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Im just your average vore lover. I love almost everything about vore, whether it be oral, anal, or any other hole. The only things i am not a fan of are extreme macro/micro (I like the prey to be a bulge going down), extreme gore, scat and watersports. However, I'm always trying to broaden my tastes and experiment with new things!

I am working on writing my own vore fics, as well as commission work. If you want to use any of my OCs in anything, feel free! :D All I ask is that you tag me in them and message me so I can come and admire it :)

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Hereforvore's Blog - Pornhub purge Posted 1 month ago

Holy shit.

So I noticed yesterday that a search term I use frequently in pronoun was barely returning anyt results. I ignored it, but today when I went on I noticed my recommended videos barely had any I recognised, so I went to my liked.

Down from two hundred favourite to five, and not a single liked video in sight. With their new 'all uploaders must be verified', they have wiped out like 90% of vore content on pornhub, and presumably lots of other fetishes too.

I believe the videos are simple suspended until the uploaded can be verified, but how many reuploads and rare videos that simply weren't anywhere else could be found there? How much will probably never surface again?

Fucking hell pornhub, at least give us some warning next...
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Posted by illuminatitriforce 4 weeks ago Report

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no problem


Posted by Vilanda 1 month ago Report

Thanks for the years of favs :D


Posted by kugaku 1 month ago Report

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You're welcome. I like a bunch of the pics in your gallery!


Posted by NeonElf 2 months ago Report

Thank you for the watch ♡


Posted by Flamemaster5000 2 months ago Report

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Posted by AlignedOrbit 3 months ago Report

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Posted by SherlokKiril 6 months ago Report

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Nekos are fluffy and so huggable, their innocent look makes them really nice preds. And I guess you thought something like "Why not both ?" while creating that OC, what is her name by the way ?


Posted by SherlokKiril 7 months ago Report

I remember seeing your comments a lot under a different vore drawings. And after reading your description, I can see that we have similar tastes too. Also, I like your pfp, demon girls are top tier


Posted by BlakeSmith15 7 months ago Report

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No problem - i assume you have more than 333 now?


Posted by PastarinoDongarino 7 months ago Report

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No problem, I enjoy your content!


Posted by Victusu 8 months ago Report

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No problem ya'll welcome friend.

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Posted by unknownshadows 8 months ago Report

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You're welcome for the watch ^^

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