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Hi there! Here's some quick info about me:

Username: dragonjerky
IRL Name: No :p
Gender: Male
Age: 30ish.
Commission status: Not yet. I want to have a bunch of work up first so people can be confident I can deliver.
Roleplay status: Level 10 Ranger
(I've never roleplayed, but it sounds interesting. I don't currently have the time or privacy for it...)

Vore Preferences:
Prey: human, female
Pred: dragons, plants, aliens, worms, snakes, monsters
Type: Soft, oral, digestion

Other Connections:
Discord: dragonjerky#9645
Switch Friend Code: SW-6616-0830-3900
Note: If you want to be my friend outside of Eka's, please send me a PM first. A simple "Hey, DJ, I just friended you on <platform>!" will suffice.
Make sure to note if you have a username that is different to your Eka's username. I don't accept friend requests if I have no idea who the person is.
I don't want to be rude to strangers but I do have to have some kind of vetting process since I'm an adult artist. There's already an age gate here,
so that's why I'd prefer friend requests channel though Eka's.

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Er... I mean the poll is done.


wrote:No Such Thing as a Free Lunch! (Plant/F)
(Inspired by Hereforvore's suggestion)

One of Vore-Tan's classmates discovers she should've paid more attention in Post-Cataclysm Botany to become a successful scavenger. If she'd known the odd fruit hanging from that vine was the lure of a mutant carnivorous plant, she wouldn't be submerged in digestive enzymes right now.

Work will commence shortly.

Thank you Hereforvore for that suggestion. Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions!

As I've said during the suggestion phase, I really loved many of your suggestions! Expect to see some of them come to fruition even if they didn't get much love in the poll!

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Posted by AtmosphericDread 2 days ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

It's no problem, I love what I've seen so far!


Posted by JustALittleVore 3 days ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

Thanks!! Your stuff is really really cute as Well! Lolis will always be my fave! Cant wait to see more from you! <3


Posted by TraceTheNeko 5 days ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

Yus we are the same person. I secretly got really good at making arts.


Posted by TraceTheNeko 5 days ago

Good morrow to thee young Traveler!


Posted by sweetbunnii 2 weeks ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

No problem whatsoever! And right back at you ;D

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Posted by MisterEbony 2 weeks ago

Glad you like my stuff! Let me know if you would like some ideas because the feeling is mutual!


Posted by MechaSharkZilla 2 weeks ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

Your art so far is really good, and I meant to start watching you sooner, just kept forgetting to do it. Woops.

And that's pretty much the point of the name. :P Though if it was from an Asylum Films movie, it would have to be a good guy, fighting the Magical Crocodile Alien.


Posted by Zapor 4 weeks ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

I just love lolis


Posted by Zookmaos 1 month ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

Damn I forgot to thank YOU for sharing your art! :)


Posted by darkcrash92 1 month ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

No problem, keep up the great work


Posted by Cuddlekins 1 month ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

lol, no prob. I thought I watched you too, but I must not've D: Iunno, this site can be kinda janky sometimes

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Posted by icudhara 1 month ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

Your too.

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