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Hey guys! I'm Verybatty, and I'm a gross human being!! If you wanna talk about art or just shoot the breeze, send me a shout or a PM! I'm Very Online. She/Her

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Hey everybody!

Batty coming to you live from Rockefeller Plaza(?) to announce that I have finished all the commissions in my queue!!!

That means that in the coming days I will re-open my commission list for another go-round! So stay posted >:)

I'll make another blog post when it's Time, so until then~!

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Posted by PinaColada 3 weeks ago

Good shit you have here. Also nice to see some Danganronpa art.


Posted by AustinDR 1 month ago

This guy's uploading your art without your consent here: Just thought you should know.


Posted by MobiusTheIce 1 month ago

I just recently found about your stuff, daaaamn you're soo good! I'll hope the best luck for you on your next projects, because I'm sure they'll be great! :D Also, well, RIP that you don't take trades, haha. Anyway, great jobs here! :)


Posted by dkrule 1 month ago

Hay, question


Posted by Chameleonette 1 month ago

Ahh, thank you very kindly for the watch! :) I appreciate it!


Posted by VividLucidity 2 months ago

<< Reply To VeryBatty

Those two elves probably don't for a start!


Posted by Buttplug7789 2 months ago

I got something for you


Posted by VividLucidity 2 months ago

Your Lizard King pic brought me over here. I liked that pic a lot.


Posted by hg1337343 4 months ago

<< Reply To VeryBatty

>TFW no battlerite fetish r34 because no one can into marketing


Posted by hg1337343 4 months ago

You're the only other one on Eka's who made deer waifu Vore, I love you.


Posted by AtrocityAlcove 6 months ago

You seem to have great potential! I wish to watch it bloom. Keep it up!

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