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Audio Commissions Posted 2 years ago
I need to figure out how to pay my rent by Monday, so I'm curious if anyone would be interested in audio commissions? They'd be me telling you a vorish or size fetish type scenario, out loud, for your enjoyment.

$5 per minute, minimum 5 minutes per recording. The sky's the limit as to kinks and scenario. I would honestly love the idea of speaking out someone's vorish fantasy for them! (Assuming, eh, you'd find my voice attractive.)

Check out my SoundCloud for voice examples. There's nothing vorish there, I'm afraid, but you'll at least have an idea of what I sound like:

Let me know if you'd be interested!
Warm Welcomes Posted 2 years ago
Thank you so much to everyone who welcomed me back to the Portal! It's honestly wonderful to have made it home. And this is a home, of sorts - it's the first place I started posting the artwork that I loved to draw with any consistency. So this site, for all its ups and downs and faults, will always hold a special place in my heart. So it's nice to be back, and even nicer to see familiar faces saying hello again after all these years!

I'm definitely excited to start posting more! I have another sketch of April and I's wolf and hummingbird fursonas that I am working on. I'm also planning some new artwork of Mukat, since I haven't drawn her in ages! So it'll be fun to put pencil to paper again and start re-exploring all of my old, favorite characters. I don't know if I'll tackle...
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A Return Posted 2 years ago
Hey there nerds, y'all missed me?

So... a lot happened between when I left, and today. I'll give everyone the short version of the story.

Two years ago, I had a massive stress breakdown with regards to my drawings. I had taken on so much, so fast, in trying to support myself and my family, that I went crazy, started having severe panic attacks simply at the idea of drawing, and had to step away from creating altogether. I disappeared abruptly, with only a post on my Patreon to say goodbye. I eventually deleted my DeviantArt account for closure, hosing 10 years of artwork there down the drain.

Things didn't exactly get better from there.

My depression only got worse as I struggled to pull together my emotions while transitioning into...
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Growing Pains Posted 4 years ago
I hope you all have been doing well the past few weeks. Is it nearly June already? What happened to this year so far? Sheesh. Time flies, right?

I apologize for the very slow pace of art lately. I've been working against some very tight deadlines at my day job, so I've been coming home very much exhausted each night and spending much of my weekend recouperating from wearing myself out. Also, apparently, feeling tired seems to be a side effect of hormone replacement therapy. Who knew growing breasts would be this taxing?

With that said, I have been working away on getting comic work done, and am pleased to announce that my next Patreon-exclusive comic, The Grand Tour, will launch on Friday, June 30th! If you like cute trans girls having some sensual macro/micro fun...
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Returning to Art Posted 4 years ago
First off, I just want to say thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding. The time I took to catch my breath and get my bearings really did help, and I feel better able to function now than I did before my hiatus. So, again, thank you for giving me this time to get my head about me. I plan to resume posting artwork at the beginning of April, so stay tuned for finished commissions as well as fresh pages of Daughter of the Harpy!

As a bit of an update, I've successfully come out to my sister and parents, and have an appointment set to begin hormone therapy at the end of April. It's a bit nerve-wracking to have to wait for as long as I do, but I know that in the end, getting to my appointment will be worth the wait.

In the meantime, I am reopening...
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Hiatus Posted 4 years ago
This is going to be some very heavy conversation. And very personal. So I will start out by saying that, if you can't find anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Please keep rude or angry comments to yourself.

I will be taking a semi-hiatus from art-making for the next few months. Which means to say that I'll be slowly working to wrap up outstanding commissions, but aside from that, I will not be making any new art or comics. I just feel... I feel exhausted right now, and deeply stressed, and the mere thought of having to work on art at the moment has been giving me panic attacks. Which, I can assure you, are not fun. I'm actually writing this from home today, having taken some time off from my day job to try to recover from two consecutive days of attacks.
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Laurina "Misbehavior Will Be Punished" shirts ready to preorder! Posted 4 years ago
You, yes you, will soon be able to wear Laurina's devious face upon your body! I'm preparing to sell "Misbehavior Will Be Punished!" T-Shirts, featuring the smirking, devious face of everyone's favorite voracious librarian. It's the perfect way to let everyone around you know that you mean business!

You can preorder now by filling out this form and submitting. I'll cut off preorders in the next week or two, once I've had a chance to review the sample I've ordered. If all goes well, I'll be putting in orders around Christmas time, and you'll have Laurina on a shirt of your very own to start off the New Year right!

Again, visit this form to...
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Viewer Enjoyment Survey Posted 4 years ago
Every so often, I like to get a feeling for the audience I have and where and how all of you are consuming my work - get it, consuming? - and the easiest way to do that is to offer all of you a quick survey. You can access the Google Forms survey here.

This survey is short, and very to the point, asking you a few questions regarding where you watch my work, commissions, my Patreon, and your satisfaction with my work. Take a few moments and fill it out (you'll need to have a Google account in order to take the survey, so keep that in mind if you don't use Gmail/Google Drive/Android). This survey will continue until December 16th, at which time I'll do a final analysis of the results as I prepare for the new year.
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Commissions Needed! Posted 4 years ago
I've been having a really tough go of things the last few months, and I've been needing to take in commissions at a higher rate than normal. I'm short almost $250 on my rent (or I will be, once I buy groceries later today) and have been scrambling to get enough done to make up for the shortfall.

I'm currently running a special through Halloween night where my color commissions are marked down from their normal $75 base price to $50. If you've been wanting me to draw a nice pinup of one of your characters (or maybe one of my lush, detailed mawshots?) now would be a really awesome time to cash in and take advantage. I'm more than happy to take on any character design you can throw at me - the more outrageous, the better! I'm also doing a limited run of black-and-white...
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October Updates Posted 5 years ago

Fall is upon us! Believe it or not, it is finally starting to cool down here in middle Tennessee. We're retreating from highs in the mid 90s and finally getting that nice breeze that lets you know that you are steadily accelerating towards a mild December and an absolutely brutal January. Ah, life in the South!

Fall brings a fresh look across most of my social networks. This is my new branding and you'll be seeing a lot about it across DeviantArt, Twitter, Patreon, as well as in the cover art for upcoming comics and projects. It's slick, and fresh, and I really like it.

I also want to remind all of you that my commissions are open - if you happen to be interested in commissioning artwork from me, please consider...
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