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I'm back, my darlings, and raring to write the smut that makes you squirm! A bit about me, then: I've been writing smut since I was nine. The earliest porn I wrote was an incest loli fantasy, so you just knew I was going to be a handful at that age. For a long time I focused on shota and developed my rep there, but I will write almost anything that catches my fancy (or that I'm paid to, hint, hint.) I'm known for my darker stories, but don't let that scare you away, I've got plenty for everyone.

I'm a transwoman, so she/her please!

Comments are the food of the gods, feed me!


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Li glared at her crossword...well, crossly. The Saturday edition was always the hardest one, and this had been even tougher than most. She huffed under her breath as she went through the clues for the umpteenth time, hunting for any kind of way forward. She was about halfway through the Across clues, which she felt she could probably recite in her sleep at this point, when the bell over the front door jangled. She looked up, putting on her best smile.
“Welcome to Ren Xihuan!”
The pe

“And that, ladies and gentlemen, leads me to my big announcement: in light of the success of the Southwest Regeneration Project, we will be taking the initiative national!”
The room exploded with questions and Cindy fought down a grin. The press had been all over her in the last few months, so it was nice to take the fight to them. All the press conferences she’d done, all the hearings in front of the council, all of it was worth it. After a little over a year, and the rapid s

“Look, why can’t you just fix him? You’re supposed to be able to just-” the woman, Ria, waggled her fingers as if to indicate magic, “-and he just behaves.”
Xia gritted her teeth, trying to hide her irritation. “Ria, it’s just not that simple. Hypnotic conditioning over a long period of time takes reinforcement. It does not good for me to help him curb his behavior if you don’t follow the system I gave yo-”
She was interrupted by a yell

Xia tapped her fingers on her thighs as she waited for her next appointment. Some young woman that wanted to get over her last boyfriend, a fairly common type of appointment in her little hypnosis clinic, though they just as often didn’t show up. She’d made the appointment last week, and the young hypnotist was curious to see if the client would follow through.
Half an hour into the scheduled appointment time, Xia was deeply annoyed. Her time was valuable, and she hated having it wa

The streets down this way were somewhat empty at this time of night. Ten pm on a Tuesday wasn’t the most rockin’ time even for a small college town. And this part of town, where the liquor was cheap and nothing was trendy, was even quieter than most. Or it would have been, had it not been for the three students walking arm in arm, or rather leaning on each other to hold themselves up as the staggered along. They’d obviously been drinking, taking advantage of the low class bar d

The elevator dinged open and Braden stepped out, feeling nervous. He knew why he was here, he knew that he didn’t really have any other options, was still a little intimidating nonetheless.
Coming to a restaurant that cooked and served kids wasn’t how he’d expected his life to end up. But Dad had died of some illness that Braden still didn’t even understand and his sickness had wiped out the family’s everything. And then Mom had been hit by a bus on the wa

Adi sighed as he stared into the fire. The young boy, or young man as he insisted often, had a little problem. He’d been excited beyond belief to go on this camping trip with Uncle Vivaan. His uncle was...well, he was dark haired, with gently dusky brown skin, and liquid brown eyes. He looked like one of the stars of Mom’s favorite movies, with his soft, masculine features and tight, fit body. Adi had been in love with his uncle ever since he was six, when Vivaan had stayed for a wee

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Hey, y'all, just a quick update! I'm beavering away at my queue, knocking it down a little at a time! Hopefully I'll get to the point soon where you poor folks don't take a look at it and (quite fairly) go NOPE NOPE NOPE.

Also, the Free First Friday for July is still on, and I'm way looking forward to it! We've got some great stuff in the running, but now is the time to get it in, capture my imagination early!

Deadline for Free First Friday is July 4th at 11:59 pm (or 2359 for you military folks!) EST. I know that seems like it's far away, but you don't wanna miss that deadline! Details on rules and on submitting can be found on my ...
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