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I am no artist, just a guy who enjoys vore. *Preferably F/F* I first saw vore was when I watched MIB2. I love the ideas and drawings and other things that can be found on this site. I do not request things in the comments, I just give what I think would be cool to see. Like I said before, the work on this site is incredible. I can't wait to see what goes on every day.

My favorites are vore, diapers (because I am a weird guy), and all-female pet play. yeah, I am a twisted fuck.

Finally, I have found something to do on this site. I have begun to write vore stories. These are fun and entertaining for me to do. (Even though I have some issues with writing)

If you think I have been doing a good job or you just want to help, Why don't you think of sending me a tip. All tips I get will be used in paying for new comic pages or other works, like other commissions, comics, and NEW Characters/. I always keep the plot of the BIG comics in my blogs somewhere. This doesn't imply to smaller comics. Just the ones that'll take a whole lot of time. Anyone who donates can have the option of me sending progress reports on the current page(s) to them via PM. Sorry, I am not that good with rewards. Every $50 in tips is equal to one page of my CURRENT COMIC. Any smaller tips will be used to help fund other possible works. This'll change when I do a new comic. Thanks also for your support. (Preferred)

I also have a patreon account for those willing to support me that way. There will be some art that will appear there first before it appears on Eka's Portal. It will also show some WIPs on other works I have going on and character polls will be going on there too. There is also Interactive tales that happen on there as well that are built on bu Patreon votes. So, if you wish to be a Patreon, link is below.

Your donations are gladly accepted and will be used wisely.

I am also willing to collaborate with others on certain commissions at ALMOST any time. Just PM me if you wish to work together to pay for a certain commission.

If you wish to fill out this little survey of what you think of me and all my stuff here on Eka's, it is below.

I have a discord now for those interested. The entry link is below.

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Well, it is official. Family Fates: Ingestion is now concluded (The original and sequel). I thank both artists, ndnode and awesometacular for the amazing work they have done on these comics and for everyone who provided any form of financial aid to a nice guy looking for assistance. My new project focus will now be on "Living a Pet's Life." and I look forward to seeing this comic to its completion. For those who want to know what is to come, please check below. This plan is not the final piece, I might add or remove more as time goes on depending on what comes up in my mind. However, I hope you will all enjoy this project over the next couple years AND if you wish to help with this project in any way, give me a call please. Thank you all again and I look forward for the next...
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Posted by saintheartwing 8 months ago Report

Heya, Niceguy! Thanks for the watch.


Posted by LadyDrasami 8 months ago Report

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ty ! your comment y mostly apreciated !


Posted by fallenandscattered01 11 months ago Report

Thanks for the fave
My commissions are open! only if you are interested


Posted by SkyLark 1 year ago Report

Thank you for watching ~ :>


Posted by MidNightOwlArt 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch btw i really appreciate it! ^__^


Posted by Zeeza 1 year ago Report

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Thank you a bunch! It's nice to be able to look at a situation (i.e. getting money stolen from me, phone combusting, etc.) and still be happy enough to believe in myself and my friends, as corny as that sounds X3


Posted by saintheartwing 1 year ago Report

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Thanks for letting me know. :)


Posted by dkrule 1 year ago Report



Posted by saintheartwing 1 year ago Report

Hey there, Niceguy, it's been a LONG time since we spoke, and you never got back to me about the commission? I mean, it's been months.


Posted by VoreLover9012 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch, may draw one of your characters if you'd like?

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Posted by SuccubusChara 1 year ago Report

Hey, buddy!

Here: Howlin'AtTheMoon#4012


Posted by FinniganFairyPants 1 year ago Report

You've earned a watch. I Love diapers and scat!

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