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I write, manip and make the occasional vore game or mod here.

I retired from roleplaying a while back so don't waste your time barking up that tree. The wife would kill and cook me if I did.

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Sarah opened her eyes to the fog around her and sucked in a breath. Her toes clenched, finger grasped and body jerked as if she'd been startled awake. Reviving always felt rather abrupt.
“Home sweet home” Sarah said sarcastically.
She was already wondering when she could get herself dead again. The last one was pretty ok, the post disposal interesting but the digestion could've been better. She hoped to find someone else more talkative next time, she would take teasing

"Is it a Cobra pitcher?"
"Couldn't  be dear, she was sucked in although the digestion bladder looks quite similar. Has to be a bladderwort of some sort."
"That would certainly explain the translucent nature of the bladder holding her, I can see our daughter's tits now that the enzymes have dissolved her clothes"
"Yes they're quite developed aren't they? I hadn't noticed until now. Growing up to challenge her mum wouldn't you say Tanya?" He said as he put a hand to her chest and jiggled o

“ID Irena?” the security guard asked as Irena struggled to step in the door with a dozen coffees.
“Lachina, the fact that you know me by first name should mean you inherently don't need to see my ID” Irena complained.
“Tell that to the elevator when it won't take you anywhere without scanning an ID then.” Lachina said as she held the second door into the building.
“Damn they got that scanner working again? I thought it was still on the fritz?” Ir

“Release me from these salacious confines monster girl!”
“You know we really hate the connotations of that term. Monster is just very negative! A lot of us prefer human-ish. And also we have names. Mine is Cili, what's yours?” Cili said.
“I have no need for your name, you will not even be given a grave! Release me from this lewd place demonic wench!”
Cili sighed.
“No. I won't be releasing you from my pussy. Besides what is it supposed to be if not le

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For everyone waiting on content from me, commissioners, patreon members and just other fans.

So my contributions might be a bit infrequent, in the coming months and they already kind of are infrequent at the moment.

Long story short, my father has cancer, this might be the last Christmas we'll have him.

I'm spending what time he has left with him a lot. That doesn't leave a load of time for my death fetish writing which brings up the topic of death and dying in ways that are awkward for me right now.

So I've been on hiatus, everything, free stories, manips, commisions and the patreon which I'm going to try and make some updates for, but it will be slower for now.

But yeah that's whats going on. To be clear this isn't me...
[ Continued ... ]

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Thanks for the favorite, it really means a lot to me. I hope you liked this story, and that you don't mind me filling up your Shoutbox with thank you comments! :)


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Thanks for the favorite, hope you liked the story.


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I realized that at some time in May I had started checking weekendly for updates to the VNN. Do you think I can expect an update in July?


Posted by AlbanyExpression 10 months ago Report

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I'm tumescent in anticipation

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Posted by AlbanyExpression 10 months ago Report

Your style is extremely my jam, wow. Prey who bluntly, casually talk about their own death digestion, and disposal is such a turn on.

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Posted by Winny 11 months ago Report

Thanks for the fav, I've loved your story's so im happy to see you liked something of mine. ^^


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