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Well, I like vore so... yea here I am.

Why not visit my DeviantArt for more mainstream art! http://wankers-cramp.deviantart.com/

(please do not mention vore on my DA, any comment doing so will be hidden)

and my FurAffinity for pictures an storys! http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bleeding-fingertips/

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WankersCramp's Blog - Losing Count Posted 10 days ago

I have lost count of the amount of anti-British posters I have blocked on Twitter. Many artists I follow only post on Twitter, it's very annoying.

It's this Bri'ish meme that's going around. I get the joke, I'll be the first person to make fun of my myself. But many people take it beyond a joke and use the threads to just attack British people for existing, using the threads to on about why Britain sucks. Eventually it just becomes people reinforcing false stereotypes. I feel unwelcome there.

Britain is far from perfect, but it's my home and when it's constantly stereotyped and mocked by people with massive chips on their shoulders who know nothing about it and/or have never been there, it gets annoying.

Some people (and this started as a joke) now...
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Posted by SkittyMint 4 months ago Report

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I can't find their discord name and their link to their vore discord group expired. Would it be cool with you if you told me his discord name in DM?


Posted by SkittyMint 4 months ago Report

Hey Wanker whats the best way to reach Natsumemetalsonic? wasn't sure If I should shoot them a DM or if they prefer discord or something?


Posted by KingWomanizer39 4 months ago Report



Posted by SkittyMint 4 months ago Report

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Sure i can do that. sorry was busy this week!


Posted by SkittyMint 5 months ago Report

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Darn! Well at least I asked. It was a long shot but still it was nice. Thanks for getting back to me.


Posted by SkittyMint 5 months ago Report

Hey Wanker! I remember you had animation thing for Mekana! It was done is flash right? any chance you'll be able to bring it back in the future?


Posted by Iddeh 6 months ago Report

<< Reply To WankersCramp

Thanks dude! ^^

Hope the mobius stuff, and Fiona fox is still doing fine, heh ^^


Posted by LapizAcuario 8 months ago Report

hello :3


Posted by Pebbleroni 1 year ago Report

Ay thanks for the fav!


Posted by SpringDragon 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the fav!

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Posted by darksidesofsix 1 year ago Report

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thank you, and no problem! loved your tastes for a while now!

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