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34 | She/Her or It/Its | USA

Soft and macro/micro vore, for the most part, with a little bit of other things mixed in occasionally.

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Mukat's Blog - Audio Commissions Posted 3 years ago

I need to figure out how to pay my rent by Monday, so I'm curious if anyone would be interested in audio commissions? They'd be me telling you a vorish or size fetish type scenario, out loud, for your enjoyment.

$5 per minute, minimum 5 minutes per recording. The sky's the limit as to kinks and scenario. I would honestly love the idea of speaking out someone's vorish fantasy for them! (Assuming, eh, you'd find my voice attractive.)

Check out my SoundCloud for voice examples. There's nothing vorish there, I'm afraid, but you'll at least have an idea of what I sound like:

Let me know if you'd be interested!

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Posted by Pokeman 6 months ago Report

through skillfull use of the internet archive, I have refound your written works, and your newest username! I remember your stories fondly, it's so nice to read some of them again, and I notice you've been active there more recently than here. It'll be nice to see what you've been up to recently art wise.


Posted by Pokeman 6 months ago Report

Today I had a sudden desire to find your art again. You were actually the first NSFW vore artist I ever found, back in early highschool, nearly 5 years ago now. I'd stumbled into some not sexual TF stuff on deviantart in an unrelated internet search, and after clicking buttons I found Livinlovindude's SFW gallery there, and later your one or two SFW images. This was at about the same time that my prudishness was being overruled by my raging highschooler hormones and I wanted to see what your NSFW stuff was, so I found it on tumbler, I think it was either just before or just after you were moving your tumblers over to the new accounts. Interestingly, while your newer art tumbler seems to be completely gone, they've actually been resold, and all the art on your old art tumbler is back again, with similar for some of the other vore creators I followed on Tumbler back in highschool.
Also, I was wondering, did you take down your Archive of our own stuff, or can I just not find it?


Posted by Mech__Warrior 11 months ago Report

Didn't you have an unbirth comic involving a fox anthro?


Posted by KingOfRust 2 years ago Report

i got a question if a purge was happening would you be a purger a survivor a square or just staying in your home?


Posted by AlimentaryArtist 3 years ago Report

Thanks so much for the fave, and welcome back friend!


Posted by Baz 3 years ago Report

Everything OK< Mukat?


Posted by kramooo 3 years ago Report

are you ok?


Posted by TinyHero 4 years ago Report

Planning an RP with someone, and was wondering if we can use your OCs for it? Mainly student, teacher, or even principles as well?


Posted by supersaiyango 4 years ago Report

Did you delete everything in your gallery?


Posted by CopperRobot 4 years ago Report

I saw your account has been removed from DA, why did that happen?


Posted by DeliciousMorsel 4 years ago Report

I hope you're okay, Mukat. *hugs*


Posted by TheNamesJackson 4 years ago Report

R u dead

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