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I'm back, my darlings, and raring to write the smut that makes you squirm! A bit about me, then: I've been writing smut since I was nine. The earliest porn I wrote was an incest loli fantasy, so you just knew I was going to be a handful at that age. For a long time I focused on shota and developed my rep there, but I will write almost anything that catches my fancy (or that I'm paid to, hint, hint.) I'm known for my darker stories, but don't let that scare you away, I've got plenty for everyone.

I'm a transwoman, so she/her please!

Comments are the food of the gods, feed me!


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Mark Halsey stared at his screen, feeling a mix of triumph and fear. It had been months. Months of hunting, months of poring over paperwork, tracing dead ends, following the weirdest and strangest trails. The sight of a woman turning a man into food, prepackaged, fresh, actual food items, was the first step along the path. That alone would have been enough to give anyone nightmares, and it had driven his partner, Malone, to the hospital, and then out of the force.
But what kept Mark up at night

“No,” I said gently, reaching out to stop my student. “Not like that. That motion with your knife will make everything uneven.”
He sighed. “But what does is matter? As long as it tastes good-”
I grinned, cocking my head. “If everything is different sizes, it will cook unevenly. Some will be more done, some will be less done. It’s the same reason you don’t throw everything into the pan at once, some things take long than other to cook.”

Eduardo tapped his fingers slowly on his desk, staring at the little doc on his tablet. It was a cushy job, a post teaching in an art academy, offering to allow Luca to teach her specialty, holosculpting, provided she taught classes on the less esoteric artforms that she’d had to learn in pursuit of her fine arts degree. It paid well, the contract was excellent, it came with an apartment and expense account for the local municipal transport system. And she would only have to spend a total

Jade shivered under her covers, listening to the sound of arguing down the hallway. She shivered as she wiped her eyes, unable to sleep from the occasional shouts of anger that punctuated the quietly tense argument. This happened every year. Christmas came, and with it, her mother’s prediction that the world would end. But that never stopped mother from going all out to make this Christmas, the last Christmas (and it was always the last Christmas) the best ever. Of course, everyone else in

“We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish-”
Jennifer groaned and threw an arm over her face. “I wish you would stop singing!”
Her sons laughed as they piled on the bed. At 22 and 20, Geoff and Robin couldn’t be more different. Geoff was muscular, masculine, and well defined, more of a boy next door that had hit the gym than anything else. Robin, on the other hand, was as soft as a boy could be, with his long curly red hair, heart shaped

“Look, I know...I do understand tha...come on, man, it’s Christm...yeah, fine, just...just come fix the stupid thing, I’ll have a check waiting.”
Elliot leaned on the doorframe as he watched him roommate Hank hang up with a vicious stab before dropping into a chair at the table. His boyfriend Liam, Elliot’s other roommate, came up behind him and rubbed his shoulders. 
“That bad?”
Hank nodded, rubbing his face tiredly. “The owner is claiming th

The radio crackled to life, singing out softly in the late night diner. “10-51, 10-51, we have a 10-92 in progress, repeat, 10-51 for 10-92 in progress, Council and 11th, 73099, any units?”
The big lion yawned and grabbed his shoulder mic. “Copy that, Ace Wrecking responding, unit 55601.”
“10-4 55601, ETA?”
He juggled the map of the streets in his head as he walked out to his tow truck, accounting for the thin sheets of snow and ice on the ground. “Gimme

It had been a long night, but not a bad one. Kris hummed a carol under his breath as he went over his list in his head. It had been centuries since he’d taken this role, exchanged his services for immortality and the gifts to serve properly, but it still never ceased to amaze him that he could recall at a moment’s notice the face, name, and disposition of any person living or dead since he’d started this gig, but he often couldn’t recall what he’d had for breakfast.

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So, that was fun. I had planned to start on the queue months ago, and I have knocked a couple out. Unfortunately, I spent July, August, and most of September in a ridiculousloy unsafe environment just trying to keep my head above water. It was supposed to be two weeks to a month, but there were problems wiht getting to my final destination, problems wiht housing, problems wiht...everything. My poor BF was run off his legs trying to put out fires, and he finally managed it after we had to change plans like 60 times.

Get to oregon mid september and find out the ISP here is suffering a major outage, and once the outage was cleared (in two weeks) it took another two weeks for them to come out to our new house and turn the wifi on.

So as of today, I am finally able to...
[ Continued ... ]

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Hello there! I really love your work and I would like to buy some, if you don't mind! I see that you have closed comissions, but I don't mind. I can't wait. I just need to know how much do I need to pay and if you're taking DA points as well.

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