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333 watchers Posted 2 months ago
Decided to check how many people I had watching me (despite the relative silence) and I just so happen to have hit exactly 333 watchers. Weird timing.
V-Day Posted 3 months ago
It's my birthday Posted 7 months ago
Yay for getting one year closer to my inevitable demise!
Endgame Posted 1 year ago
Saw Avengers Endgame last night- I won't spoil anything, but I'll say a few points.

-Didn't go how I thought it would, at all
-Did some things I've wanted to see for a while
-Did a couple things I never knew I wanted to see
-A couple inconsistencies/minor plot holes, but I think they can mostly be explained if you think about it
-There's fortnite. No I'm not joking. Yes the scene is funny.
-For about 10-15 minutes of the finale I had my mouth open wide with the stupidest grin I've ever had in my life, it's that good.
-Brie Larson didn't ruin it (yay!)

I'd say a solid 9/10, maybe even a 9.5 if I'm feeling generous
Missing/hidden art Posted 1 year ago
I've realised a lot of the stuff that was hidden was set to 'self only' for viewing, so if there's still stuff missing in anyone's gallery's, it probably hasn't been changed by them yet.
Restored stuff Posted 1 year ago
Nice to see the hidden stuff has been restored, Ekas is back to it's good, loli allowing state of being. :)
HTTYD 3 Posted 1 year ago
So just saw the final How to Train Your Dragon movie, and all I can say is- why isn't there more Astrid vore? She's always been cute, but she's a knockout in the latest one, and I wish there was more porn in general, and there's so many good pred Dragons, it's astonishing there's barely of it!
NO PITY! NO REMORSE! NO FEAR! Posted 1 year ago
Site nuke Posted 1 year ago
Just in case anyone hasn't heard, the site host for this place seems to have abruptly changed its policies to not allow any underage or loli content. For the time being, Eka has been forced legally to hide all such content from the site, including a significant portion of my commissions and writing (especially my commissions).

The stuff isn't deleted, all the views, comments and favourites are saved, but until Eka can find a new host to run the site that allows such content, it will be unavailable for viewing. It sucks, but hopefully Eka and the rest can sort this out relatively quickly.

Just thought I'd share this information in case you were wondering where all the loli goodness had vanished to.
Too concerned with quality... Posted 1 year ago
I've been meaning to start drawing a bit more, but every time I go to draw I also stop or spend ages over the tiniest details. I think I'm far too focused on getting it right, almost perfect, but since I'm such a beginner, there's no way it's going to be that great. So I've caught myself in a catch 22 of bullshit.

Should I worry so much about drawings I do looking good, or should I focus on the drawing itself, getting into a habit of creating, and worry about refining further down the road?