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I'm back, my darlings, and raring to write the smut that makes you squirm! A bit about me, then: I've been writing smut since I was nine. The earliest porn I wrote was an incest loli fantasy, so you just knew I was going to be a handful at that age. For a long time I focused on shota and developed my rep there, but I will write almost anything that catches my fancy (or that I'm paid to, hint, hint.) I'm known for my darker stories, but don't let that scare you away, I've got plenty for everyone.

I'm a transwoman, so she/her please!

Comments are the food of the gods, feed me!


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Cal slumped along, glaring at the forest floor. “It’s been seven weeks and not one of them will look at me!”
Elliot sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, as his redheaded friend complained, in detail, that none of the cheerleaders had noticed how much effort he was putting into making himself look tasty. Again.
“Seven  weeks since what, Cal?”
Cal stopped and leaned against a tree. “There’s this body lotion that tastes and smells like teriyaki a

Eddie grunted as he squirmed, struggling to hit all the buttons on the controller. “This is such buillshit!”
Carla laughed, glancing down at her friend in her lap. “Oh, come on, you’re small so often, shouldn’t you be able to crush this game even at eight inches tall?”
Eddie snorted as he fought to pump the gas and keep the joystick pointied in the right direction. “You fucking know racing games are hard as hell when I’m this small!”
Eddie ha

“You have to go to bed, BIlly,” Emma said with a slight growl, staring at the oldest boy of the three kids she was babysitting.
He rounded on her, as tall as she was, his gills and fins flaring. “My name is Bill!”
Emma fought the urge to flinch. She’d agreed to come out to this remote house in the middle of the swamp against the advice of her friends. A 16 year old human girl babysitting three gillmen children was, they’d assured her, a recipe for disaster. B

The Halloween weekend match had gone fairly well, the boys of the Villanova University wrestling team having given their best at the meet and come out on top by a landslide. SO it was a cocky team that whooped and cheered and slapped backs as they piled into the locker room and began undressing to shower. So high was the mood that it took a few minutes for anyone to notice the 1 foot cube in a corner of the locker room.
The boy who did, Declan, approached it with caution, looking at the box cur

Bobby huffed as he walked up the trail, grumbling under his breath. If he hadn’t been dared to come out here, he wouldn’t have. Then again, he hadn’t wanted to come to Camp Fallen Oak in the first place. Even if there hadn’t been rumors that monsters frequented the woods nearby, he would much rather have been home playing video games. Bobby was, politely, fluffy, and more accurately fat. Not obese, but he was soft and jiggly and overweight, and he didn’t particularl

It had been a terrible plan form the start. Mateo had thought he could just slip through the dark and grab another six pack of beer, then wile away Devil’s Night in the safety of his house behind his reinforced door and barred windows where preds couldn’t get him. The main problems being that he’d had three beers already and it was freaking Devil’s Night. Kids might go trick or treating on Halloween, but grown up preds went trick or tricking on Devil’s Night, and an

Allan blushed a little as the King laid a medal around his neck, set off against his dark brown fur. “Thank you, sire,” he said softly.
The tall Menorphan grinned a little. “No, thank you, Allan Johnson. You have saved us all.”
He hadn’t really intended to, of course. When the jump coordinates had gotten scrambled, he’d been less than pleased to say the least. Dropping out of hyperspace blind to try and recoordinate had been nerve wracking, and he wasn’t

This, Tanya thought, is the life.
She was in a harem style setting, relaxing on cushions and silks, while the sun rose outside. The open room had a gentle breeze coming through it, a little warm, a little cool, billowing gauzy, filmy curtains so they flapped and whispered in the air. Surrounding her were handsome men and women, some taking their pleasure in each other while she watched, some touching and stroking her body. But the centerpiece was the young man that was feeding himself to her coc

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So. I recently posted two stories about a wolf cub named Kero.

Come to fucking find out, there is a freaking furry named Kero the fucking Wolf who is steeped in controversy and shit.

So let me be clear.

Kero didn't commission this.

I have no memory of ever hearing of Kero, since I am not in the furry community except tangentially.

My client never even mentioned the name Kero to me, I came up with that.

It is entirely possible that I have heard the name "Kero the Wolf" somewhere and forgotten it, and then I had a wolf character and my goblin brain went, "Oh, Kero the Wolf!"

I am torn on whether to change it, cause that is a staggering coincidence. I probably will when I get time and before posting to furry specific sites. EDIT: it occurred to me that my...
[ Continued ... ]

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Thanks for the faves! I’m so glad you enjoyed~ :3


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Hello there! I really love your work and I would like to buy some, if you don't mind! I see that you have closed comissions, but I don't mind. I can't wait. I just need to know how much do I need to pay and if you're taking DA points as well.


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no problem^^ i realy liked two of your storys^^

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Hi! Nice to meet you and I'm so glad you like it ^^ It's Jay-mee. I see you do stories and I've yet to give one a read but you seem well spoken so I look forward to it!

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Posted by thomas1219 3 months ago

Yo immortalsane if you ever get that story back be sure to email me(email:


Posted by thomas1219 3 months ago

Yo immortalsane do you have a back-up to your story "Dare to be Bare"


Posted by ScrambleandClick 4 months ago

Came across you from a story that Marked linked. I have to say I'm quite impressed with both the concepts fleshed out and the writing both you and immortalsane put out there! Dropping a watch to keep an eye out.

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Posted by dragonjerky 7 months ago

Thanks a bunch for the watch! Much appreciated!


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Thanks for faving "Of Lions and Dragons"! Take a look at the rest of my stories if you're interested, you might find more stuff you enjoy! :)


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