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Im just your average vore lover. I love almost everything about vore, whether it be oral, anal, or any other hole. The only things i am not a fan of are extreme macro/micro (I like the prey to be a bulge going down), extreme gore, scat and watersports. However, I'm always trying to broaden my tastes and experiment with new things!

I am working on writing my own vore fics, as well as commission work. If you want to use any of my OCs in anything, make sure to ask permission first :)

Hey Lucy :3

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Saw Avengers Endgame last night- I won't spoil anything, but I'll say a few points.

-Didn't go how I thought it would, at all
-Did some things I've wanted to see for a while
-Did a couple things I never knew I wanted to see
-A couple inconsistencies/minor plot holes, but I think they can mostly be explained if you think about it
-There's fortnite. No I'm not joking. Yes the scene is funny.
-For about 10-15 minutes of the finale I had my mouth open wide with the stupidest grin I've ever had in my life, it's that good.
-Brie Larson didn't ruin it (yay!)

I'd say a solid 9/10, maybe even a 9.5 if I'm feeling generous

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Posted by scag2807 2 days ago Report

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You're welcome!


Posted by Badfurson 2 weeks ago Report

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No probs, buddo!


Posted by GokaiVore 1 month ago Report

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thanks for letting me know, were you able to get it at all? if not just pm with details like email and what pack you purchased so I can get to you.


Posted by YokoAlexandria 1 month ago Report

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You're welcome! ^_^


Posted by CarriedEmperor 1 month ago Report

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It's an honor comrade.


Posted by LucyScarlet 1 month ago Report

Leilah is best Catgirl/Demonwaifu


Posted by thebigcat 2 months ago Report

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No problem!


Posted by Younger99 3 months ago Report

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you're very welcome mate


Posted by Winny 3 months ago Report

Ty for the watch ^^


Posted by Pandapool 5 months ago Report

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Your welcome !


Posted by atomicwombat 6 months ago Report

No problem :)

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