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I write, manip and make the occasional vore game or mod here.

I retired from roleplaying a while back so don't waste your time barking up that tree. The wife would kill and cook me if I did.

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“One lashtt one!”
“Really Mandy? You're already past tipsy and well into sloppy drunk!”
“Am nawt! You're jusht jealoush. Bishi boy is totally into me! He'll be giving me a booty call by tomorrow Em-Em!” Mandy said stumbling over to the bar.
“You know how I know you're smashed? You only call me Em-Em when you're blitzed enough to try and pick up girls despite being mostly straight. Besides I'm not even sure you wrote down the right number for Bishi boy

“Ladies you're all on in five! Get yourselves looking appetizing by then!”
“If they want us to look appetizing why are we even putting clothes on?” a woman grumbled.
Emma cracked a sarcastic smile. Emma recognized her as a reality star, one that spent most of her time on camera in less clothing than most people wore on the beach.
“Honestly sometimes I wonder as well, if that's the point why don't I just come out in a dress made of butter and let it melt down my b

“I'm here! Let's get this show on the road!”
“Settle down Dana, I see you-.... You've uhhh gotten bigger I see.”
“Well duh Dad! I told you I'd be hanging around the SOCK camp.” Dana said.
“What did that stand for again?” the man asked. Dana rolled her eyes.
“Harvey it means School Of Consensual Killing, and how did that go dear?” A woman said.
“Fine mom, got way more than last year when I just roamed around churning man. Turns o

“First off does anyone know what an intimacy therapist is or does?”
No answer... Practically crickets chirping.
It was always crickets to the first question, it never failed. In this auditorium filled with teenagers, all with opinions about everything are completely speechless and knowledge-less on anything Juliana tried to ask about. Their eye contact wandered from hers and she felt a sigh coming on before a single hand timidly went up.
Thank god Juliana thought to herself and nodd

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Well I've been a bit absent lately, so sorry first off to anyone who's still got a commission with me that I haven't gotten to yet.

Excuses incoming.

So I got tapped by someone in the federal govt to do some work in a field I'm proficient in. Completely outside of vore but it definitely kept me busy the last couple months.

Definitely a moment of "Holy shit I need to resemble a human being who has their shit together because this is serious business."

So yah. Thank god that's over now and I can go back to being a useless piece of shit and making smut for the thanks and pocket change.

So expect more smut soon'ish. Just getting back to the commissions now.

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Posted by lXlNeMiSiSlXl 6 days ago

Thanks for the watch!~


Posted by doinstuff 2 months ago

Thanks for the fave and the comment!


Posted by lorenzo64 3 months ago

You are my favorite author these days for the C and SC vorish story lines I enjoy. I don'y like NC at all.

It used to be TwrchTwryth but he seems to be off track these days, writing more esoteric, hard to follow, vore themes.

Before that, it was MagicianX but he stopped contributing altogether.

So I went looking for another contributor and found you. So please, please, do not change your formula. I eagerly await your next story...


Posted by SeekGr 4 months ago

Thank you for the watch~!!x3


Posted by manv 4 months ago

<< Reply To ryanshowseason3

OwO Thank you very much ! It's always nice to get appreciated.


Posted by Omnium51 5 months ago

Thanks so much for the favourite and the watch! You're one of my biggest inspirations for writing on here, so it means a lot!

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Posted by LucifersChef 5 months ago

thanks for the watch


Posted by dayittleone1 6 months ago

Ty for the faves, hun. I hope you... enjoy them. ;)


Posted by Desire122 8 months ago

Thanks a lot for watching me!!!!! love your work!


Posted by AnonymousShark00 10 months ago

Thank you for the watch! *Salutes*


Posted by Naganommer 1 year ago

Thank you for favoriting my Teen titans story. I appreciate it.


Posted by yummytummyII 1 year ago

Thanks for the watch, glad you like my stuff :D

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