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Hello friends~ Im just another silly lil artist trying to find out what to do with life itself, but currently, I am just enjoying it :)

My name is GTSdev, and Im just a pony artist who went from drawing small anime and manga drawings, to drawing cute ponies in funny situations in various of fetishes, mainly within vore and sizeplay such as micro/macro <3
If you are curious of where to find my galleries, you can look here if you like: (This site is mainly to share my stuff with my fellow fuzzy furs ~ <3 ) (I answer silly questions and upload mostly ALL stuff here, even unfinished things i normally wouldnt upload to ekas or FA) (Here, I livestream frequently, its very variating when i stream or not, feel free to follow <3 )

I also have a secondary account made only for my OC if he catches your interest ^_^

Behind the artist:

Name: Jonas
Years: 25
sex: m-maybe ..<3
gender: male
status: single <3

I live in the cold north in a small dot on the worldmap called Denmark, a happy little society some don't know about and im fine with that ^^ Im an educated Industry technician with a creative and open mind to meny welcomming faces and events.
Currently, im on grant-money, welfare as most say as im having some issues that I am trying to fix.
My life consists of general trubbles and im not too social when it comes to physical face to face meetings, im more of a calm gamer and artist who enjoys expressing himself on the net.
I have the Aspergers syndrom which gives me social challenges such as thinking differently, socializing, sleeping and loosing energy very quickly thus i give you a fair warning that im a member of:

I've allways loved vore since i was little, and its very unexplainable as why or how i love vore exactly, but it started out with the general feeling of being within someone, and its really hard to explain to non-vore people how this is.
So therefor, i am also a member of:

My love for MLP (my little pony friendship is magic) is skyhigh, i'ts more like a lifestyle for me currently, but im also humble about expressing it, i understand it should not be a tool for topic often in the open society <3
I proudly am a member of:

My skype is: Fabiafidus

I do not take calls, ever, I have my personal reasons and i hope you will understand <3 i will gladly call u myself if i feel my energy is high for it.
I mostly speak, and im really open to any talk at any day of the time, but ill make sure to let you know if NSFW is not a good topic the given time, else, im very free to do silly rp's~

OBS: I may not do it often, but occasionally you will se FATAL or DIGESTION in my works! i just think its a fair warning that i put this link here:

I humbly appreciate any support in both the past and furture works.

<3 People that are very dear to me! and if you ever hurt em i will .. uhm .. u-uhm .. t-throw this bucket of flowers at you .. VERY VERY HARD THO!.. h-heh have a good day <3
They changed my life forever :)

Honorable mention of people that also means alot to me <3
Aluriel (no links)

and alot more, too meny to mention, pls, if i have forgot some, pm me <3

Wanna make a donation? =w= then you can Donate here:

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So eh hehe, the moving took a little longer than expected, ran into some issues that needed to be adressed before moving in, but from this monday i will finally be sleeping at my brand new appartment! :)

It has been strange, but im so happy about the neighbours in the area, they seem sweet and kind adn very much, well, like me!!

In other news, i have been incredibly busy with playing world of warcraft with the same friends i started playing with 10 or 11 years ago! World of Warcraft means quite alot to me as its the very thing wich sepperated all the good from the bad during my late childhood and teen years, so i thank blizzard for that!

I have to apology even though im constantly reminded not to, about...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by xXBlazeOtakuXx 4 months ago

Thanks so much for encouraging me I was reading your profile that you have aspergers same with me I just want to say thanks for encouraging me to be more open about my fetishes :D


Posted by UnforsakenFantasy 7 months ago

Do you plan on coloring that awesome comic Sweet innocents? Its positively delicious lol also -boop- I hope you're doing well


Posted by dudey64 8 months ago

Thanks a lot for the watch, silly pony! ^^


Posted by UnforsakenFantasy 9 months ago



Posted by UnforsakenFantasy 10 months ago



Posted by apples323 11 months ago

Hey man! I figured you don't have plans to finish Flutterpanic because of everything that has happened, but did you have a script for what we saw after part 1? (Twilight and Applejack inside Pinkie's stomach). I was just curious about what you planned to happen next if you don't mind me asking.


Posted by supersonicbros23 1 year ago

Been a while, ya doing alright?


Posted by ANGELOFDEATHPONY 1 year ago

<< Reply To GTSdev

And why is your profile pic so god dam cute probably since its fluttershy


Posted by ANGELOFDEATHPONY 1 year ago

<< Reply To GTSdev

It's not a problem I love to make everypony smile and I love to make new freinds and I love being a brony I really do (to tell the truth I do have a were crush on Luna)


Posted by NodDragon 1 year ago

Thanks for the fave. I appreciate it ^^

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Posted by ANGELOFDEATHPONY 1 year ago

Happy birthday (sorry it late) but if you need some pony talk to I'm here (I'm a great talker)


Posted by FlutterDash69 1 year ago

*boop* I hope you are doing well! <3 Miss you! Feel free to message anytime you need to talk! *hugs*

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