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Everything that will upload here for no reason should be distributed by other networks that are not for the enjoyment of this fetish, they can spread it through other forums of this fetish or related only by linking them here, SUPREME DISCRETION xD

Besides that...

Hi, I'm AKcar and I'm a newbie trying to improve my drawing for fun and of course create new worlds from paper scribbles, if you have to tell me something, DO IT!! Without fear, nor that I was going to eat you... Wait a minute ... Forget about that xD, I'm all ears for what they have to say to me, everything they say will help me one way or another :)

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Drawing Commissions Stream at 3:00pm Miami time ( OWO)

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Posted by GTSdev 2 months ago Report

Love that work <3


Posted by Moonlightshadow 3 months ago Report

'^ ' !!!!!!!! Whoa~


Posted by MalWareIsKing 8 months ago Report

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you're welcome


Posted by GreeneryFascination 1 year ago Report

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Aaaaaa, thank you!!!
Maybe one day soonish I should. Though I really do need to try practicing vore later down the line :P


Posted by delet609hw6bn3296 2 years ago Report

Hey, got a Discord, a FurAffinity, or a Newgrounds?


Posted by ArtisticFox 2 years ago Report

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I understand not doing commissions for personal reasons. My mate stopped after doing a few and I even tried a couple of times but the moment I opened, I got flooded with stories they wanted me to write which was all content that I've never written and not even close to my content so not sure why they asked me.

I've started to focus more on artists that specialize in certain character content from now on as last time I commissioned an artist, who specified they could do it, just turned out disappointing.

Sadly, sonic character, Macro/micro content is not something I know of any artists outright, but I'll keep an eye out on an announcement if you do open up.


Posted by ArtisticFox 2 years ago Report

I don't like to make requests cuz I feel douchey just asking but I see you only draw as a hobby and see you have an affinity for Amy and am curious if that expands to other characters in the same canon, such as Whisper or Tangle?
Honestly, if you wanted, I'd even commission you if you're available for it in your free time.


Posted by The_Riseing_Sun 2 years ago Report



Posted by TheMafian 2 years ago Report

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Is your twitter under AKcar? Because I can't seem to find you when I search on Twitter :'(

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Posted by Fumika 2 years ago Report

Thanks for watching me back

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Posted by AKcar 2 years ago Report

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You can find me by myself Username that I have here

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