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Hello ! Yeah I finally added something here :D

So yeah I'm a wandering game maker and an artist not much interested in commisions yet ! About that point I like to draw a lot and I'm updating the gallery very often ;)

I RP when I can, if you're interested check for "Kreeyz_alts" in the character database :3

Have fun visiting that page ! ;)

I now also have a website where you can find more of my works :

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Hello !

It's been some time I haven't talked much so here we go for some news :)

First, thanks again to every people who helped me again during this 'crisis' I had some weeks ago, I really mean it and thanks for you for being my friends (if you read it you know who you are <3).

About my projects, currently I work a lot 'outside' of the game project mainly because I'm preparing some stuff for the SizeCon ( ) and I really hope to be there ;)

So yeah I can't work much on the game these days but if the Kickstarter of the Sizecon...
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Posted by kronwolf 10 days ago

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Your welcome :)


Posted by Odang77 1 month ago

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Np i found gour work great :)


Posted by rotta287 3 months ago

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Great.... I've never Pmed anyone before so uh, I'll have to look around for how to do that.


Posted by rotta287 4 months ago

Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I couldn't seem to actually put it on your blog.

I read your story "Sphere" just now and wow I am stunned by it. It's like this perfect look at a slice of horrific injustice on a societal level and how people justify it to themselves.

I went in expecting something fetishy like I normally find when looking for vore things. What I ended up getting instead was something that made me gasp and think about all these things, and tugged at my heartstrings something fierce.

It was absolutely great, and if it ever comes to Ekas, I will absolutely favorite it.


Posted by blackmichi 5 months ago

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you are welcome :3

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Posted by extreme0089 5 months ago

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Np I love your work :D


Posted by Searinex 5 months ago

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Your welcome, I don't know why I wasn't watching already.

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Posted by Naruel 8 months ago

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Hello and no problem ^^

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Posted by adamjohnsons 9 months ago

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No problem :)


Posted by lovevore 10 months ago

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Mais de rien :p
Pas l'habitude d’utilisé cette fonctionnalité.


Posted by eaten96 11 months ago

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Hello and your welcome ^^

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