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Sup. Glad you decided to check out my page.

If you don't already know, I specialize mostly in F/F macro/micro vore, almost always ending in digestion and almost always involving lolis. I do occasionally write a same-size story or a ?/F story and, when the planets align and the stars are right, I might even do a non-fatal story here and there. Personally, I like vore a lot for the domination aspects, the intimacy of the act of consumption, for the torment of the victim and the inevitability of their untimely end.

I mostly keep to myself around these parts, not really interacting outside of comments and concerns with my watchers. I usually reply to PMs unless they're retarded, and I'll always respond to comments unless they are, again, retarded. I try to be friendly and take everyone's feedback into account, so don't be afraid to flag me down if you need something. Make sure you read the FAQ below if you're interested in any content from me. I usually don't do commissions but that may or may not change depending on where life takes me.

DISCLAIMER: I regularly write about young girls in sexual and/or perilous situations. Like, young: middle-school age and preteens at the absolute worst being raped, having sex, being digested, etc. I do not condone nor endorse the abuse, sexual or otherwise, of underaged girls; these are works of fantasy and do not reflect any real events or real people. Please pay attention to the tags on my stories and, if you are offended in any way, please take a deep breath, count to three, and calmly walk away. Also, please be aware of local laws and ordinances regarding this manner of material before partaking. I am not responsible for any inflamed butts and/or visits from Chris Hansen as a result of my work. You have been warned.


"Do you do commissions?"
Generally speaking, not usually, but I occasionally open commissions. I highly recommend actually checking >>>here<<< and checking to see if they're actually open before asking for one. Also, I keep pricing information up and visible, so check that, as well. Check everything on that page, actually. My favorite customers are ones who actually do the work to see what I do and for how much before they approach me.

"What about requests?"
Hahahaha, funny joke.

"Art trades?"
I couldn't imagine an art trade with writing, but I guess it is possible. If you can show that whatever you produce is worth the effort to step away from my busy schedule and write for you, then by all means.

"Pred or prey?"
Neither. Not really into the idea of inserting myself into the scenarios. I fully subscribe to the 'observer' role, which I feel is an underrated position between the whole 'pred or prey' dichotomy.

"Do you RP?"
Yes. Not on Eka's though. Only with good friends.

What exactly are you into?
Soft vore between girls who may or may not be in their early/mid-teens, usually macro/micro, with occasional rape, lesbian sex, unbirth, foot fetish, monster girls, etc. added for good measure. I'm not against samesize, per se, but the manner in which most artists/authors handle it is not the way I can appreciate. I like samesize as long as the pred has the anatomy to support it, such as nagas and all that. I can totally dig ?/F, as well. A monster pred isn't as sexy as your standard giantess/monster girl/etc, but it allows you to put the focus solely on the prey as she is slowly gulped down by the scary monster from under her bed.

"I noticed you drew something, once. Why not make more of that?"
I don't derive much joy from drawing, these days. I derive much less joy from art that is supposed to be arousing but isn't because having drawn it I'm cursed to be aware of every bloody flaw on the damned thing. There are good artists on this site, if you're patient enough to find them. I'm happy being an author, thanks.

"Your stories would be a lot sexier of they had—"

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So, a couple of things.

First of all, I'm sure some of your who have checked my gallery recently have noticed something a little different. Very big thanks to dragonjerky for the icon I am now using for my stories O: Hopefully this'll add a bit of life to my gallery :D Also, I can tell at a glance which year I wrote a thing, which is always handy. Anyone who wants to fave/comment on the original composition, go here.

Next, I'm sorry for promising a story then going dark for a month. The fact is, I've gotten really good momentum on my non-lewd project and I'm loathe to let it go. I know you guys are very understanding of that, but still I'm sorry. I'll try to get it out by the...
[ Continued ... ]

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