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Some words on the new animation Posted 1 year ago
Considering I haven’t posted in quite a while, it felt like a good idea to slowly warm up folks to a new release that’s coming up in a couple of weeks! I usually never announce these beforehand anymore as I tend to feel pressured by hype, but considering this film is over 10 minutes long and took me 6 months to animate, I might at least let people know it’s coming. After all it will just be one gallery item that might quickly get buried underneath other posts, hah!

The Patreon version is already out there, but I’m taking a few more weeks to polish it up and extend it by an additional scene, as well as a couple of bonus angles for a selected number of vore scenes. The animation is going to be quite a bit different from the previous ones, as it’s made to represent a videogame...
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List of genuine accounts Posted 1 year ago
After recently finding myself browsing -that part- of Youtube, I noticed that there’s quite a few accounts associated with my videos. While some of these are making it obvious that it isn’t the real me uploading them, there are others that keep it somewhat more ambiguous, while there are also some basically pretending to be me. These video re-uploads reel in quite a few more views than I first assumed, and a lot of commenters actually seem to believe that it’s me behind the uploads, so I thought it would be a good idea to make a list to tell the cakes from the fakes, the flans from fans, the tarts from the stolen arts, the pastries from the copy and pasties! Okay, you get the idea, here's the list. <:

Real accounts

Eka’s chat: CakeInferno/Rikucake
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These Messages Posted 1 year ago
First of all, apologies for deleting the recent blog post! I admittedly posted it when I was pretty tipsy, and while there was nothing in it to be embarrassed about, it included a few things that seemed a little too personal on a second glance. I'm planning to repost it in a couple days, after changing some things in it!

Before that however, I wanted to give a shout out to RAID SHADOW LEGE- just kidding... I wanted to give a shout out to  littledude and his amazing story-series "These Messages".
It was recommended to me by a valued friend a few weeks back and I finally managed to finish it! It's been one of the most sensually emotional vore stories I've read and pictures a pred/prey relationship that touched me to the point where I feel like I need some...
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Patreon is up! Posted 5 years ago

Alright, it's up! Took a few days to consider what I wanted to put on there in terms of rewards, but it's finally done. I think I shall roll this out as a bit of a test for the next 3 months to see if this will get anywhere near the $100 mark. I have yet to set up payouts, so I assume if some money flows into the account it gets stored in the meantime?

In the meantime I shall proceed at normal pace, while preparing some posts! With the rewards likely not being that overwhelming this account can be seen as a bit of a tip jar for now. Once more significant support comes in I'll get sure to step up my game though!

To offer some...
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Using Paypal on NSFW Patreon accounts? Posted 5 years ago
First of all, thanks so much for the overwhelming amount of comments, favorites, and notes on The Orange Fox 2! I know it is and remains a fetish related film, but I still hope that people could enjoy the aesthetics behind it! (:

Before I get to the self explanatory title I have to make the confession that this film was actually supposed to be the last film for me to post here. The reason for that being that I didn't just feel completely burned out, but also that putting so much work into these films and handing them out for free had left me at a pretty bad state, especially with me actually spending time and money into something that wouldn't really get me anywhere, multiple times in a row. I admit that I planned to pull back from this for a few months now for the mentioned...
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Impersonator on Youtube Posted 5 years ago
I have to admit that I actually wasn't aware of this until someone brought this to my attention. So aparently I have a Youtube channel again, and it wasn't made by me. ... MJRxgoaBpw

Now, I generally don't care anymore if people if people upload my stuff on youtube because let's face it, it happens anyways. However, this guy uses my logo, name, and downright pretends to be me by answering comments in my name.

If he'd just put the videos there without any comment I'd...
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I have a date for Valentine's Day and her name is... Posted 5 years ago
Netflix! She even brought pizza! :silly:

Currently out and about, so almost forgot about this day. Happy V-Days though to every non-single! <:
Chick Magnet 500 Posted 5 years ago
Today I've repaired the PC of my uncle. Additionally I've renamed his Wifi access point into "ChickMagnet500". While he probably wouldn't find that very amusing, I thought it was sufficient enough if find it funny. <:

Note that I've picked up 3D work again since I currently have a few weeks of downtime in RL, I'm mostly experimenting around with nonsense though, that includes animating dust particles, nerding over subsurface scattering shaders, and dropping a Piano on Zoe. Especially the later is admittedly most entertaining! My plan is to do a few more smaller animations that loop in order to get back into animating and actually have some decent; more frequent content to post. Thanks for all the feedback on everything I post here! I've been slacking a bit in...
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Australian versions of my videos Posted 5 years ago
Australian users have previously struggled watching any of my films properly, which is why I've taken the extra time to convert my videos into a more native Australian format. My videos were converted to fit their AU.720p (v2) standard and can now be watched in the right format within the whole continent!
Important notice Posted 6 years ago
There's an 80% chance of rain today, you might want to bring an umbrella.