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I'm yet another part-time pervert who decided to burn their freetime with the creation of smut! You may find yourself here because you saw one of my videos online and found yourself inconveniently excited by what you saw! Maybe you just came here because you found my name odd, or perhaps you landed here because you found yourself completely weirded out what's going on here, in that case I recommend you not to look at my gallery! You will NOT be able to unsee what you might see there! D:

Note that this is a second life here for me, so I might not always respond immediatly because I'm too busy driving people nuts in other places! :D

I can't stress this enough, but I am NOT on Youtube. It often happens that people upload my videos there whatsoever. If someone's monetizing them (recognizable by ads on the video page) then you can help me by flagging those as sexual content.

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Just a quick message wishing everyone a Happy New Year in which I cleverly try to put a few status updates, the last blog post has been a while after all! <:

2016 has been quite busy! After many recommendations throughout the year I've finally given in and started a Patreon, to my surprise it's been highly successful and allowed me to dedicate a lot more time towards animations and now release them every 2 - 4 months, rather then every 2 years! The only real downside is the pressure coming from it. Since I still have a career besides I've been pushing 80h weeks to keep up with everything. Still gotta see if I can find a way to properly balance things, but on the other hand I'm used working in multiple jobs, so it will be fine! New animation will be out on the 20th of January here,...
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Posted by animehero64 4 weeks ago

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Man I really enjoyed your animation vore! :)

Still though i ask.


Posted by animehero64 1 month ago

You take commission?


Posted by F1reDem0n 1 month ago

<< Reply To CakeInferno

Oh okay. Well good to know at least!
I couldn't read your news update on Patreon, so I was worried knowing the recent change to their ToS in regards to NSFW/pron content, which included Vore.


Posted by F1reDem0n 1 month ago

What is the Patreon news post in regards to their change in policy? I am not a current Patron, so I cannot see it. Are you no longer posting free content on there? Meaning after it's been out for the people who pay, you won't be posting it there anymore?


Posted by Cantbearitanymore123 2 months ago

Love your work


Posted by Calimari 2 months ago

<< Reply To CakeInferno

OH MAN. I was so out of it when I hit you up before im so sorry haha.


Posted by Shirayuki 3 months ago

<< Reply To CakeInferno

Ahhh glad you like my work! If you ever consider using MMD (Mikumikudance) I can always share my models with you :)


Posted by Shirayuki 3 months ago

Thanks for the watch :) a real honor


Posted by JamCat 3 months ago

<< Reply To CakeInferno

Aww thanks :3 Big fan btw. Your 3D animation skills are some of thr best ive ever seen!


Posted by JamCat 4 months ago

Happy Vore Day dear ^^


Posted by Desire122 4 months ago

omg really? the great cakeinferno is watching me???? <333


Posted by Aces 5 months ago

Long shot, but I don't suppose you take commissions or suggestions, do you? Probably don't take requests because that would be insanity.

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