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Birthday Posted 1 month ago
Another year clawed from the clutches of death to remain on this mortal coil... Got a cake for sure this year so bonus.
Pornhub purge Posted 11 months ago
Holy shit.

So I noticed yesterday that a search term I use frequently in pronoun was barely returning anyt results. I ignored it, but today when I went on I noticed my recommended videos barely had any I recognised, so I went to my liked.

Down from two hundred favourite to five, and not a single liked video in sight. With their new 'all uploaders must be verified', they have wiped out like 90% of vore content on pornhub, and presumably lots of other fetishes too.

I believe the videos are simple suspended until the uploaded can be verified, but how many reuploads and rare videos that simply weren't anywhere else could be found there? How much will probably never surface again?

Fucking hell pornhub, at least give us some warning next...
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Cake day Posted 1 year ago
Huh, I've really not done much the last year...

Is day of birth. Will have cake. Hopefully.
V-Day Posted 1 year ago
It's my birthday Posted 2 years ago
Yay for getting one year closer to my inevitable demise!
Endgame Posted 2 years ago
Saw Avengers Endgame last night- I won't spoil anything, but I'll say a few points.

-Didn't go how I thought it would, at all
-Did some things I've wanted to see for a while
-Did a couple things I never knew I wanted to see
-A couple inconsistencies/minor plot holes, but I think they can mostly be explained if you think about it
-There's fortnite. No I'm not joking. Yes the scene is funny.
-For about 10-15 minutes of the finale I had my mouth open wide with the stupidest grin I've ever had in my life, it's that good.
-Brie Larson didn't ruin it (yay!)

I'd say a solid 9/10, maybe even a 9.5 if I'm feeling generous
Missing/hidden art Posted 2 years ago
I've realised a lot of the stuff that was hidden was set to 'self only' for viewing, so if there's still stuff missing in anyone's gallery's, it probably hasn't been changed by them yet.
Restored stuff Posted 2 years ago
Nice to see the hidden stuff has been restored, Ekas is back to it's good, loli allowing state of being. :)
HTTYD 3 Posted 2 years ago
So just saw the final How to Train Your Dragon movie, and all I can say is- why isn't there more Astrid vore? She's always been cute, but she's a knockout in the latest one, and I wish there was more porn in general, and there's so many good pred Dragons, it's astonishing there's barely of it!
NO PITY! NO REMORSE! NO FEAR! Posted 2 years ago