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I'm a full time artist, and part time writer/game designer for the denizens of this site. I make my living off of making smut for you wonderful people, and look forward to doing so for the foreseeable future!

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Welcome back everyone ^^
To celebrate the site coming back online, me getting over being sick for the past several weeks, and me having my commission pile almost completely finish, I'm opening back up for commissions fully for the first time since last... March, I think? I will not be accepting large, bulk orders or long comics, but single pictures and sequences under 5-7 pictures are fine ^^

Also, I am changing my commission pricing a bit. Over all, prices are not going up. However, I am removing the second optional free character from my commissions. All commissions now are single characters base, and any character past the first is extra. That way my art is still low priced and accessible to people, but, if there are more characters in a picture, I get compensated...
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Posted by voidrunner 2 months ago Report

Merry Christmas ^^


Posted by paulpeoples 2 months ago Report

loving the style of this. pm me and lets talk more about vore.


Posted by Kanosint 2 months ago Report

Just wanted to say, I really appreciate your art, and you seem like a good person. Carry on :3

The K

Posted by The K 2 months ago Report

I recently hatched a girl Eevee turned it into a Glaceon and named it Trash, after your Glaceon character. She's my favorite and I spoil her in honor of the Glaceon you made.


Posted by Apostolos 4 months ago Report

<< Reply To The Saint of Ravens

That’s alright, i just know that i can’t participate in the auctions but it’s still an entertaining time

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Posted by Apostolos 4 months ago Report

Will you ever do a first come first serve adoptable daily event thing again?

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Posted by bloodwolfvamp 6 months ago Report

oh i cant wait to see what lady is on my bday


Posted by Apostolos 6 months ago Report

You mind if i ask for a link to your paypal? Just cause I can’t find one and i want to be able to claim even while at work this morning if possible.

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Posted by ModokManiac 8 months ago Report

<< Reply To The Saint of Ravens

OMG I am so sorry, I wasn't aware I had then disabled XD


Posted by ReaperOmegaV1 1 year ago Report

That was why I didn't Regret Watching you

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