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Hello, I do furry underage vore, usually with watersports. I prefer female prey, and enjoy most predators--I usually write about male predators, but that's more of a habit than a rule. I do dubious or non-consenting fatal vore, but, my writing contains reincarnation themes and strange metaphysics, so anyone uncomfortable with my writing can choose to either not read them, or take comfort that no one is harmed spiritually in my works because the prey reincarnate a lot and have some control over what life they want to have before reincarnation completes.

But even with that, my focus is on fatal vore, nervous prey, and misogynistic or regressive objectification of women followed-up by vore, especially cock-vore. I should warn I do consider myself a philosophical feminist, so I want to keep the misogyny where it belongs--in fantasy.

I hope people enjoy my stories~

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Hey everyone, I wanna try and gather some data from my readers about the length and detail of my stories. I have some readers say my stories are too long, while other people say they're glad that my stories have a lot of content.

I personally prefer longer stories with a lot of detail, but I can understand if my stories are a bit of a slog sometimes. I can struggle reading a longer story too, but, the thing I feel is important is pacing. I work hard at making sure my stories are not only long but faced paced with minimal-or-no passive-voice. I just have trouble finding short stories immersive, but that might just be me.

So what do you all think? Are my stories too long, and if so, why? Is it too much detail? Too much content? Or perhaps the pacing not right?
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Posted by Keredian 5 months ago Report

Love your stories! Out of curiosity have you ever thought of making one into an interactive? Or maybe you have and im blind

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Posted by YamiTakashi 6 months ago Report

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np darling ^w^ I will try fix a few more later when I have the time :3 and feel free to send a PM if you ever have idea for a story and need some preds to get a cock meal or two I3 ;3 but only if ofcourse ya want to

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Posted by Spunkomatic66 10 months ago Report

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No probloo

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Posted by daddypred 1 year ago Report

did you make most of your stuff private? i can only see three of your things. im logged in and everything. i could see a bunch before.


Posted by CarnivorousVixen 2 years ago Report

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Haha it is ;3

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Posted by Angeloid003 2 years ago Report

Extremely hot and great stories, hope to see more from you <3


Posted by Kelly 3 years ago Report

Im a big fan and keep up the great work :3


Posted by blessedwasthechild 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To blessedwasthechild

what the hell was this on my personal space or not? This website is so confusing! I'm sorry

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