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NAC stands for NotAContributor, a name created to be ironic when I first started uploading to Ekas.

I work a full time job as a computer programmer. In my off-time I enjoy many hobbies including art.

I've avoided doing commissions so far because I enjoy the freedom.

My favorite content usually is focused on peril and/or domination.

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So in terms of commissions I have 1 in the works and 1 on reserve. So far I'm able to enjoy myself much more than previous attempts, so I'll see how I feel about doing more after these. Right now I can see myself alternating between taking some on, and taking breaks for personal works and whatnot.

I think there's a lot of stuff that can be fixed in my art during the sketch phase, and sketches also allow me to rapid fire through simple ideas, so I'm taking a higher focus on sketching than coloring for the time being. Coloring could also be improved in so many ways, but it'll all get worked on at some point.

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Posted by Erecant 3 weeks ago

Oh wow, how has it taken me this long to find you!? I adore the way you do your bellies. Looking forward to your future pieces!


Posted by kramooo 2 months ago

Happy Vore Day


Posted by b5n 3 months ago

<< Reply To NAC

ho roger roger


Posted by b5n 3 months ago

funny your bulge style make me think to natsumemetal arts


Posted by BACKxDOORxPLEASE 4 months ago

I only get on to see specific artists and you are number 1


Posted by BACKxDOORxPLEASE 4 months ago

I love your anal vore work because the way you curve the butt and the hole is just exquisite.


Posted by encasementfan 10 months ago

<< Reply To NAC

Oh okay. Jus' wonderin'.

Hope to see more bulge pics from ya~


Posted by encasementfan 10 months ago

Love your pics. ^ ^

Wonderin' if ya do commissions... :3


Posted by BACKxDOORxPLEASE 10 months ago

Love your work <3


Posted by SeekGr 11 months ago

Thank you for the watch~!!x3
You know I love your arts right!


Posted by Scaylid00d 1 year ago

Thank you for watching me :D/ I hope you enjoy my future work, as I've been digging your style for a while now too! ~^v^~


Posted by PedVerse 1 year ago

Thanks for the watch XD <333

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