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I'm back, my darlings, and raring to write the smut that makes you squirm! A bit about me, then: I've been writing smut since I was nine. The earliest porn I wrote was an incest loli fantasy, so you just knew I was going to be a handful at that age. For a long time I focused on shota and developed my rep there, but I will write almost anything that catches my fancy (or that I'm paid to, hint, hint.) I'm known for my darker stories, but don't let that scare you away, I've got plenty for everyone.

I'm a nonbinary mess, so they/them, please!

Comments are the food of the gods, feed me!


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“Daddy’s home, Daddy’s home, Daddy’s home!”Slim chuckled as his daughter’s danced and wriggled and assault hugged him, nearly taking him off at the knees as they did every day. His wife laughed and kissed him on the cheek, reaching down into his pants to stroke his rapidly stiffening cock. “The girls are starving,” she said with a small smile. “And I’m not that far behind.”Slim chuckled with exasperation. Most stallions would be ecstatic to have a wife and daughters, adorab

Gerry smiled as he ran down the stairs, eager for today’s event. He always loved pig roasts, loved the sight of the hogs stretched out on the frame of the spit. It made his little cock do funny things, standing up all stiff in the way his parents had explained meant he felt good about something. They teased him a lot about his cocklet getting hard, but he didn’t mind overmuch. At seven years old, he was pretty sure that they thought it was cute that he did that, and teased him only in fun.

“Are you sure about this?” Daniel asked for the 100th time during this short car ride alone. “You really don’t have to-”Joanne, his girlfriend, sighed with exasperation and laid a hand on his arm. “Danny, this was our idea.”Mary nodded without taking her eyes off the road, grinning at her boyfriend, Kumar. “I notice you’re not protesting, though.”Kumar laughed. “Oh, yes, I’m going to complain about a Valentine’s day gift I desperately want and possibly talk you out of i

“Hey, um, Bart?”The blonde boy looked up from the comic books he was reading. “Yeah?”Tommy was slightly older than Bart, but he’d been hanging out with the shorter boy for a few months since he’d found out that Bart was not only an inveterate prankster, but also that his sister was a scientific genius who’d invented, among another things, a shrink ray. “You know your sister’s shrink ray?”Bart grinned and sat up, reaching under a pile of socks to pull out the hot pink gun. It

Kendra flopped down onto her bed, eyes half closed as she struggled with her inner demons. It was an old game for the young vixen: if she sat very still and very silent, then just maybe the feeling that something was wrong would fade enough for her to get her homework or housework done, or if she was very lucky, enjoy a book in peace for a few hours. There was never anything wrong, of course. The one overarching struggle of her life had been her transition, and her family had been loving and und

Adora smiled a little as she sipped her drink. The party was going well, it seemed, everyone dancing and laughing. The smiling happy faces on her compatriots were a welcome sight, and a more and more frequent one these days. Since winning the war, the Princess Alliance was stronger than ever, and closer than ever. When she’d joined the alliance, or rather reformed it with Glimmer, the smiles and the laughter had been sometime things, but now?She grinned as Frosta busted up laughing, the newly

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So, i applied for disability or at least started the process, and my partner is working now. So for the time being, i am not accepting or working on anything but the three prepaid commissions and the novella i still owe.

This is a big scary step for me, but i can't get disability while working, so i have to stop working for now. I am burned out, exhausted, and sleeping most of the time, but i will get done what's already been prepaid and then clear my slate.

Thank you all for your support and assistance in these trying times, and i'm looking forward to possibly doing some kind of request work, or opening commissions again at some point in the future.

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