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Dragga's Blog - Returning Posted 3 years ago

Hello, everyone. Sorry to have gone silent and vanished on everyone. I was…I still am in a pretty rough cycle through life. I’ve been wanting to try and make a post sooner about all this and build a game plan, but every time I feel like I’ve got a footing, something is pulled out from under me. And BOY was this year a bad one to try and plan that.
So, I’ve been stuck in a cycle of debt the last few years and finally decided to break through that by finding proper employment again. I wanted to be able to have the standing to finally be able to come in and be able to sort out refunds for those I owe. After so long of this and paired with a lot of drama from a family that expects the world but offers no support, I just wanted to be in a spot wash my plate clean and return to at least...
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Posted by Sams69694 3 months ago Report

Happy vore day ❤ again
Still love your art style ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Posted by Sams69694 11 months ago Report

Merry Christmas


Posted by Sams69694 1 year ago Report

Happy vore day ❤
Love your art❤❤❤❤❤❤


Posted by badboy965 3 years ago Report

Hey I just wanna know if you're still taking commissions right now.


Posted by NiceGuy18 3 years ago Report

Thought I say hello


Posted by stearwing 4 years ago Report

Ding dong.


Posted by TinyHero 4 years ago Report

<< Reply To Dragga

Well once every reply back has been confirmed, I will start listing all 46 (which close to 50 that are confirmed) users OCs as basic as possible in the hopes of trying to stay true to that character, plus, regardless of a short or continuous cameo, but finding out if writher voring them in the RP is ok or not (some may reform/revive)... and sorry I couldn’t reply back sooner, a lot has happened... ^^;


Posted by TinyHero 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To Dragga

If posted, then we intend to give credit to the owner for the use of there character, and sorry for the late reply as well... ^^;


Posted by TinyHero 5 years ago Report

Planning an RP with someone, and was wondering if we can use your OCs for it? Mainly student, teacher, or even principles as well?


Posted by Happydappy 5 years ago Report

You alive still?


Posted by AeonRaptor 6 years ago Report

Sorry for the massive barrage of favorites...love your art, though!


Posted by encasementfan 6 years ago Report

<< Reply To Dragga

Ah kk and no worries. What are your prices?

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