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Hi there! Here's some quick info about me:

Username: dragonjerky
IRL Name: No :p
Gender: Male
Age: 30ish.
Orientation: Straight
Commission status: Sorry, too busy...
Roleplay status: Not at this time.

Vore Preferences:
Prey: human, female
Pred: dragons, plants, aliens, worms, snakes, monsters
Type: Soft, oral, digestion

If you like my stuff, consider buying me a coffee!

I'm now on Pixiv!
dragonjerky on Pixiv!

I will let it be known if I am accepting art or roleplay requests. PLEASE do not DM me for roleplay requests or art requests.
Also, donations via ko-fi are just that, donations. They are not payments for services yet-to-be-rendered. Only donate if you
like my art and want to support me. Hold on to your money otherwise.
Thank you!

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Hello, watchers!

Sorry I've been slipping with my plans/content. This semester is killing me and things haven't been great in my personal life...


It would seem half my gallery is gone, huh? To rectify that situation, I've just begun the process of uploading my stuff to Pixiv. I've had an account there for a while now. I've been considering branching out a bit and uploading my stuff there, too. Given recent events, I've decided to do this now. You can find my stuff at:
dragonjerky on Pixiv!

In other news, if you feel like buying me a coffee, I have a Ko-fi account set up! You can find that at:
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by TastyKatie 2 days ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

Oh, thanks for the welcome! I've been admiring your work as a lurker for a while now!


Posted by CamTheCoyote 3 days ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

Thank you for the content!


Posted by Ryahsson 7 days ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

No problem!


Posted by Zennakus 8 days ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

You're welcome! :) Btw I'm that Ukan guy on discord, I might change my name there to escape confusion. xD


Posted by PσllιтσCσиPαραѕ 2 weeks ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

No problem, your sketches are beautiful.


Posted by Dekkard2 2 weeks ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

no problem :)


Posted by thebigcat 2 weeks ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

No problem!


Posted by macroflation 2 weeks ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

not a problem!!!


Posted by psvorefan1520 1 month ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

Sure thing. I have only recently seen the benefits of having one's name on other peoples' pages.

I'm not trying to make money off of an artistry life, but I can gladly support others who's works I find of value, even if it's only the smallest, least-expensive anf least-involved manner possible.

That was a very long "you're welcome," I hope you don't mind.


Posted by EnunaBaeLune 3 months ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

Np! Thanks for the watch back!

[ Reply ]


Posted by extreme0089 4 months ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

Np :D ^^


Posted by DisposableZero 4 months ago

<< Reply To dragonjerky

No problem, comrade! :3

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