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nomipolitan / f /( nb i guess) / married

you can call me nom/nomi

uhhhh hope you like my stuff
i know i do
be warned its p graphic at times

my commissions are closed for the time being! nwn

Avatar is by the darling Tookiut on dA!

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nwn hey hey hey everyone! I’ve been considering making a subscribe star since Patreon won’t accept the kind of content that I make. If I were to make a subscribe star, would you join? If so, what prices do you think I should do? What kind of tiers? What kind of content would you like to see in these tiers?

I’m super new to the paid content like Patreon/Subscribe Star, so my knowledge of how things work is very little.

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Posted by blankuser935 1 year ago Report

Love your stuff <3


Posted by KevinK1993 1 year ago Report

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What do you about writing stories around cruel preds... and why?


Posted by KevinK1993 2 years ago Report

@Nomipolitan Which of your characters do you enjoy writing about, most and why? Silent Tolls, Terabyte, or Chemically Calm / Nomi?


Posted by RDashiee 2 years ago Report

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You've earned it! J...Just be gentle with it, it's fragile <.< >.>


Posted by EnderDracolich 2 years ago Report

Wow, just WOW! I don't like ponies (and even have them blacklisted) but your art is actually making me change my view. It's amazingly erotic and I love it so much.


Posted by Anton 2 years ago Report

First person I've ever watched here on Eka's and you're so worth it, your stuff is GREAT <3


Posted by annonymouswishes 2 years ago Report

Craaaazy gooooood stuff!!


Posted by Thornix 2 years ago Report

a bit niche, but lovely content. Great works! ^^


Posted by Eissen 2 years ago Report

Holy crap all your stuff is pure gold.


Posted by Turbotowns 2 years ago Report

Such ADORABLE ponies! XD


Posted by Reiku 2 years ago Report

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Well now it's where I can see. Which suits me fine |3

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