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I write, manip and make the occasional vore game or mod here.

I retired from roleplaying a while back so don't waste your time barking up that tree. The wife would kill and cook me if I did.

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“So who're the newbs on the menu?”
“Alright everyone meet Gabby and Terry, they're from the game I played in on Saturdays” Adam said ignoring Stacy's comment as the two walked in.
“Played? Past tense?” Stacy inquired.
“Our DM is kind of a puddle of white sticky stuff, y'know cum. Turning her into that was kind of our reward for beating her campaign” Gabby said speaking up.
“Nice! You never let us do anything like that to you Adam~ When do

Someone you've subscribed to is live streaming!
Chelle glanced at her phone and worked her face into a skeptical look. She was at work but expanding the notification couldn't hurt. It wouldn't bring anything NSFW just to see who had posted something.
The notification seemed innocuous enough but once she expanded it that revealed the acronym BIEL. Or to Chelle Bondage in everyday life. She bit her lip and looked to the name of the creator: Abby_The_AdministrativeOrifice. It was one of her favor

The pickup truck roared into the parking lot with more speed than was entirely necessary. A waitress leaving the tavern trotted out of the way and flipped the driver off.
Smokestack exhaust system, lifted suspension and Confederate flags flapping from posts in the back. Three men jumped out of the back and another two from the cab. Wearing a collection of shirts consisting of American flags, 'don't tread on me', more Confederate flags and a dukes of hazard shirt. They could be nothing but a gro

“Ruby when you're done being breakfast could you milk Haruyo's breasts? She is still half full of your remains and I don't have time to get all of you out.”
“Mom you can't ask Ruby to do that!” Amai yelled.
“It cannot be helped, I have to meet with clients today in Tokyo. They are nervous about the Trove updates to Reforming centers.” Fuka said shaking her head as she packed up her briefcase.
“I don't mind Amai! Mmnn Ahhh” Ruby said to her fiance

“Nope, no D&D tonight Liz”
“Ahh dang, I wanted to watch. Why not Carla?” Liz's voice crackled from the other end of the connection.
“Wiped the party except for the rogue, they got digested in a drow and drider ambush.” Carla said.
“Well didn't the rogue just go for a Resurrection spell or something once they got back to town?” Liz asked.
“Not a chance Jenny was the rogue, and she roleplays her chaotic characters straight! She ditched the

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My boss resigned.

I assumed his position despite the fact that three other people in the department have more years and experience than me in this field and in management. The CEO and my boss thought I was the one for the job. I am perplexed.

So I guess I'm in charge of an entire software engineering department for a multi million dollar company. In fact next week I have to manage a software evaluation for a customer that is worth some 6 million in revenue. No pressure it's only my first week in this position.

Needless to say my involvement in the site might lag a bit while I catch up to this plot twist.

How did I: a pervy fetish writer and game maker end up here? It boggles my mind. It also terrifies me to be responsible for so much.

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I realized that at some time in May I had started checking weekendly for updates to the VNN. Do you think I can expect an update in July?


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I'm tumescent in anticipation

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Your style is extremely my jam, wow. Prey who bluntly, casually talk about their own death digestion, and disposal is such a turn on.

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Thanks for the fav, I've loved your story's so im happy to see you liked something of mine. ^^


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Thanks for the fave. I'm a big fan of your manips.


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