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Birthday Posted 1 month ago
It's my birthday! 25 years old, that feels weird. I'm aware I share a birthday with  Lofis so wish them a happy birthday too!
One writing commission slot Posted 2 months ago
Having taken a significant hiatus from writing, I am going to try and make the push back to occasionally writing, and for that purpose I am opening a single commission slot for writing. My prices and rules have changed, so make sure to check my Commission Status tab to review.
Ah, fuck, age exists Posted 2 months ago
Just realised its less than two weeks till I turn 25- where did that come from?
Catching up Posted 2 months ago
I've slacked off for too long, I've got quite the backlog of YCHs and commissions I've never uploaded... might be time to get back to it.
Cheap stuff Posted 2 months ago
Anyone know of any artists that do pretty cheap sketch work/simple art? I'd love to commission more but I just don't have the funds to commit to single big pieces, but could do lots of small ones (partially why ive had a shift in focus to YCHs and raffles recently)
Covid Posted 5 months ago
Finally got it after three years of dodging... man it sucks
Birthday Posted 1 year ago
Another year clawed from the clutches of death to remain on this mortal coil... Got a cake for sure this year so bonus.
Pornhub purge Posted 1 year ago
Holy shit.

So I noticed yesterday that a search term I use frequently in pronoun was barely returning anyt results. I ignored it, but today when I went on I noticed my recommended videos barely had any I recognised, so I went to my liked.

Down from two hundred favourite to five, and not a single liked video in sight. With their new 'all uploaders must be verified', they have wiped out like 90% of vore content on pornhub, and presumably lots of other fetishes too.

I believe the videos are simple suspended until the uploaded can be verified, but how many reuploads and rare videos that simply weren't anywhere else could be found there? How much will probably never surface again?

Fucking hell pornhub, at least give us some warning next...
[ Continued ... ]
Cake day Posted 2 years ago
Huh, I've really not done much the last year...

Is day of birth. Will have cake. Hopefully.
V-Day Posted 2 years ago