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I'm back, my darlings, and raring to write the smut that makes you squirm! A bit about me, then: I've been writing smut since I was nine. The earliest porn I wrote was an incest loli fantasy, so you just knew I was going to be a handful at that age. For a long time I focused on shota and developed my rep there, but I will write almost anything that catches my fancy (or that I'm paid to, hint, hint.) I'm known for my darker stories, but don't let that scare you away, I've got plenty for everyone.

I'm a nonbinary mess, so they/them, please!

Comments are the food of the gods, feed me!


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immortalsane's Blog - Update of the Week Posted 13 hours ago

Queue progressing, gotten about 4k words today and yesterday. Sorry for the lack of publishing, Cindy and I are sorting through the backlog from the dark times and trying to decide what goes up and what doesn't. I'm gonna grab some more of my personal stuff and throw that out there as well, and of course, art seems to be a way I can keep doing stuff while my hands hurt or brain is shut down.

TL;DR, work is progressing, publishing will happen, the queue is being whittled away again, thank you for not minding my Paint art happening.

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Posted by Tahg 4 days ago Report

Currently enjoying Rainy, but wish you well and hope you can get back to writing soon. Currently binging on your older stories.


Posted by PumpkinSugarSpice 2 weeks ago Report

Hi mate thanks for the watch and the favs XD I appreciate your support!


Posted by Kooshmeister 1 month ago Report

<< Reply To immortalsane

You're quite welcome! :D


Posted by Kooshmeister 1 month ago Report

Thanks for all the faves!


Posted by dubblebubble 1 month ago Report

Thank you very much for the other fave!


Posted by GigiFabulous 2 months ago Report

Thanks for the fav <3

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Posted by gromyko 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To immortalsane

I've had a variety of different ideas about this sort of story. Some of them are VERY silly, others play everything (ahem) completely straight. Some involve what I've decided is called the "Johnson-Wang Procedure", a scientifically plausible application of regenerative medicine which transforms the female sex organs into the male set (but for hand-wavey reasons can't be done the other direction). Others don't explain it at all, just leave the reader to deal with it.


Posted by Mastermiser8 2 months ago Report

I can’t believe you watched me. This is amazing.
Thank you so much! Let me know if you have any tips or stuff.
You’re a major inspiration to me.


Posted by gromyko 3 months ago Report

I keep thinking about what I privately call "Phallotopia" stories, settings in which everybody, regardless of gender or sexual identity, has a penis. And somehow I always feel that you would be very good at that kind of story.


Posted by shades 3 months ago Report

thanks for the fave


Posted by Framiheill 3 months ago Report

Thank you very very much for the fave, watch and comment! You da best!


Posted by TastyBisexual 3 months ago Report

Thanks for the fave and watch! I'm a big fan of your work, so seeing that you liked one of my stories was a huge boost for my mood!

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