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New stories, starting at Sakura's Great Dilemma: No more Pokemans. Loli preds, soft oral vore, micro/macro, unwilling/willing pred/prey.

Old Stories: Mostly Pokémon, with an emphasis on Pichu as pred. Soft oral vore, unwilling preys.

I write very infrequently (read: About once a year), whenever inspiration strikes me and I have the time to put it on paper. Be patient with me!

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The obnoxious little guy

Veterinarian: “I'm afraid this operation will be very costly, and it has great chances of failing, M.Marian. Are you certain you want us to proceed with this operation?”

The specialist took a small pause and steered his eyes away from his client's to take a quick peek at his rather casually dressed patient, then gave out a more personal judgment to the young adult.

Veterinarian: “Are you sure you can even afford it, M.Marian?. We're talking

Family secret

That day's front page was a very unusual one. How often does the small agricultural province of Namitoba host an event big enough to make the national news anyway? The title read : “Unbelievable growth of domestic Pichu in Namitoba”. The article went on:

“After seemingly many, many years of silence and secrecy, a Namitoba family of farmers finally spills the beans on what may be the most extraordinary pokmon growth in known history. Being kept a family se

The new pet (part 2)

It's been a few months since we got our female pichu pet now, I got grounded for a while for the `accident' but now things have gotten back to normal. My sister is mighty pissed though; the pichu clearly likes me better than her or my mom. She always stays around me, sleeps on my bed, takes walks with me and I get to feed her too, thanks to my mom's approval and order. I still get to clean up after the pets' messes, but now that one of them is mine, it's much more bareab

The new pet
I'm not picking it up this time, she can go to hell, it'll stay where it is until she comes back...
Mom: ``Urg, what's that awful smell David?! It's your sister's cat again I bet...could you go clean it up before it kills us?''
David: ``NO, I WON'T! It's her pets, not mine! I'm sick of cleaning up for her, why don't you do it once in a while???''
Mom: ``WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!?'' *she comes almost running at me and grabs me by the arm so hard her nails pierce through my skin* ``You ar

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The main takeaway from the the whole loli ordeal is apparently that stories are so unimportant they get a free pass! \o/
Why did they get banned for so long in the first place? XD

Hope you loli artists out there are able to get back on your feet, too!

As for old me, the purge did somewhat happen at the same time I was about ready to write a post about me retiring from writing, or at the very least skipping a year, so I'm sorry to say there's no story in progress! The people asking for my .zip and the few posts on /d mentioning they were sad to see the gallery go were pretty encouraging, so thanks for that!

It might just be that I didn't hit that inspiring idea yet. If I ever get to it, you'll be the first to know.

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Posted by HypeIshimaru 1 month ago Report

<< Reply To Agora

I've got a few Touhou ideas planned for the future, but if you have any good loli preds lemme know!


Posted by HypeIshimaru 1 month ago Report

<< Reply To Agora

Np! I actually really enjoy your loli stories, as someone getting into loli preds. <3 And I'm getting better, hopefully soon I'll be back on track.


Posted by StoneFlare 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To Agora

Do you think you'll get them back from the purge? Will it discourage you from making more even after it's allowed again?


Posted by StoneFlare 1 year ago Report

Why have you removed some stories like sacrifest?


Posted by Nekochow 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To Agora

Consider yourself extra watched!


Posted by SpecialJET 2 years ago Report

Where do you get your profile picture from?


Posted by sachinon 2 years ago Report

I was thinking about doing something with her, maybe. Or Betty (my profile picture), though, Karbo did it already, and I think it'd always be above anything I could make.


Posted by sachinon 2 years ago Report

Is Komari your favorite girl?


Posted by sachinon 2 years ago Report

Giant lolis, yes.


Posted by Moonlightshadow 2 years ago Report

I think you wanted to know about this guy o/


Posted by Shyny 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To Agora

Hehe nah, I've known Kreeyz for a while, only just got onto Eka though.
I have got some writing to publish (including some Madoka, so you might like that), I'm just working on drawing thumbnails first. Really like what you're doing with loli preds, might try some more myself in future!

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