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Well, here I am. Stark naked in front of the most beautiful woman in my world. It used to be that I towered over her, my six foot three height dwarfing her four foot five self. Now our roles were completely reversed, as I only stood a foot tall at the most.
I have been shrunken, and at my own request. It had started with the woman in front of me wishing me a happy birthday. Naturally, she'd asked what I wanted. The words had left my lips before I could even think them;
"I w

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Two girls go to get a job at a maid cafe
Girls get on the job training for their first day
At the end of the day, the girls are called to meet the boss
The boss tells the better performing girl to give hima blojob
When the girl refuses, the boss turns into a Kitsune and cock vores her
The boss cum digests the girl painfully, and cums her clothes onto the other girl
The boss has the other girl give him a blowjob
The other girl get cum inflated with the rest of the other girl
The new

Adventures in Equestria
Welcome to the magical land of Equestria, where ponies are the dominant species, and love and friendship thrive. In this game, you will take on the role of a pony (or some other species if you see fit) and explore the world that holds as much excitement as it does danger.
 This game is inspired by RoyGBiv's 'Little Ponies from Equestria', itself inspired by 'Teenagers from Outer Space', and as such f

The woman was heavily pregnant, she had also been raised from age 5 by the naga she stood before now, those two factors alone were making said naga salivate. The addition of the woman asking her adoptive mother to eat her was enough to top the scales. The naga wasted no time inviting her former daughter to her room, where she slowly stripped away the woman's clothing and placed her on the bed face down. The naga started by licking her human child's feet before bringing them into her mouth. Her t

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So the recent policy update removed all underaged content from user galleries. That sucks, but having to bow to a content host's preferences is part of life on the internet.

But the thing is, our admins can't find all underage content with the tag system alone. I know they've missed at least one of my stories (The Red Play), which I have manually removed to comply with the new policy.

If anyone thinks one of my stories has an underaged character in a sexual situation, please inform me so that I can take it down. Thank you for your time.

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Thanks for the watch! :D


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Thanks I'll try!


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great reads from a great artist


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wow um thank you? The slight majority of my stories will be linear but it is something I'm going to do somewhat often because some scenarios I like too much to confine it to a single kind of vore but others are... uh, completely geared around one type, like Cynthia.


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XD haha! Glad you are tho ^w^ And I will endeavour to never disappoint! ;)


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Thanks a bunch for your watch ^w^ Hope you like what's still to come!


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Uh-oh, Gypa placed me under watch! >.> .>

XD Just kidding, thanks for the watch!

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