nobody will think to go a single floor down to look for you. Your set up for success as you can just sneak to the elevator and ride it up. The only possible problem is someone in t

Always Strength
M/M vore, same size, digestion, belly tattoo, slight sexual details
Reward for Brejen
away doesn't count as training," bellowed Gulzig as he chased
Jag around his backyard. "Remember, in this world it's eat or be
eaten by those larger than you!"
isn't the kind of thing I'd thought we'd be doing when I invited you
over!" whined Jag as he tried to hide behind his picnic table,
the feline completely nude.

You know you don't have much time to think so you just head to the lounge. If anything it'd be easier to hide in a dark lounge than at the gym. Then again, probably easier to hide in the gym since you were already in a pair of swim trunks.
The notice the sound of smooth jazz up ahead, the lighting above you gradually becoming dimmer the closer you got to the music. When you make the turn at the end of the hall, you see the lounge up ahead. The place is a sprawling landscape of tables and

Shrinking/Growing, oral vore, teasing
Reward for Brejen! <3
I knew this game was going to be this difficult I wouldn't have asked
to play," grunted Brejen as he tried to push a single die onto a
different face.
clearly explained the game to you," replied Steven as he paced
about on what appeared to be a glass sheet filled with spaces and
Brejen and Steven were the size of game pieces and standing atop a
rather sizeabl

By Nature
Constriction, M/M oral vore, implied digestion
exited the lunch room and slithered down the hallway. Those walking
the hall stepped to the side when they saw the naga approach, not
wanting to get in his way. Seth was a pretty thick and beefy naga and
a well-known bully throughout the school. Most people didn't get in
his way or try and cross him. Still, he'd pick on those around him
whenever he wanted. Like most bullies he seemed to target weaker

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SHIT! I've not used this blog page in forever! X3 Whatever! This is just a copy and paste from my FA page! http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8103680/

So nothing too much is going on life wise. Been taking a longer than usual break from writing. Started as a month to focus up on some video games and relaxing time for me and ended up going for like 6ish months? Sorry to those that usually expect Halloween and Christmas stories from me! I'm sad I didn't get to them, but maybe this year!

Along with wanting to play games and mindlessly surf the interweb and catch up on seasons and seasons of shows, writing turned standstill do to lack of RP. I found myself...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by PegaSUS 10 months ago Report

Appreciate the watch! Many thanks. :D


Posted by DarkJedi12 7 years ago Report

So I've been a fan of yours for over two years now but never bothered to never just make an account. Now that I'm posting my own material, here I am. Huge fan of the digimon vore stories especially. Keep up the good work!


Posted by Kooshmeister 8 years ago Report

Apparently, I wasn't already watching you here.


Posted by MurineMyriad 8 years ago Report

<< Reply To Jag

Thank you and let no one tell you writing is not as hard as drawing. 100K in words of unfinished bits on my computer speak to that. Besides, I can use you folks for press...

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Posted by Gypa 8 years ago Report

You have one yummy looking gallery there.

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