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I write, manip and make the occasional vore game or mod here.

I retired from roleplaying a while back so don't waste your time barking up that tree. The wife would kill and cook me if I did.

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“I still don't understand why we're attending the wedding. I thought we were only catering it.” Luzu said, looking around self consciously.
“Well we still have to come up with the rest of the 'ingredients'. The bride and groom volunteered but we'll need a bit more. Our job is to watch the guests and gauge which ones look like they want to take that final plunge into a soup pot.” Lina explained.
“So that's why we're sitting in the back?” Luzu asked and Lina no

“Tester delivery!” a voice called out as the door opened and the automatic chime heralded their entrance. A dolly with cages rolled into the doorway. A chubby woman with dark short hair wheeled it in.
“Welllll! Don't keep me waiting! Who do we have today?! Know anything of how they ended up here? Ana~?”
“Now Sarah, you know that it's against company policy and ethical standards to reveal a tester girl's personal history. It's for their dignity as well

“Stop shivering you're shaking the table.”
“But the glaze is so cold miss...”
“If I wanted a conversation I would've called a friend. You're something that starts with F' and ends with 'D'. Now do I have to get duct tape for that mouth?”
The girl shook her head as the older more matronly woman stood above her, ladle in hand and held above her rump. Her grip suggested she was more than ready to strike her with it.
“Good, dinner doesn't speak. I expect no

Arri shaped the figure in her hands, smoothing the legs before defining the feet and toes with her fingernails. She looked to a mirror to reference herself before tackling the face of the clay figure but she hardly needed to. She'd made so many simulacrums of herself that it was as easy to create her own likeness in clay, as easy as it was for a child to draw a stick figure.
She did however pause at the bust and butt. She considered giving her doll more ample features there than were entirely r

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Lots of exciting stuff happening right now. Let's get the big one out of the way...

VVN my visual novel game is reborn and going into active development thanks to whatever patreon support I get. As long as I've got a good amount coming towards me I'll continue developing it. The game will always be free to patrons and non patrons.

Game thread: viewtopic.php?f=79&t=53382
Patreon link: https://www.patreon.com/ryanshowseason3

Next I've created alongside VVN a set of twitter profiles that exist in that universe. They tell a narrative as well and I'm entertaining the idea of expanding it...
[ Continued ... ]

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Thanks for the fave. I'm a big fan of your manips.


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Hey, are you still working on that game with Lady_List? It was mentioned quite a while ago, but I wondered if it's still seeing occasional progress. Thanks!


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You are my favorite author these days for the C and SC vorish story lines I enjoy. I don'y like NC at all.

It used to be TwrchTwryth but he seems to be off track these days, writing more esoteric, hard to follow, vore themes.

Before that, it was MagicianX but he stopped contributing altogether.

So I went looking for another contributor and found you. So please, please, do not change your formula. I eagerly await your next story...


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