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I write, manip and make the occasional vore game or mod here.

I retired from roleplaying a while back so don't waste your time barking up that tree. The wife would kill and cook me if I did.

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ryanshowseason3's Blog - Short hiatus Posted 7 months ago

No worries, I'm still going to be working on commissions and my game, posting things once in a while, but I haven't been and probably won't be logging in here day to day for a bit so please excuse my unresponsiveness to messages, comments etc.

Why the break?

Well my wife and I like to bet sexual favors on board games and video games we play. We spin a roulette to see what favor we won from each other. From a little spanking to a week of erotic slavery.

She got super lucky on her spins on the last several games she won and basically she now owns my right to orgasm for at least the next month, perhaps more if she lands on it again. So the chastity cage went on some weeks ago and the key is nestled in her cleavage at this point until sometime after...
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Posted by Dooot 1 month ago Report

<< Reply To ryanshowseason3

I wish u the best of luck.


Posted by Dooot 1 month ago Report

Hey, not to be rude I'm just curious, will we get any progress on your game anytime soon? I just think ot's a really good game.


Posted by XiaoRenzhe 4 months ago Report

Thanks for watching! And right back atcha!! I’m sure I’ve seen some of your work.


Posted by ManWithNoVowels 4 months ago Report

Woah, thanks for the favorite; MEGA huge fan of yours!


Posted by TheAya 10 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch pally!


Posted by 91buster 11 months ago Report

Just wanna say i love your work, been binge reading them all day, gonna keep reading, loving your work


Posted by HungryLion812 1 year ago Report

Happy Vore Day!


Posted by firefox01 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To ryanshowseason3

glad to hear that, and look forward to game updates!


Posted by firefox01 1 year ago Report

not seen anything from you in a while, hope you are well!


Posted by BurningRuby1909 1 year ago Report

Hope your doing well ryan <3


Posted by EllaMiller 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the favorite, and I must say your stuff is awesome too.


Posted by Skylight1997 1 year ago Report

thank you so much for the watch ♥

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