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I write, manip and make the occasional vore game or mod here.

I retired from roleplaying a while back so don't waste your time barking up that tree. The wife would kill and cook me if I did.

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“Is the girl in the front room available for sessions Cyl? She was cute.”
“Isn't she though? But no she's only my roommate, I haven't been able to convince her to help with very many clients. She's shy, when it comes to what I do. Follow my voice into here, this is my room~” Cyl said in dim lighting.
“It's dark, I can hardly see you. And I do want to see you” the herm said to Cyl and stepped closer. She closed her eyes for a few moments and concentrated her

“What's the place called again Clara?”
“For the last time it's The Wagered Wench Penny! Chica you don't remember anything do you?” Clara asked in an annoyed tone.
“And explain it to me again about the cover fee...” Penny asked meekly.
“Fei you tell her or I am going to go loco” Clara said and turned back to her computer.
“You pay what you want to.” Fei said shortly as she continued her work.
“So I could pay a dollar and have that

“Why are you struggling so much Ruby? You're tickling me!”
“I'm not dating a bodybuilder herm just to look at her! If you want me in your sack you're gonna have to make me go down your cock Amai~” Ruby said and Amai sighed.
“We're going to be late for the flight!” Amai complained but Ruby didn't relent in her struggles.
“You asked for it then” Amai said and shrugged.
They had been play wrestling naked, both knowing what had to come next but Ruby

“I still don't understand why we're attending the wedding. I thought we were only catering it.” Luzu said, looking around self consciously.
“Well we still have to come up with the rest of the 'ingredients'. The bride and groom volunteered but we'll need a bit more. Our job is to watch the guests and gauge which ones look like they want to take that final plunge into a soup pot.” Lina explained.
“So that's why we're sitting in the back?” Luzu asked and Lina no

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My boss resigned.

I assumed his position despite the fact that three other people in the department have more years and experience than me in this field and in management. The CEO and my boss thought I was the one for the job. I am perplexed.

So I guess I'm in charge of an entire software engineering department for a multi million dollar company. In fact next week I have to manage a software evaluation for a customer that is worth some 6 million in revenue. No pressure it's only my first week in this position.

Needless to say my involvement in the site might lag a bit while I catch up to this plot twist.

How did I: a pervy fetish writer and game maker end up here? It boggles my mind. It also terrifies me to be responsible for so much.

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