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I'm usually not one for advertising anything that I do (heck, this may be the only thing that I'll be adding to my profile... for now).

But for anyone who may be curious, I've joined this site, recently:

So, feel free to chat with me @ or here: @

You can also find me here:

here, of course: and here on Discord: animationgeek#9770

Or don't and just ignore this, if you want to.

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Posted by miranda_dragon 7 months ago Report

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Posted by Xylus 10 months ago Report

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I thought up Aira with the help of a friend while I was searching for elephant predators. The 'inspiration' was nothing in particular, just wanted an elephant that was magical and she was the one. Why choose her? Hell if I know, dude.


Posted by Indighost 10 months ago Report

Thanks man! :) I am busy these days but always doing some vore stuff, either with roleplay or writing.


Posted by Smuxray 1 year ago Report

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Easy— through the combination of "smut" and "luxray," of course! I like names that are clever, accurate, and puns.

Your second question is highly situational— depends what kind of a world we're in, whether or not there is vore, and so on. Luxray would certainly be one of my top picks, as would Lucario, just because they're sexy and cute. But I might pick Noivern over both of those. Noivern is very underrated and I feel a certain kinship with it.


Posted by Apathy 1 year ago Report

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H.P. Lovecraft. His stories of jumping in and out of worlds through sleep or some deeply hidden psychic impulse are fascinating. As far as vore...? The navel is seen in some cultures as the center of the body where life begins. It is the first conduit through which we receive life in the womb. And it just looks like it goes right into the stomach, so that's probably it.

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