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If you come from FurAffinity, you may know me as Skianous. Otherwise, hey there ! I'm a 26 years old Belgian Malinois who loves vore and stuff.

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There is one thing I *really* love when it comes to vore, it's when the pred swallows their prey with such strength it sends them crashing down full force at the bottom of their stomach, making their gut bounce downwards like this :

HungoTheNomster is really great at this but other than him, I haven't seen a lot of artists drawing that kind of stuff and it's rather hard to come by.

So, anyone knows if there's a specific name for this thing ? '3'

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Posted by MightyMaw 7 days ago

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It's from a pic by quotefox (hyper warning!)


Posted by Carreau 2 months ago

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Posted by terrace 7 months ago

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I got it from that e621 website. (Slightly cropped it of course, it shows more butt in the full image, and if I recall fully lewd profile pics aren't allowed)

The artist's name is 'Kami-chan', or at least that's what they're tagged as on that site.

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Posted by JimboLimbo 9 months ago

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thank you so much i realy appritiate it(thumbs up)


Posted by JimboLimbo 9 months ago

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thanks how do i post art stuffs


Posted by GreenEyesDarkHeart 9 months ago

Are you open for comissions or requests?


Posted by Zira 11 months ago

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Sure, as long as you mention the species belongs to me.
and if there is any questions about the species just PM. ^-^


Posted by SweetTastyPrey 1 year ago

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Ah yes Jessica is quite loved by many! :D


Posted by SweetTastyPrey 1 year ago

Thanks for the watch friend! :)


Posted by Dragon808tr 1 year ago

Great stuff! You got some really nice vore and some cool ideas! Especially that dragon gal.


Posted by MirceaKitsune 1 year ago

How did I miss this wonderful page? Gladly watched!

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Posted by Soffix 1 year ago

Seems like you haven't been around here tooooo too long, but I love your stuff! :D Can't wait to see more and more~

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