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Welcome one and all to my user page! I am your host Alexis, or Sweet as some call me!

Here in my gallery you will find works of mine that are vore and non-vore related with my main cast of girls Victoria, Jessica, Mikaela, Serena, Angelina, Venera and a few others. Feel free to look through along with liking, commenting, and following if you wish! Thanks!
And I do read your comments whether I respond to them or not. So never fear of leaving one, I love reading what you have to say! :)

I will take commissions from time to time when I'm not so busy. At the moment...
Commissions are CLOSED

For more information on this and what I will do, look at my Commission Status for rules.

You can also follow me on Tumblr for my vore art: https://sweettastyprey.tumblr.com/
and Devianart for my non-vore art: http://heartbeater376.deviantart.com/

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I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who participated in the Seeking Prey drawings! I'm glad for the most part almost all of the roles were filled! I'm hoping one day again I will do this, but try at it differently. Maybe in the form of a request, but we'll see. Thanks again guys! :)

Also just wanted to mention this a while ago, but I'm sure some of you have dug back into the Holiday/Seasons Vore folder and have noticed that only one drawing remains. There used to be 5 other drawings, but I deleted them. The reason for that is I made a gallery here on Eka's at such a late time. I didn't want to upload those Halloween, Christmas, etc. drawings in public viewing since I thought it'd be strange to do...
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Posted by Shirehorse7 3 weeks ago

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Your welcome


Posted by RubySnoot 1 month ago

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Oh! Heheh of course man, didn't know you were around in this neck of the woods~! Good to see your stuff again!!


Posted by Cantbearitanymore123 1 month ago

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Yeah, definitely. Thanks for having something for me to fav! I usually see my fav bear art often


Posted by JamCat 1 month ago

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Of course dear! Love your art. HUFF All the bellies <3


Posted by HypnoBitch 2 months ago

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Thank you for the content~<3


Posted by thebigcat 2 months ago

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No problem!


Posted by incendiumursa 2 months ago

Thanks for watching!


Posted by CalligraphOwl 2 months ago

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Hey no problem!


Posted by CyFiWolf 3 months ago

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It's no problem! Glad I could watch again!

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Posted by Psyman 3 months ago

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You are welcome!


Posted by darc22005 3 months ago

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Yeah I did. I love the icon ^^ Although wish the arms were edited to behind her

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Posted by udk115 3 months ago

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No problem mate!

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